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finnjones 261w ago
yes, team Bonn!

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just got out of seeing BPM. Incredibly powerful and moving french film about the 90s AIDS activist group ‘Act Up’. Defiant, beautiful, honest and raw. With an excellent soundtrack to top it. See it! I expect this will pick up all the awards thrown at it.
Danny’s heading to Harlem.
back on set, amongst friends. #lukecage #season2
forgot how much I love Berlin - Europeans just get it. man i’ve missed this side of the world.
vibes vibes vibes. Good Vibrations 009 is here. Download this photo, upload and scan the barcode in Spotify to find the playlist. 🦎
this film deserves all the oscars - the quotes on the poster say it all. go see it.
last sunday of summer - such an incredible day/night - reinforced the many reasons why I love this city and the people in it.