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@thelittlest and her cute baby bump.

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User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:15 AM (UTC)
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User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 17, 2017 2:23 AM (UTC)
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User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 16, 2017 3:54 PM (UTC)
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Beautiful hand forged carbon steel pans by @blanccreatives found @nowservingla, a new cookbook shop in Chinatown. Thanks for the intro, @juliewolfson!
Our fun little Eating Club gathered together this morning to check out @eightfoldcoffee’s brand new food menu. Check out my insta-stories to see what we ate. My favorite was the breakfast sandwich - egg was perfectly cooked (smooth and creamy) and bacon was perfectly crisped and then that onion jam! I’m drooling right now by describing it to you. 🤤 #bonnietsanglaeats
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 15, 2017 2:37 AM (UTC)
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User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 14, 2017 7:37 PM (UTC)
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User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 14, 2017 3:58 PM (UTC)
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User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 13, 2017 11:29 PM (UTC)
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Just here sipping coffee and clearing email inbox. / @cafeintegral @freehandhotels
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 13, 2017 5:43 PM (UTC)
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This morning she walked off our bed. Not slide off, not climbed down, but just walked off. She fell, but she was giggling. I find myself constantly waiting for the day when she’d break one of her body parts. 🤦🏻‍♀️
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 12, 2017 10:25 PM (UTC)
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@flowerboyproject inside @freehandhotels in downtown. Love that they have a closer location!
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 12, 2017 5:19 PM (UTC)
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Last Wednesday, stopped by @_the_mighty_ in downtown around 4:30pm, right when they were transitioning to dinner service. It was perfectly quiet, I was able to take time to look at the menu, ask questions and feel the space. Everyone was friendly there, but not overly friendly that the introverted me felt comfortable to sit back, so some reading on my phone and enjoy a plate of tagliatelle. The Mighty is a new restaurant by Quinn and Karen Hatfield, whom also own @thesycamorekitchen and @odys_penelope which I love and go often. The menu is simple, but with good amount of choices from salads to pastas. The tagliatelle I had was really good. Given that I wasn’t hungry, but still cleaned up the plate - that says a lot. Next time I go back I’ll have to check out their 1/2 rotisserie chicken. #bonnietsanglaeats
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 11, 2017 11:47 PM (UTC)
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Been reading a lot of articles and books on wabi-sabi and trying to approach creativity in a different way. Taking many notes (in my shiny gold @poketo notebook ✨) and asking many questions. Like, what type of creative are you - perfectionist or embrace the imperfections? I think I put too much pressure on myself to create perfection and then disappoint of the imperfection. 🤦🏻‍♀️
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 11, 2017 3:35 PM (UTC)
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We’ve formed a good habit of making our bed these days, hoping it’ll stick. 🙄 By the way, what’s your favorite bed linen company? Need to update our bedroom for Fall/Winter.
I am not fit to be her mom. She runs too fast and I’m too slow.
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 10, 2017 6:00 PM (UTC)
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I used to get asked often if it’s difficult being a single mom and I would half jokingly answered, “I think it’s easier because I have one less person to take care of.” 😅 Now that I’m married again, I learned that marriage is hard, but it’s also easy when you’re with the right person. He suggested that each month we have few hours of alone time and just share what’s on each other’s mind. I love that and we did it several times. I mean... how can you have heated conversations when both people are enjoying a good brunch and nice spread of dessert? / From our recent (very good) brunch @petrossianwesthollywood, we didn’t overdo on dessert at all.
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 10, 2017 1:52 AM (UTC)
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Another goal off the list with my OG baby girl, @missvenise. As a single mom (before being married in 2016 to my current husband) having to take care of my parents, their debt/mortgage and my own debt as well, money was always tight (still is, but improved little more). My baby girl and I would daydream of the things we wanted to do - to Paris, to London, a week long road trip, Katy Perry concert, our own house - and we would say, “We’ll save up and it’ll happen.” Miss V even wrote in her elementary homework, “My dream is to go to Paris. My mommy is saving money and she will take me there one day.” For a single parent struggling to make ends meet, every penny had to be spent wisely. And to read such hopeful note from my child it gave me so much motivation to work harder, but it also made me very sad that I couldn’t fulfill her dream. I’m so grateful to have Miss V as my daughter - she’s always so wise, has the biggest heart and has so much patience for me. So first @katyperry concert passed, then the second, then this third one... So incredibly thankful that business continues to do well and I was able to purchase tickets this time (huge credit to my sister @ghengisconnie for scoring tix to a sold out show). Last night’s show got me a bit emotional, it was a good reminder the importance to stay humble, keep working hard and be patience. Paris, London or Tokyo next! 💪🏼 #witnessthetour
User Image bonnietsang Posted: Nov 9, 2017 9:18 PM (UTC)
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Perfect @omamimini tees in mommy and baby sizes. “FEARLESS” and “ALMIGHTY” are my faves.