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Jay Z's (@S_C_) people @HSPR sent us his new liquor. D'ussé Cognac. Who wants some?

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We’ll that escalated quickly! Earlier, comedian #JessHilarious and #HazelE were going at it. If you missed that, please go read to catch up in Bossip dot com! Jess seemingly “outed” Hazel-E’s boyfriend as being a cheater and loving on boy parts, but #RoseBurgandy now denies Jess’ source. Not only does Rose Burgandy deny cheating with a man, he went TOTALLY homophobic in the response, posting up a burning LBGTQ flag and some hateful choice words. Hazel-E joined in with her homophobic 2 cents. But wait, THERE’S MORE. Hazel goes in on Jess’ skin complexion, calling her and others “dark butts” and “monkeys”. (The rest is in Bossip DOT com)
Five white high school girls in Utah were caught on camera having the time of their lives being bigots. The girls recorded a video in a car of themselves smiling, laughing, and above all, yelling, “f**k n***ers” at the top of their lungs. Apparently, this repulsive video was recorded over a year ago, but one of the girls decided to share it to her social media account just a few days ago. Read more on #bossip dot com
Another day, another deplorable action by y’all’s disgusting President. Florida Rep Frederica Wilson is exposing Trump for a phone call he made to the pregnant widow of a fallen soldier in Niger.

According to the Congresswoman who listened to the phone call on speaker phone, Mango Mussolini told Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson who was killed in an ambush alongside three Green Berets, “he knew what he signed up for …but when it happens it hurts anyway.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ Read more on #bossip dot com
Ooooh snack time?! 🤗 The fellas of @staronfox are ready for tonight’s new episode. If you had your pick, which one you choosin’ ladies?
So Birdman and Toni Braxton may or may not have gotten secretly married yesterday. Some rumors are swirling that it happened while others are debunking the tea. What we do know is that not a single damn person seems like they are in on the marriage. See some hilarious twitter reactions on #bossip dot com
Show your #HBCULove Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21 at Howard University Homecoming in DC and SpelHouse Homecoming in Atlanta, GA. Stop by the HBCULove Tailgate Tour truck for celebrity appearances, a DJ, giveaways and more. #HU #Spelhouse #HBCU
Looks like #BobbyV has some wise words on #CouplesCourt. "We're all human, we all make mistakes." Wonder what he's talking about...👀 See for yourself this Friday on @couplescourttv.
A popular ‘Project Runway’ alum has died. Multiple sources have confirmed that designer #MychaelKnight died Tuesday at age 39. @ObviousMag, the publication personally contacted by Knight’s family, reports that Knight died early in the morning while surrounded by family and friends in Atlanta.

Prior to his death Knight was continuing to design and debuted his spring/summer line in September at #NYFW.

We extend our condolences to his friends and family.
New video alert! #NevadHadShįt @q_moneyyyy Cleveland has a movement with the kid... Is he the new Shmurda?
#Bowwow still getting roasted on Twitter for this here tweet 🤔😭
Love is in the air! Tonight at 10/9c #TheWopsters finally say I do on @BET! #Ad
An exceptionally average retired porn star’s being obliterated on Twitter for her latest antics.

In case you missed “The Real” last week, Ayesha Curry was a guest and she revealed that her hubby Steph Curry reaallly likes feet, so she sometimes sends him “nudes” of her perfectly painted toes. “So this is gonna turn into a whole other thing but my husband really loves my feet,” said Ayesha. “The light was hitting them just right that day. So I was like, ‘Let me snap this photo of my feet.’ So when he says “send nudes” that’s what he’s getting, a picture of my bare feet.” Read more on #bossip dot com
NeNe Leakes is already having a handful of rough patches in her infant-staged comedy career. Last week, a clip of her making an asinine rape joke went viral and if the booing from the audience at the venue wasn’t enough, the internet completely dragged her by her lacefront back to Fulton county. Now, apparently she’s getting roasted by a comedy legend.

Paul Mooney, the God Father of comedy, insinuated in a tweet that he met Leakes and she mentioned she “never heard” of him. Paul said he had to just grin and bear her comment, but not before posting up a photo NeNe was clearly thirsty to take. Read more on #bossip dot com