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ajjara 2d ago
Great end to week one of the new boxing work out! Also I’m exhausted but loving the new @laflare1017 album!
ajjara 4d ago
Sometimes you need that extra boost during your work out and so you gotta blast that Mariah!
ajjara 6d ago
When I came back from Los Angeles, I had developed pretty severe anxiety. I was having panic attacks regularly and I had to decide whether I wanted to keep pursuing filmmaking. But I also came back with something else: an idea for a movie. It was a movie that dealt with anxiety, panic attacks, religion and even our place in the universe. For the past three years I have been working on this movie, trying to get it perfect. I wanted it to be relatable, funny, and even terrifying. With the help of the talented @emilydavismusic I got to take some pictures so people can start to get an idea of the movie and what we want to bring you. It is my most personal and ambitious movie to date. I hope you are ready for: Empty Space.
ajjara 2w ago
@santamonicafilmfestival I submitted my #film Borderland to the #SMFF Can't wait to see what they think of our film! #Santamonica #film #indiefilm Hopefully they like our love letter to El Paso as much as we do!
ajjara 2w ago
An exciting new project! Can't wait for you guys to see what's next! #supportindiefilm #indiefilm #film #films #movies #movie #elpaso
ajjara 3w ago
Last one! I just wanted to share that the reception for the festival and audience was amazing! My cast and crew deserve and can't wait for everyone to see Borderland
ajjara 3w ago
Here's a shot I got of El Paso rapper Big Dreams last night
ajjara 4w ago
Guys I'm super proud to announce that "Borderland" has been accepted to the Switzerland International Film festival! I'm so happy for this first step for our movie!
ajjara 6w ago
Celebrating our 6 year anniversary with some bacon treats!!
ajjara 7w ago
Today is my last day at Kfox. A lot of mixed emotions. I'm sad I'll be leaving but I'm happy about not just the opportunities that they gave me but the opportunities that they allowed me to have like Borderland. I'll miss this place.
ajjara 8w ago
Here is an elephant celebrating his birthday!
ajjara 8w ago
But then the boy realized with his picture he revived art as it was in him all along #longliveart