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  Posted: Oct 9, 2012 7:40 PM
424 Valencia
snooki 5y ago
Photo bombed by Tess, thanks whore. @tessnessmonster
  • @mrs_clyne_stanley I just want to know, do you really have something against black people? Cause Im sure you know we are all not like that.

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley Oh I see, I was just wondering thanks for clearing that up! :)

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley see whore i was just gon stay out of it but yo bitch ass is taking it to far stop talking shit about black ppl bcuz if u was face to face with a black person u wouldnt b talking shit u fucking cunt no need to go racist i wish i knew u i would beat the shit out of u

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley black ppl aint the only onea that got foodstamps white ppl 2.. Stop all this racist shit BLACK PPL AINT GOING NO WHERE

  • Duck lips, with lol

  • Love u twin cant wait to meet u

  • Damn this chick is bored 👆 lol

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley actually im not bitch get it right i dont gve a fuck who it was targeted to u said BLACK PPL that means every one thats black u dumb as hell

  • @abiolakemiajayii she's ignorant as fuck. Don't even worry about it. She's bored and trying to keep an argument going that clearly ended.

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley u dismissed bitch im done waisting my time on a stupid racist individual with no life deuces hoe

  • @debi_xoxo i kno im done with her she ignorant she dont kno better her parents didnt raise her right cant blame her

  • I never tagged you. Dumbass. Stop being obsessive. My god.

  • @abiolakemiajayii exactly. I hope she never has children.

  • Because you tagged me you dumb bitch. Get over me. Lol

  • @debi_xoxo lol yea she dnt they would hate her

  • @abiolakemiajayii lol no kidding! She keeps pressing refresh to keep on fighting. No one is tagging her yet here she is. So

  • @debi_xoxo to many crazy bitches on here...

  • @oliviajpm I know. All bc I said her racist comment made her sound ignorant.

  • @debi_xoxo she is just getting ignored the bitch is so irrelevant pathetic ass

  • @debi_xoxo some people are just sad little individuals.

  • @abiolakemiajayii lol what a great role model she is for those poor kids. @oliviajpm so true.

  • OMG! Staaaahp! Lol she will never be anything but a sad racist! Her ex husband did her wrong so now she can throw the "nigger " word around! If she was so happily marries, she wouldn't be taking so much time on IG being ignorant.

  • Her husband must not be giving this thirsty b any attention! Please stick something in her mouth already so she will be happy!! Geesh.

  • I didn't tag her but I'm sure the witch is lurking around!! It's late go cuddle with ur disgusting husband. Ur attitude matches his face! Match made in heaven u two are! Congrats on finding ur soul mate! Ha

  • I will :)

  • Hahaha there she is!!!

  • She was so sweet to tell me goodnight:) see she isn't that bad Lol

  • @harmony_deevine haha lol #tru that bitch is ridiculous sad human being

  • @debi_xoxo @harmony_deevine these fuckin rats are jokes...bitches keep it fuckin pushin

  • @debi_xoxo @harmony_deevine these fuckin rats are jokes...bitches keep it fuckin pushin

  • Fish lips pose

  • Looking like #snookie here!! 😁 ....... But way better!! 💖

  • That was worded way wrong...sorry! Beautiful!! ✨

  • Sexy chick!

  • @wmk1125 is that you in the background? Hahaha

  • @meggbrewer lmao! Wow it really does look like it!

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley ain't the the fuckin truth! Let's see how many black people are on food stamps as opposed to another race. It's hard not to listen to stereotypes when they're almost ALWAYS true

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley notice how as they argue they can't even form a proper sentence let alone spell? It's humorous !!

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley love it glad to see there's more normal educated people out there....they're all so mad "cuz u racist" it's just too funny.

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley lmfao I think it's funny I love when we can prove that we're right

  • All I have to say is fuck Obama and they'll bug @mrs_clyne_stanley

  • Cuteee

  • i love the guy in the baground XD

  • SMH!!!

  • @beckay13 just wondering where you get that mostly black people are on food stamps??? I doubt thats really it...cuz im sure it goes both ways...but really russians are..i just think you wanted an input on your friends argument

  • @kelilaann my friend ? I don't even know her lol.

  • @kelilaann lol you're right it's the Russians 😂

  • @beckay13 ok you dont know her...but you think that this whole racist thing is just soo funny n the whole fuck obama are you guys going to say how ignorant they sound when in reality you guys do..calling them niggers..saying the live off food stamps.

  • @harmony_deevine this shits a fucking sorry there are bumb ass people who think they are better when really they are lower then anything... The fact one claims to major in criminal justice yet sounds fuckin stupid

  • @kelilaann @harmony_deevine they are still talking!! Lmao Wow they sound so smart! And actually it's a fact that more white people are on government assistance than any other race. How bout you look shit up before you run your dick suckers! And that's not being a "nigger " that's me being real! When people say ignorant things and base a single race on what society says they are, then that just means you're a follower. Get your own mind and stop believing these ignorant statistics that you believe to be true!! @mrs_clyne_stanley @beckay13

  • 100 feet from the ocean...u should go ahead and drown yourself and let a shark eat your dumb ass!

  • Just an FYI 34% of food stamp recipients are white while only 22% are black. Figure out what you're talking about before you try to make racist remarks. Because now you clearly sound ignorant speaking in stereotypes. And also a little bit if information, white people are now the minority. Enjoy 😘

  • Not at all, but thanks for asking! I bet you feel dumb as fuck getting called out on shit that you don't know anything about! @beckay13

  • @kdlove_ash I can't believe she was still talking. Lol

  • @kdlove_ash no not really

  • @beckay13 well you should feel dumb because you clearly don't know what you're talking about. I'm sure you're one of the 34% spending my tax dollars to live. Good luck living off my money Hun 👍

  • @beckay13 reminds me of when I taught lessons in the special ed classes, she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong and sometimes she sticks her own foot in her mouth. Plus u think you're the smartest person in the world, and you tell everybody so they believe you, "I smaaht, I smaaht! " Lmao

  • @debi_xoxo she's not commenting now, but she will come back in a couple hours to check, and act like she was so busy doing something like being a bitch to someone else or maybe even sucking d in order to get food since she doesn't get food stamps!! Lol

  • Lol @kdlove_ash I bet they both do get government assistance that's why they knock on it so hard... They're both pathetic...

  • @harmony_deevine she's always going to bitter white trash! You would think a black man raped her Gma by how ignorant she Sounds toward black people. She's a sad sad little girl. Smh

  • Hoes crack under pressure!! Buh bye! I'm sure they'll be back in a few! Haha

  • Um you were going on long before I said anything and YOU'RE here too, idiot . Hmmmm I'm sure you do. Have fun spending that government money Hun 😘

  • Stop tagging me too. I never tagged you so get over it.

  • I did. And no they're not. Do YOUR research honey. ✌

  • Are you delusional? Seriously?! I'm pretty sure it was you two sad bitches that were commenting an hour ago. You must have a chemical imbalance or suffer from depression, maybe you have memory loss ....*shrug* Idk but you should really get that checked out! @mrs_clyne_stanley if you don't want any problems then why are commenting? I know it must be the highlight of your pathetic little life, since your husband is probably banging some black chick on food stamps down the street. I know it must hurt but don't take you anger out on others. Smh @mrs_clyne_stanley

  • When ignorant people use Google! Lol Smh

  • Been with my man for 7 years. And my wardrobe cost more than your life lol. You stalked my pictures so you've seen my red bottoms and Gucci purses. Ha have fun spending my tax dollars Hun. Muahhhh!!!! 💋💋💋

  • I'm a minority, you're Mexican right?! So then you are too!! Lol good job 👍

  • I'm not sure why I tag u, bc all you do is lurk anyway.

  • Lol one knockoff?! Lmao. I'm sure that makes you feel better thinking my shit are knock offs. Lol sorry this "minority" can afford a better life than you. Must suck to be so jealous...haha

  • And you can choose not to respond! So simple, now move along dumb bitch!

  • Hit refresh Lol

  • 👆Haha

  • Bitch is crazy y'all!

  • At the end of the day, this convo was done and over with yesterday, and your dumb ass started talking shit again. So get a fucking life if at all possible. People like you are why we have so much violence in the world. You're judgmental and racist and the fact that you don't see how ignorant you look in sound is sad! I don't know what black person did you wrong but you have an ugly attitude, which matches perfectly with your face.

  • I know I'm right. Keep dreaming of living my life. I understand. Muah 😘 hope that welfare is enough to support your two black children.

  • Your so lame Lol I did see your husband's and I must say... Lol nevermind, you wouldn't get it. You're blind to your own ignorance, how could you ever see how ugly you truly are.

  • He's with his grandma getting spoiled right now. Thanks for caring about my son 😉

  • She's probably ashamed of her kids just bc they are black, bc before she had it private, she didn't have any pics of her kids. Unless they stay with the dad, bc she seems like an unfit mother.

  • Yeah I saw your hideous husband lol with that huge glib of ink on his arm. Looks like he's trying to get painted green. But I guess people on welfare can't afford good ink lol @kdlove_ash i don't know about you but I'm done with this trash. Karma a a bitch and as soon as her kids get called "n*ggers" and she gets mad and hurt by it. She will know its her own ignorance and bad karma that lead to her kids crying. I'm done. I have nothing else to say. @kdlove_ash hit me up in my page if you want Hun 😘😘

  • Pedophile Lol really? Yeah this bitch is remedial!

  • 💋💋💋💋💋

  • I would be ashamed of my children also, if I was you. As long as you think they are beautiful that's all that matters.

  • 👆Her life is so great but this is her entertainment. Poor girl. @kdlove_ash ill talk to you later gorgeous. I'm gonna go treat myself to some retail relaxation 👍

  • Sure!!

  • Lol Exactly @debi_xoxo it's been fun, but this bitch has expired.

  • Lol it's funny she calls every other black person a "n*gger" but if her kids are black I guess she added to that "n*gger" population that she hates so much...dumb broad. No wonder she hates herself lol yes, way expired. Ill allow her to have the last word because it will make her feel good about herself. Hope she's thankful because she's only getting it because we let her...ttyl girl 💖

  • @debi_xoxo hahahaha

  • I only saw them bc you posted what I said on your page AND tagged me in it. Remember that?! I never looked at them until you lead me to your page. Hahaha you didn't see them but you saw my Gucci purses and said to look through ALL my pics because they show me I'm fat. But right, I blocked you before you could see them. Ha what an idiot. Keep talking shit because I'm over you. Racist cows are way beneath me. Maybe someday you'll be #onmylevel 💋

  • Yes we will give her the last word, because it will make her feel special. Maybe she will have a better day. Bye girl @debi_xoxo

  • 👆👍

  • She kinda sounds a little sad that you blocked her Lol

  • yiz928 5y ago

    @snookinic why cant you get away from this chick ;) @tessnessmonster

  • Lol it's funny because I just blocked her today, so she's an idiot.

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley why u still being ignorant bitch die already

  • Yea because u came back talking shit about blacks again but u got black kids yeah right u aint got no black kids ur just a racist bitch who needs help imma pray for u dismissed

  • @mrs_clyne_stanley girl plz ur the one to talk ur acting a fool thinking ur big and bad in instragram lol instragram thug award goes to this bitch linda ur the last man yes i mean man that i would worry about ur a pathetic no life who hates herself go fuck off stupid biiitttcchh im done with u

  • @abiolakemiajayii just stop talking to her and she will eventually shut up. People like her thrive off attention whether its positive or negative. I am not paying her no mind anymore, I don't care what she says. She's a miserable little hater that has some daddy issues. That's why she needs attention. We already know we are above her. Maybe one day she will be on our level. Until then be sorry for her black children, because she obviously hates black people. Those poor kids have such a racist mother. Take care Hun and don't feed into her ignorance.

  • @debi_xoxo girl i am done with her she is a waist of time

  • @abiolakemiajayii yes she is. Lol she needs this to feel important. I honestly feel bad for the girl. I'd hate to have her mind set. Take care Hun 😘

  • @you_mad_hun I know, I was talking about you. 5' 3" is short....

  • @debi_xoxo at least you have the guts to say what needs to be said. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you ❤ @seannysgrl

  • @harmony_deevine the bitch has kids that have black in the??? N shes callin out racist shit??

  • @you_mad_hun where is it ok for you to think sayin racist shits ok??? Ohh right on here cuz your ass would never call that shit out face to face... For someone who " majors" criminal justice you dont know fuckin sound stupid as fuck

  • @you_mad_hun your criminal justice bull shit isnt nothing....obviously bumd bitch black people make it further in like then you will ohh like obama...cant hate hes prisident n you n your white folks are tryin to beat him..not happening

  • @debi_xoxo @harmony_deevine I wish this bitch would try n pull this shit on the streets.... Bet she wouldnt last a second.

  • @you_mad_hun bitch you're are the fuck are you gonna talk down on them when your children have black in them?? You white people need to learn respect.. For god sake I hope those kids turn out better then you.

  • @kelilaann there's no point in talking to racist trash. She would NEVER say this to a black man or woman's face. It's easy to type in a keyboard. Just don't waste your time. I'm not even acknowledging her anymore. She's dumb because if that's what she thinks all black people are that she has two "n*ggers" at home that are only here because of her. Forget her. Racist trash is so beneath us...

  • @you_mad_hun bitch shut up real shit

  • @you_mad_hun umm maybe you need to get over yourself..thanks have a good day

  • @kelilaann just drop it. You're making this girl think she's something special when she's clearly not. It's done. We determined she's a racist piece of shit and we are all above her. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • I mean come on. Anyone who changes their display name to go with an argument she claims she doesn't care about shows how much she loves this. Sad.

  • How bad do you what attention? Just sad its 2012 nd we have such ignorant people. One day you'll need to grow up and open your eyes.

  • @itsernysayhi leave snooks alone cute pic snooks all u people saying all this mean stuff y'all haters!

  • @kelilaann leave her kids out of it u racist cracker

  • @debarina360 um did you read this in its entirety?! Because I'm not the mean one. Stay out if it anyways bc you don't know what's going on. Thanks

  • @debarina360 im not saying anything bad about snooks im oppsessed with her, my comment was to the girl that was beung rude to everyone I dont go for cb thats just mean and heartless

  • @debarina360 just an FYI it was that chick that @kelilaann was talking to who was calling people "n*ggers" and shit so stfu!!!

  • Why don't u guys try to talk it out it was Probally a misunderstanding

  • @debarina360 why are you deleting comments? And why care? Sorry but there's no talking it out when someone uses the N word...there was no misunderstanding

  • Why cant we be friend?, why cant we be friends. Forreal tho @debi_xoxo speak your mind cuz ppl always feel entitled when really they need to get a life,find a friend, and have a coke nd,chill. Its way passed that girl being mean its all for ATTENTION so pay her no mind ps I like ur pics

  • Why cant we be friend?, why cant we be friends. Forreal tho @debi_xoxo speak your mind cuz ppl always feel entitled when really they need to get a life,find a friend, and have a coke nd,chill. Its way passed that girl being mean its all for ATTENTION so pay her no mind ps I like ur pics

  • Thanks @itsernysayhi I stopped acknowledging her awhile ago. Idk why she's still tagging me lol

  • @debarina360 hunny im far from racist...i just think its shitty that she is white with mixed children n wants to call people the N word.

  • @debarina360 hunny im far from racist...i just think its shitty that she is white with mixed children n wants to call people the N word.

  • Thats alright remember I didn't call u racist I dont even know u

  • @debarina360 you called me a racist cracker lol.. 360?? You might know me lol

  • Well 1. I don't know u and 2.j didn't call u a racist craker unless my brother hacked my page and said it?

  • Well any way sorry bye @kelilaann

  • @debarina360 lol ok run along

  • Lol k bye

  • There is vampire behind u RUN!!!!!

  • How do make money on here

  • the girl behind u!! lolzzzzzz.

  • I got that blazer

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