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@jeffreymbell and I enjoying ourselves. Thanks @outromundialista #MacallanMasters

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So excited to have been there to witness @chazcruz and @brat_alie make it especially official last night. You guys are some of the good ones. Thanks for the photo of me and the groom, @hanachoe ! ❤️ #chunkygetsmarried
End of this year’s wedding season with the dynamic duo, Suzanne & Caleb!! 🐉 I need a nap. And a drink. And probably aspirin. ❤️
Today is the Autumn Equinox! 🌎☀️#fbf to last December when @devinhowington and I ran off to Tulum together to visit World Heritage Site, Chichén Itzá which during the equinox, a 🐍snake of light appears on the side that my hat is so conveniently blocking from sight. Also a 🐝 photobomb bonus. #autumnequinox
When your best friend brings beer, whiskey and fresh eggs from her mom's chickens you know you've done something right in your life.
I didn't catch anything but that's not always the point. My dad says, "That's why they call it fishing, not catching." #mycleanwater #flyfishing #saveourwatertu
When Jesse and I go to upstate New York and people there find out I'm from Arkansas, they act so surprised and think upstate NY is so different from Arkansas but it's not. Not really by much.
Editing weddings today. Note: this is not the bride and groom, Tess and Jim are just ❤️😍💃🏻🕺🏻😍❤️
Someone has to make the groomsmen stand in complete darkness for cigar smoke portraits. 🚬 Congrats to Grace & Ezra!