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Anouk kindergarten 2017. There is something cool about these bad school portraits that I love. Loving that hair light. Reminds me of childhood. @cel.jarvis
Neil Heddings @sk8rlocoheddings Frontside flip disaster. Burnside Project. 1994.
Baby Beach 1994. Have you seen him? This dude disappeared. Kind of a bummer. #mattbeach #thewizard #ducati100mphrainon84
Matt Beach. I think this photo actually represents Matt very well. It wasn't my intention at the time. Just happened. 1994. On our garage roof. 20th and Irving. @chris_mueller @tonys_customs @fauxriehl @hornbecker
Why did we all have to learn pressure flips? Because of this dude, Chris Fissel. Not pressuring here, backside flip water gap in 1994.
#joshhearst Ollie on the face wall. I shot a different angle of this. Forgot about this one. 1995. Portland is small. I was digging through some photo boxes today and found this. Then 15 min. later I drove down the street and ran into Josh walking his dogs. Trip out. #chippy The best dude out. Burnside ripper. One of my favorites. @burnside_skatepark
Accidental double exposure. Not sure why I never used this photo. Probably because I never shot for Thrasher. What more can you ask for? Burnside 1995. @burnside_skatepark
OG Palace Skateboards. 1995. Those who know, know. @burnside_skatepark @sk8rlocoheddings More to come later from Palace. #pigpen #hubbard
RFTC. 1994. I shot a lot of bands in the mid 90's. No one has ever really seen any of the photos. I'm going to try and post a handful. These guys blew my mind, I saw so many shows I can't even count. I probably shoulda got a tattoo, but I was a pussy.
In 1992 a group of friends and myself took a trip in my homies @missdeltapdx 1979 VW bus to SF. We slept at EMB. We loved it, the city had a center skate spot where everyone would meet everyday. They had a solid scene. We went home knowing we needed the same thing in Portland. We waxed the shit out of those dry/rain weathered Waterfront ledges, and our local EMB was born. We went there everyday for a few years. Rachman Chung was insanely talented local, ahead of everyone. This "switch" backside tail in 1993 blew my mind. That kid had so much potential, like everyone else's hometown heroes, we all had the dudes who didn't quite make it.
I'm not really sure what to put on Instagram these days. I'm bored of seeing the same old shit, mine included. So I decided to start from the beginning. Somewhat chronological order of the last 25 years of photography. This was probably the first skateboard photo I ever shot. I borrowed my Mom's point and shoot camera and took it to Skate Church summer camp. This is Lance Mountain doing a McTwist (look close). It changed my life. @lancemountain