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  Posted: Oct 10, 2012 7:27 PM FEED
20 X-Pro II
Remembering Paris and those crazy skies

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Where I worked yesterday, at the Chateau Marmont recording #PMF - I thought, wouldn’t this be the perfect place to write a book?
She’s fun and fascinating and raw. Loved my conversation with @sophiaamoruso @girlboss on #PMF - to listen, subscribe on iTunes - or follow the link in bio! .
I’m wearing a beautiful dress from @co and @loumora took the photos ❤️ #lovingmypodcast 😊😍😊
"He thought I was a fashion princess... And I thought he lived for the New York jazz scene".

Tiny excerpt from the story appearing this month in @lala_magazine, that talks about what @mrchrisnorton and I share, about writing, about jazz and surf and about LA... And I guess, about keeping our minds open when it comes to dating 😂
Written by the amazing @malleryrmorgan and shot by @samfroststudio
Super excited about this new @uniqloUSA collection by their incredible artistic director Christophe Lemaire ! Look at that sweater!!! Getting all of them. You can also wear it as a crop top sweater if you want. I won't 😂#uniqloU
Vive le weekend!!!!!!!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #rosé Heidi + Jenny 💛😜🤙🏻
Interviewed the beautiful @violette_fr - who is the global beauty director at @esteelauder (go frenchies!!!) and it's a delightful, inspiring listen. Download #PMF on iTunes or follow the link in bio!!!
Made my own almond milk following @alohanif 's guidelines. Ok, that is crazy easy and I now get one prepped every week. In the morning, I put a scoop of collagen in it following @theannazahn's advice, I think I'm already seeing the effects of it. Oh and if I have time, I @ziipbeauty - following @lolococo 's recommendations, and that has pretty spectacular results. My friends are my teachers. Me? Sort of becoming a new person 😂 - so many more new habits I have to tell you about!!!
At my other office, for a morning brainstorm with my LA team (hi @emmanuelleperrin!!!)(I love to talk ideas out instead of sitting in front of a white page - too intimidating!)(and I'm better at ideas in the morning!) #thatshowiwork
So, it's officially 3 weeks that I'm off sugar! It's been such a fascinating ride, seriously. I don't think I'll ever go back to how I was eating before. I certainly don't want to, or feel like I need to. I have lost weight but the most important is how I feel. Much less stress, no more cravings, no more sugar crashes (I didn't even know a life without sugar crashes existed!) --- the list is so long I have to write a full post about it. I will!!! Still experimenting... .

This is what a breakfast looks like to me now (crazy for a tartines addicted French girl) I mean this one is from @gjustagoods (where I spend a lot of time 😋) but the one I make at home is pretty similar...! Have you ever tried going without sugar?
Lulu, Chris and I getting some juice. Where is Chris? Well behind the lens of course #forcingyourmantotakeyourphoto 😬. oh by the way, @mrchrisnorton is playing tonight at the @vibratogrilljazz in Bel Air! Come it's gonna be awesome! .

@timberland_eu #timberlandcollective
Wow!!! I'm so happy and proud that #lovestylelife is still kicking ass like on the first day!!! After being a @nytimes best seller (one of my dreams) we are going for our 5th printing and it's been translated in more than 15 languages (coming out soon in Spain by the way!) - I'm so happy that my little baby is becoming a real classic.
I love classics!!! - also thank you to all of you who post photos of it, I especially love this one (the Russian edition I believe?)(thank you @mitrofanov_vova!) Love, Style, Life, and food? Doesn't get better much better than that.
A lot of you ask me what breed Lulu is... She's a little mutt. We rescued her through @socialteesnyc who do an amazing work in NYC.

She was born in Nicaragua and brought back in the US to be adopted. @em_note fostered her and we fell in love with her. If you google "street dog Nicaragua" you'll see that they all look pretty much like her... and that some are having a very tough time. We obviously feel like we lucked out SO MUCH and the SHE IS THE PERFECTEST most fun kindest dog IN THE WORLD, but it's probably how every dog owner in the world feels about their dog. .
So that's it, today I wanted to say thank you to @socialteesnyc for their amazing work and thank you to all the foster doggy parents who do such an generous job (not easy to take a dog when they just come out of being abandonned... or when they're puppies and pee all over your carpets) - no she didn't pee on that one, she's a grown up now!

Isn't that carpet awesome by the way? It's from @westelm and it was designed by @dusendusen 💛.
#muttsofinstagram #rescuedog
Thank you @lolococo for letting me stay in your beautiful apartment in New York. Also, your couch is perfect for pretending to be completely relaxed, zen and, as @gwynethpaltrow would say, aligned - when you're actually using the timer function on your phone to get the fucking shot and feeling so stupid but it's all right because Instagram is all driving us absolutely crazy and vain. And... I know you would totally understand that. And you would never ask me where my pants are. Ever 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️#truefriendsdontaskwherepantsare #fuckingtimer
Home!!! In my kitchen. Looking at my plate of lemons from Richard's @chandeliercreative garden.
So happy to be back. So incredible to live in a place where you have a little bit of space to grow things. Friends bring you lemons, or plums, or fresh eggs from their chicken... We grow tomatoes, ton of herbs (fresh mint teeeeea!!!)(helping me so much through coffee withdrawal)(I know I sound crazy, but when you stop sugar it's better to also stop coffee) and I can't wait to plant an avocado tree.
Last thing! Have you listened to Richard's #PMF ? It's amazing and it's online! You can subscribe to Pardon My French on ITunes! 🍋🥑🍐
The breakfast at @atelierdore this morning with a small group of readers was amazing!!! We talked about our careers, gave some advice, took some, shared our amazing jam, made with love for us by @alisoneroman - happy moment!!! To stay in touch with us, share and be kept in the loop of these events, you can join our group on Facebook, link in bio! 💛💛💛
Back at @atelierdore !!! So - I got a haircut and a keratin treatment and I have to wait till tomorrow to wash my hair... So it's super straight like baguettes and I don't know what to do with it... but it's going to look so awesoooome!!! Thank you @thedrawingroomny !!!