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@noahgundersen at the @bluebirdtheater sounding pure and piercing as always. i'm glad he's in this world.
uncovering the diviest of dive bars in the greater Twin Cities area. all-Rolling Stones soundtrack and double-Jameson/Rolling Rock combo for $6.
Replacements-mention Minneapolis achievement unlocked
worth reposting, saving, re-reading.
Samuel thoughtfully examined this baby picture of me and then pronounced, "eyebrows on fleek."
SUCH a delightfully fun show with @phillyglove last night. i texted @luckymanmgmt afterwards and said: howwwwww is it possible that Garrett has been doing that for over 25 years (25 years!!!) and
a) still looks like he's having so much fun and
b) still looks like he's in college??
i guess good tunes and lots of joy keep us young.
best birthday gift in a while. sigh.
oh, this is wonderful. i love paintings that you have to look at for a bit to realize what it is; and the light (!)
"Pardon in Brittany," Gaston La Touche, 1896
really enjoying thinking about whose faces i would replace those column capitals with
it's new @thenational album release day and a steel-grey morning of clouds in chicago with a strange warm breeze blowing off the lake. I woke up early before my meeting to walk alone with their new songs for a few hours; I remember days spent wandering in shanghai and new york and buenos aires also getting lost in the dark currents of one of my favorite bands and i'm delighted to be pinballed here, this morning, for ugh such a wrecker of a musical work so far (i'm stuck on my fifth repeat of "empire line," but i'll get through)
Powell-Morman-Marshall post-wedding baseball game extravaganza! ⚾️