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it’s how i get from one side of the office to the other ... 🛴 ... i am now equally and intimately acquainted with the carpet on the other side. 😳😜
let’s just say i’ve been “snacking” on homemade #zucchiniwalnutbread all morning... soooo YUM! thx @bonniemray for sharing your amazing baking wares w/ me!
we took a brief detour out to #ManassasBattlefieldPark yesterday... we chased butterflies, picked flowers and took lots of pictures 😜
sometimes a glass of cold #milk hits the spot
and today’s theme for #FridayAfternoonTreat (FAT) in the office is PUMPKIN FAT!!!
SWEEP!!! Freshmen, JV, and Varsity all won their games!!!
always a privilege to hang w/ @cccmikelee... dang, we’ve known each other since 1987-ish?!?!
Kid1 (libero) and crew trying to get it done on the court... but fell short and lost two close ones.
i made a terrible decision, though it was also a terribly delicious one! i brought in bread to #toast up and slather w/ #peanutbutter for #breakfast in the office. then i spied the leftover giant #oatmealchocolatechip cookies from #Potbellys sitting in the kitchen... well, i think you can put-two-and-two-together......... #PeanutbutterToastWithOatmealChocolateChipCookie
some things are just always going to be amazing to me...... love seeing the sun breaking through the clouds // #crepuscular #sunrays
Kid1 and friends heading off to their first homecoming dance this past weekend. I “cannot” comprehend how the time has flown by where my little girl is now being escorted by a young gent to a dance — #ShesGrowingUp and #DaddingIsHard
official kickoff for fall youth group... love that Kid1 gets to be a part of the worship team and serve playing the keys!
grateful for hot water // my hot water heater had recently gone kaput, and i went 2 days taking cold showers... i don’t like cold showers. #justsayin
doing a wee bit of cleanin’ & rearrangin’ when i found bubblegum stuck under my table.... i wonder how long it’s been there and if Kid2 is still sneaking treats behind my back! 😈😳😂