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twheat 261w ago
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twheat 1d ago
A bit of a short film I made with my kids during our 6,000-mile road trip this summer. I put the whole dang thing on my Stories and a better link in my profile. Thanks for watching #minitwheats
twheat 4d ago
Hang out with me? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My friends at @moment are offering a weekend trip to NYC.
+ $2k in travel gear and a new pixel 2
+ a photo walk with yours truly at some of my favorite locations.

Easy to enter, link in bio. Go, go, go!
twheat 1w ago
father's not big on casual fridays
twheat 1w ago
bird puns 👇🏻 or get the flock out 👉🏻
twheat 3w ago
Drawn to the horizon. There's a magic feeling you get in pursuit of sunset in open water - a freedom like no other. In partnership with @discoverboating
twheat 3w ago
Well here's a short story (that no one asked for!!!) - The other day I was walking in the West Side just minding my biz, when an orange van approached. I quickly snapped a frame as it passed. I didn't think anything of it at the time and forgot about it until this morning - when I looked closer and realized these dudes are not only smiling back at me but passing the peace sign. Well actually one is giving the peace and the other is doing the V (for victory?). I don't know who these guys are but I appreciate every ounce of that positive energy. Anyway, it made me smile. Zoom in, maybe it will brighten your day too?
Not much of a story, I know. So here's an opinion. I think the time of year between Summer and Fall is the best time to be alive in New York City.
twheat 4w ago
nothing's changed except everything