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  Posted: Oct 11, 2012 5:19 AM FEED
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I just had to.

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Posted: Oct 21, 2017 12:54 AM
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BALANCE, BABY ⚖️ 🌑 I double celebrated the new moon this month... one night in a women’s circle sharing intentions and sipping cacao, the other night in a triangle with my favorite men listening to good rap and laughing my ass off. I feel whole, nourished, and hella blessed for all the incredible humans around me. #libra #balance #newmoon #masculine #feminine #soultribe
So inspired and fueled up by the amazing people I met and things I learned today. This entrepreneur thing is sure a roller coaster and I choose to continue believing in my team, our product, and the @livealotchocolate magic we’re here to share ❤️🍫🤓 (📷 by @giovannagarciaa) #livealot #wholefoodscommitmenttolocal #wholefoods #chocolate #organicchocolate #learnsomething #believeinyourself #womenentrepreneurs #womenowned #cacao
Posted: Oct 18, 2017 5:02 AM
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Take it easy, honey. Don’t over complicate things. Don’t be afraid to disconnect, percolate, integrate. Allow time and space to be. Connect, inward. Watch your plants grow, dance until it’s bedtime, cook a long meal. This is how you cultivate focus, compassion, love. This is how you do your life - by not letting your life do you. Deep breaths. You are free. ❤️ - simplicity & spaciousness

Words flow out of me like water when I take time to connect, and be. Feeling fueled by tonight’s @livealotchocolate New Moon Cacao Ceremony - thank you, sisters! #youdoyoubabyboo #livealot #poetry #intentions #self #makespace #makeart #befree
happy little breakfast with this powerful adorable badass today 💕 WHAT A TREAT ☕️ #soultribe #soulsisters #hwn #sanfrancisco
ahh I see what the iphone portrait mode hype is all about now.👌🏽also helps when the subject looks like this.☝🏽🖤 #portraits #blackandwhite #allmyfriendsaresuperheroes #soultribe
“Decide and commit.” In response to a piece of advice we’d give other women wanting to start their own thing/be their own boss. 🌬 Take control, sisters (and brothers). You have what it takes. What do you want to create of your life? I believe in you. // Thanks for hosting, @ga_sf ❤️ #womenentrepreneurs #badasswomen #youdoyoubabyboo #commit #decide #act #ownyourpower
mmm precious moment ✨ fueled by a day of leading a teen girls yoga class at @riseyogaforyouth, followed by photographing the amazing group of badass women of @letsbepresent 💛. do your dreams, friends. you can, you truly can - all you have to do is commit...often that’s a tall order, and it’s always worth it. 🦋 #takeamoment #livealot #doyourdreams #youdoyoubabyboo
It had been a minute since I used my video chops. Here’s one I made for our monthly cacao gatherings at @belovedsf 📽🍫 JOIN US ON OCTOBER 17th!!! #livealot #chocolate #cacao #sanfrancisco #events #sfevents
life rule☝🏽: have friends who are exceptional huggers (and who will drink coffee with you at any time of day on faraway islands)☀️. So excited for a big hug from this soul brother after long time no see. ❤️🙌🏽 #soultribe #liferules #homeiseverywhere #iceland #coffeeallday
🌕 🌀 somewhere between my cacao drink this morning and 5pm I got super stressed out and overwhelmed. then I spent time with @wearewomenofwords and laughed my ass off and ate @livealotchocolate and felt so incredibly nourished. then I walked the long way home and danced and sang with myself. I also cried tears of gratitude and uncertainty and nostalgia and change. I was guided by the moon to my rooftop with my camera and captured her in all her fullness and her glory. and I danced. and danced and danced in circles, the same way life goes. the same way we keep coming back to the same lessons, the same reminders, the same goodness. and each time feeling more, going fast, then slow, dark then bright - until I felt whole again. like the moon. 🌀🌕 #fullmoon #rollercoaster #livealot #feel #move #dance #hulahoop #youdoyoubabyboo (🎶: Buen Viaje - Fémina) #soundon
LISTEN👂🏽I almost rushed full force into my to do list today, into a packed day of calls and work that wouldn’t get me back home until 9pm to do it all over again tomorrow. To dos to do to dos... what about to BEs? When would I get a moment to do THAt? I biked past @belovedsf after teaching a sunrise class at @riseyogaforyouth and realized this was my opportunity today to sit alone in silence and LISTEN... and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing (all the thing on my to do list). So I sat with this cacao drink at this sunny window and gifted myself some precious moments to BE, to connect to the soul in this body. 🍫 ☕️ 🙏 How are you taking a moment for yourself today? What comes up when you sit and listen? 💕🙇🏻‍♀️ #silence #gratitude #livealot #cacao #listen #sit #be #takeamoment