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  Posted: Oct 9, 2012 3:56 PM FEED
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Light lunch before Kohei leaves

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She's perfect AND she took me away for a long weekend. 😍😍
The homie @bradleytheodore 's personal collection of his own work is 👌🏼
Had to stop by my pal #Lorenzorandisi pizza spot. "Wonderful day Italian style" @culturapizzaevita
My camera shy Valentine still wants to force feed me sorbet in negative degree weather
Think I lost my seductive touch. #tbt
Lil' dude has a daybed just for self-reflection
@laurenpiko got me stuck on this @sarahfizzzz come get me out of this
When @merrydeblasio has no problem doing multiple squats w/ me on her back. Peep 's slow mo📽 skillz. #ijustdidaTBT #champagneandbaconparty