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  Posted: Oct 10, 2012 8:00 AM
61 Hudson
  • Was in the mosh pit! Insane! Great fuckin show!!!

  • Was at the show...amazing!

  • My favorite band EVER!

  • We are waiting outside atill

  • Still

  • Best night of my life. Thanks guys.

  • Amazing show gentlemen! My head is still ringing! ❤🎸

  • Killed it

  • You guys never disappoint! Awesome set!

  • Majority of the crowd at this show were half asleep or half dead... I was like "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! YOU'RE AT A DEFTONES SHOW!!!!"...too many people are too fat and lazy these days to care 😒

  • Can't wait til the philly show!

  • Love it !!!!!

  • See you tomorrow night!

  • AMAZING. Great show guys. Thanks.

  • Was there ♡

  • "Majority of the crowd at this show were half asleep or half dead... I was like "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! YOU'RE AT A DEFTONES SHOW!!!!"...too many people are too fat and lazy these days to care"

  • No...half of the people at this show were adults who wanted to enjoy seeing Deftones and not babysitting the other half of the crowd -- children, assholes & neanderthals who just wanted to shove and push as if to make some kind of grand statement about how much they love the band. Sad to see so many lowlifes at this show.

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • @logandoe huh? you new to the rock/metal scene or something?

  • @logandoe if you didn't want to be in the pit then you should've sat yourself down in a seat.

  • @d1sposition. most rock n metal shows are like that now these days

  • @logandoe haha then go see nickelback buddy #moshpits #rule #rage #posers #beware

  • @d1sposition. shit ain't like the old days anymore :( shows in the 90's n early 2000's were ALIVE. now crowds be boring n dead. its sad.

  • @punisher905. exactly! wtf man...this dude *eyeroll*

  • @chola_loca1216 yeah for real. These fat motherfuckin zeros need to lay down in the back so that those of us with life in us can move around and enjoy/feel the music!!

  • Serge t'es le meilleur!

  • @d1sposition yea n this little fuckin puñeta above ^ calling people who live for n lose themselves in the music "lowlifes"....fuck outta here.

  • @d1sposition he ain't bout that life!!!

  • @logandoe no dude, it's not about making a statement. That's kid shit. Its about feeling the music and moving and jumping around and helping anyone of your fellow concert goers up if they fall down and being ONE with the music... Deftones is not a band you go to stand and merely watch. They aren't Dave Mathews Band. If you wanted to sit your pansy ass down and watch the show like an emo bitch then you shoulda been up on the balcony in a seat just as @chola_loca1216 said. Wake the fuck up and have fun; you only live once.

  • dear everyone. chill x

  • @d1sposition = righteous comment!!

  • Moscow! We miss You!)

  • @d1sposition @chola_loca1216 wanna see a real crowd? Come to NYC for a deftones show. You two should chill out and stop being so judgmental and disrespectful to people for their weight and whether or not they wanna get lost in a pit or simply tap their foot and enjoy the show. @logandoe I'm with you man, too many lowlifes ruining the experience.

  • Peace, love, and respect people. Not everyone responds to music the same way. Your movement at a show doesn't determine how much you enjoy the show. Such negativity!!

  • How do I put this? "Disposition" (I'm not making the i a 1 - grow up) and "Chola"...this was my 14th Deftones show. I've seen them in Cali, in Chicago, in Minnesota, and in Wisconsin (where they played Adrenalin in its entirety, so...sorry, but fuck you a little bit). I'm no stranger to the aggression of the average Deftones crowd (though I appreciate Moshing 101 - thank you, "Punisher"). Never a more fractured crowd than Ventura. No unity, no "ONE", no sense that anyone was in this together with everyone else, which is especially disappointing in this post-Diamond Eyes era, after all the good vibes and the goodwill that have come about with the rejuvenation of this band in the last 2-3 years.

  • wow, ya sum funny motherfucks lmaoo

  • Just shut the fuck up and lesson to the music, vibe out in your own way and don't look down on others ways of feeling the music, (I mosh the fuck out on some songs, and on others I will WACH a breath taking show and dance) @logandoe @chola_loca1216 @d1sposition

  • LoL #logandoe sounds like he's a male deftones groupie. I'm sure he has deftones underwear too. Go Nee

  • @digenger i am so quit talking out your ass to me

  • @digenger also i never said anything about anyone's weight, so again, quit talking out your ass...

  • @logandoe well then you clearly know how things can get. youre the type that wants to mellow out in a corner and not be touched. so then find that corner n keep your mouth shut on.insulting fans and calling them lowlifes. take your little bitch ass aggression towards me with your 'fuck you a little'...stroke it,suck it, n choke on it. like little puñetas like you do.

  • Wow. Truly classy folks. Pinkies out while we mosh eh?

  • Your all ridiculous just enjoy the music however you like and if you get outta hand someone(security) will kick you out. Just enjoy... It's music! Good music at that too

  • @logandoe How disgusting are you buddy. Wow, I'm almost left speechless as how ridiculous your coming off. So you go on instagram and vent about your frustrations at a rock show. Here's a suggestion if you can't stand crowds (how they have always been at deftones shows)go watch Dave Mathews and stay in your dam bedroom. Sway silently in your home you little mierdita. Repulsive how people nowadays feel the need to attack others. Your just another example of how ignorant can truly be. Sickening.

  • @logandoe I also don't know why you felt the need to quote "Chola" is there a problem? I don't see you saying much of anything. Trying to tell the world you've seen Deftones 14 times. No one give a flying fuck. Stay the fuck home and put some earphones on.

  • People need to smoke a joint and get laid around here!

  • gd33zy 5y ago

    Arguing on the Internet is as pointless as an ejector seat in a helicopter...

  • Ugh whatever...newcomers to the scene clearly not about that life. They woulda got their asses handed to them back in the 90's...even early '00s. Some serious pussy shit. Stand in the sidelines if you can't handle the mediocre pits that happen now. Please, what chocha's. 😒

  • I'm all about having a good time at shows but ninja kickers spazzing out is a little dumb IMO. I remember my first rock show too and it didn't involve climbing up peoples backs like a chimp to get up on the crowd and kick people in the head.

  • @chola_loca1216 Thank You. I'm not even going to feed into firing back. You summed it up perfectly. Bunch of chochas, que se pongan a 😭. Cabrones.

  • @whiskeydave seriously! Please keep karate out of the pit. a) you look retarted, 2) no ones cares if you can spin kick or windmill your arms

  • @la_seria jajaja si es laneta! que chingas =P

  • @chola_loca1216 ese es un pinche culero. 😏 Oye, que pendejos son. Uyy. Hahahaha

  • Those who do not want to be near pushing and shoving should only get tickets in the seated area. Everyone should have a choice on how they want to enjoy the show. Stop judging.

  • @thepapis610 jaja tu sabes guey

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