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My fathers classic reaction whilst engaging in sports 😂😂
Summer in Brittany 🇫🇷
We are right there under the smoke. Very bad airquality in SF. My heart goes out to everyone who lost so much in these ravaging fires. Beautiful, peaceful wine country will take long to rebuild. Cant imaginge the destruction. Brave amazing firemen who fights around the clock. Firemarshall says 95% of fires are caused by humans. Dont throw cigarettes or make illegal fires you idiots.
Woke up at the campsite yesterday and it looked like judgement day. Sun was red like a grapefruit. Everythin was red and hazy. Dark. We thought it was fog. Later on the camp host told us about the 14 wildfires around northbay and that they were evakuating people to different campgrounds, including this one. Sad for everyone who lost something. Sad to see California burning.
Excited to be the new owners of an adorable Jeep Renegade!! And hey it has a sunroof!! 🍾😎
Shit just got serious. We have a portable hammock for two, comfy glamping chairs, and now airmattress with headrest in classic boy/girl color 😂 #yolo
Love when you turn the corner and the cityscape appears before you!
I'm having a mini pony in my future backyard for sure.
Tears as Frodo rolls away to the gray havens 😢 Thanks for 7 wonderful years and many adventures in California together ❤
Red white n blue, burger and beer for my anniversary! 🇺🇸