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  Posted: Oct 9, 2012 6:07 AM
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I just played werewolf for the first time with @slavin_fpo as moderator. Best line of night is when Hilary Mason points to Niall Ferguson and says, "I'm sorry I don't know your name, but let's get rid of him.." and then Niall got the village to vote Hilary out.

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User Image triciawang Posted: Nov 10, 2017 1:20 AM (UTC)
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I feel extra fabulous walking the stuffy halls of Yale to deliver a lecture while wearing the necklace that I designed when I finished my PhD. I made it as part social commentary on our inane credential society that assumes people with degrees are smarter than the non-degreed, and as part fuck you to every trash fucker who told me I wasn’t smart enough to get a doctorate or if I did get one I had to do it their way.
User Image triciawang Posted: Nov 10, 2017 12:57 AM (UTC)
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Hanging w/ the imminent sociologist Dr. Deborah Davis, who entered Harvard for her PhD at a time when women had to score higher points than men. We missed you @richard_madsen // also 👋🏽 @jasonqng @gwbstr
User Image triciawang Posted: Nov 9, 2017 1:47 PM (UTC)
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The most beautiful day of the year in NYC is #nycmarathon on #mile9 in Brooklyn. I always try my best to be in town for the most joyful spectator experience in the world - to cheer for people from every country & walk of life just for the simple pleasure of giving encouragement to strangers who’ve trained all year for this one moment that symbolizes whatever dreams, hopes, and pains to achieve or overcome. It’s a real contact high to bear witness to the surprise of runners’ faces coming down the hill as they hear the the sounds of the funk DJ, high school band playing rocky, and the Emmanuel Baptist Church choir and band. It’s a perfect moment of a somatic musical inception, shaking many runners up into tears as the sounds of black culture seep into their souls, powering them through the next 17 miles to the finish line in Central Park.
Mark your calendar to be in nyc Nov. 4 2018. Thanks to this years spectators buddies @dimatosj @daniel.grushkin
User Image triciawang Posted: Nov 1, 2017 3:48 PM (UTC)
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Join me for @ibm’s #DSforAll webcast today 6pm EDT where I’ll be speaking about how my company, Sudden Compass, is helping companies drive growth by embracing and understanding the complexity of their customers. What that literally means is that we help companies understand the hardest thing to quantify, the most difficult thing to predict, the biggest unknown, and  most important thing to understand: PEOPLE. @mttlmy @sunnybates and I started our company because we saw that even when corporations invested in all the right data tools and hired the right data heads, they still weren’t making better decisions or getting the ROI from their investment. WHY? Because they were using big data to flatten, simplify, and box their customers into static models that didn’t reflect the complexity of people in relationship to their communities and the way their express their multiple identities through various social platforms.
I’ll be sharing some thoughts on how we work with our partners to fix this. Hint, the answer involves #thickdata.
And I’ll be sharing the stage w/ #datascience heavy weights like Nate Silver, Michael Li, and Nir Kaldero.
User Image triciawang Posted: Oct 9, 2017 2:22 AM (UTC)
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‪"lo que cuenta es lo que se hace y no lo se tenía la intención de hacer" #Picasso de Poemas y declaraciones
User Image triciawang Posted: Oct 9, 2017 2:15 AM (UTC)
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‪Encontré al niño jesus! El está vivo, escondiéndose en una casita en El Centro de Málaga. Me invitó a entrar en su cava. Me pareció que el estaba muy solitario. Después de estar viviendo durante tantos años, es difícil para el tener amigos porque ha visto a tanta gente y a través de los siglos se ha vuelto quisquilloso. .
Pero cuando me vio, estaba aturdido sobre mi aura y inmediatamente quería contarme todos de sus deseos mientras tomamos cervezas y cigarillos. Eligió esconderse en Málaga porque nadie sospecha que el niño Jesus este viviendo en la casa de el niño Jesus. .
Le gustaría que el mundo supiera que no nunca había apoyado a las órdenes religiosas. Desea que la gente no preste tanta atención a la religion y tenga más tiempo para divirtiese. A veces, lamenta que haya creado un religion. Pero motu propio la compartió. Si dependiera de el, Buddha sería el líder espiritual del mundo. El añora el día cuando la religion no sea un arma. De hecho, el espera llegar hacerse un malabarista - su pasión verdad. ‬
‪Yo os aconsejo a todos que visitéis al Niño jesus en malaga. Es inolvidable. ‬
‪Gracias niño Jesus for la noche. Si me hubieras dicho antes que vives Malaga, habría ido a tu casa antes con un helado de turrón y un espeto de sardinas de mi chiringuito favorito. Me alegre poder compartir el pensatorio con el niño Jesus. ‬
User Image triciawang Posted: Oct 9, 2017 2:09 AM (UTC)
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I declare the chorizo at Cortijo de Pepe en Málaga, España the second best chorizo I’ve ever tasted - first place is still @pilarcubaneatery’s family recipe from Santiago de Compostela. Now I just need to physically get to Ricardo’s family in Spain to taste the origins!!
User Image triciawang Posted: Oct 9, 2017 1:56 AM (UTC)
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TITTA SVERIGE! 🎼What if a concert collided ancient sounds of the didgeridoo, Japanese gagaku, and Byzantine chants with the current underground music scene? What if upon entering a concert you were given a pillow so that you had the option to fall asleep? .
On October 14 in Malmö, award-winning film composer, musician and ex-guitarist for post punk band Shudder to Think, Nathan Larson, along with Melissa Auf der Maur (Smashing Pumpkins/ Hole) are putting on a once in a lifetime continuous 12 hour show. .
The @dr.eam_mu.sic event features a genre called #dronemusic (nothing to do w/ flying drones), which creates sustained notes, sounds, or tone-clusters at a wavelength & rhythm that puts listeners into a meditative state. We already listen to it as it occurs in so many genres of music from metal to pop and symphonic music. It's quite possible to say that before humans composed music, they made drone music as this the basis of many ancient forms of sound found in many cultures. Perhaps that's why drone music is so effective at creating a sense of weightlessness, lulling the listener into a deep state of rest. .
Drone music aims to eliminate all the tethers that come with the tyranny of modern music - from the tyranny of the 3 min. format to the ego-centric focus on the artist and the dominance of vision during performances.
In drone music, songs can last for hours; musicians hold gatherings, not performances; the listener, not the musician is at the center of the experience.
You'll have the opportunity to carve your own space of interiority at your own pace while being connected to hundreds of human beings doing the same thing.
What a luxury to temporarily experience music-induced alternative psycho-somatic states in an ocular-bias free zone. Thanks to Nathan for all the little and big things you do to make Malmö a weighty cultural node. ➡️ get tickets at Malmö Live website. Ping @nato911 for questions. #malmö #dronemusic #dreammusic
User Image triciawang Posted: Oct 3, 2017 10:43 PM (UTC)
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#gloriasteinem on guns and abortions. "...the days separating mass shooting occurrence went from on average 200 days during the period of 1983 to 2011 to 64 days since 2011." Harvard Inquiry study cited in @scientific_american's 6 things to know about mass shootings in America
Reposted from @baratunde / originally from @rachelsklar
Pictured w/ me: a rural-urban communities architect, a MFA & MBA artist/biz school professor, a war crimes genocide investigator, and a business design strategist.
Thanks to @theconfmalmo for bringing together some of my fave brain fuck worthy humans to Malmö. We geeked out over the future of organizing and communities as we were fed by the boys of @saltimportencanteen . And this moment is extra meaningful with Vinay back 6 years after the 2012 #oceans9. We were just missing the rest of the crew.
#triciainmalmö #theconf
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 25, 2017 1:05 PM (UTC)
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VACKERT pork belly! My first dish of 2017 at @saltimportencanteen - one of the best restaurants in the world, a Mecca for anyone who wants food for the peoples w/ a dose of Scandinavian fab.
Jag blir nästan tårogd. It's like they knew I was coming for my first meal. 😘😘 #triciainmalmö
FUCK YESSSSSSS OX TARTARE!!! Tartare lovers this could possibly be one of the best tartare combo ever. It comes with peanuts, mushrooms and kale!
I celebrated my last dish at @saltimportencanteen for the 2017 summer by eating 4 servings. I could've had more but they closed at 2pm. See you in 2018 boys! 👍🏾😘👅😪 #triciainmalmö
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 25, 2017 12:51 PM (UTC)
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BÄSTA vegetarian dish ever to date at @saltimportencanteen ! Shaved cauliflower w/ curry stuff w/ pickled carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts and more. Please make this again next year @ingmarbergman1900
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 25, 2017 12:44 PM (UTC)
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Goodbye to the first, last, & only day of summer fit for Kallis. Hold on to all my secrets until I feed you more next year my dear Øresund.
Such an honor to host @jasontmbk & @alqumit for @theconfmalmo's first talk show. Alqumit made the entire audience cry when he talked about how unstoppable he felt as a newly settled refugee in Sweden. (Yes, secret is out - Swedes have emotions.) And Jason gave the audience a sneak peak of the upcoming theatrical debut of #endroppemidnatt - the stage version of his book that tells the story of his life of being born in Sweden to two American parents, one white and one black. 
If you live in Sweden, then you should already have your ticket reserved for Jason’s show that is touring Stockholm & Malmö starting with their opening night on Sept 21 in Stockholm. It's going to be amazing with renowned director @farnaz_arbabi 🎬 at the helm and the immensely talented @damntheband 🥁🎹🎷🎼🎸.
Tickets ➡️ 📸 @jesperberg
#endroppemidnatt #theconf #triciainmalmö #syrianswede #syrianrefugee #syrianresident
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 20, 2017 12:20 PM (UTC)
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A clip of one my favorite moments from @theconfmalmo talk show with @alqumit & @jasontmbk. We start off w/ an idyllic instagram perfect picture of Alqumit sitting against his IKEA-esque bedroom wall in Sweden with all these framed objects hung on the wall of  things he brought with him in his backpack from Syria. While for most refugees life-essential items would be defined as extra clothing, warm layers for the cold nights at sea or in the mountains; for Alqumit life-essential items consisted of a Lady Gaga CD, Barbara Streisand LP, 50 Shade of Grey book, Bjork CD, Teju Cole’s Open City . These objects represented his identity and reminded him during the hardest times of his travel who he was, why he has to escape, and why he had to survive. So when a Swedish family opened their doors to Alqumit and gave him a bedroom, one of the first things he did was hang up all the objects he brought with him. This moment made his bedroom feel like home. 
We arrive at sense of home when we can connect our interior identities to the communities that form and ground them. For Alqumit, meeting Jason was one step closer to making Sweden his forever home. Later on, Alqumit explains that when he first heard Jason’s music, while he didn’t understand the language Jason was rapping in, he could feel his pain and struggle. It was as if Jason understood what he had gone through. Hearing Jason’s lyrics inspired him to learn Swedish. Not only that, I think it was the first time the Swedish language felt like “home” for Alqumit. 
I can’t wait for Alqumit to go to #endroppemidnatt premier in Malmö to watch Jason and @damntheband 🎹🥁🎸🎷🎺 under the direction of @farnaz_arbabi 🎬. Buy your tickets now if you haven’t yet ➡️
#endroppemidnatt #theconf #triciainmalmö #syrianswede #syriansvensk #syrianrefugee #syrianresident
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 17, 2017 9:58 PM (UTC)
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Baby's first pride! 🌈
I got to witness the first pride parade experience for @salma.winchester and @james.altair .
2 years after escaping Syria, they are speaking Swedish and waiving the pride flag on the opening float of Malmö's annual celebration. When @maydbs invited them to be on a float, they were telling me that when they were in Syria, they never had the chance to meet any gay people and now they couldn't believe that they were going be in a float. After a year of settling in Malmö, Salma has become the queen bee of a den of queer Syrians who have made similar escapes to Sweden to find their own people.
Malmö is where James & Salma are building their community and finding new pieces of themselves with each new relationship.
While the state provides citizenship, it's scalable systems often create a alienation. Cities can be counterbalance - it’s where concrete meets the heart, giving us a sense of who we are in the world through the people we meet. And I can't imagine a better city in Europe than Malmö for newly settled refugees. Can't wait to see how you two build your community over the next year! Sweden is so lucky. Thanks @maydbs for making the day possible 😘🌈❤️ #triciainmalmö #malmöpride
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 12, 2017 4:48 PM (UTC)
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🎉😘🎁From refugee to resident - @Alqumit received residency status today and is now 1 step closer to 🇸🇪citizenship! The picture on this asylum card I'm holding was taken upon his arrival in Sweden after 1 month of travel across sea and land. Notice how different he looks! Alqumit told he had to look more "straight" and "masculine" for his escape. But now that he's in Sweden, he's free to wear what he wants, and most importantly to smile as big as he wants. Smile until it hurts, Alqumit! You're unstoppable & Sweden is so lucky to have you as their treasure.
#triciainmalmö #syrianrefugee #syrianresident #syriansvensk #syrianswede
User Image triciawang Posted: Sep 2, 2017 6:49 AM (UTC)
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GOD MORGON MALMÖ! PEPPILIPEPP! I’ll be kickstarting the 2017 @theconfmalmo today by hosting an experimental talk show with 2 amazing guests, hip hop artist @jasontmbk whose political messages and infectiously danceable beats have penetrated the Swedish pop cultural consciousness AND painter @alqumit who has made Malmö his new home after fleeing from ISIS controlled Raqqa, Syria and chosen Sweden as his new country for its extensive protection of gay rights.
The timing of this talk show highlights the urgency of finding new ways of seeing. We’re going to be talking about one of my favorite research topics - how people mediate their identity using the arts and social media. And it’s of no coincidence that Malmö is the home to this discussion. As the most diverse city in Scandinavia (and my favorite), Malmö’s diversity has increased even more over the last few years when it became home to 1/5 of the Syrian refugees accepted by Sweden. How does the rest of the world learn from the Malmö experiment?
You’ll also get to watch some sneak preview video clips of Jason and his band @damntheband rehearsing for their upcoming fall premier of his theatre show over Sweden (buy tickets at #endroppemidnatt