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cri_broz 262w ago
Bla bla bla #london #sunday
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Flowers and sunshine: the most beautiful combo 🌼☀️
I bloody love this daft one 💛💚💙💜❤️
"Just keep looking in front of you and pretend you don't know I'm taking a picture of you" 📸😄😂
My favourite healthy meal: scrambled eggs with allllll the vegetables 💛❤️💚 #alwaysthinkingaboutfood
Had the best weekend, walking around Manchester/Salford snapping away with my new lens (thanks @danielscantlebury 😘) 👫📸
Favourite person to take photos of 💙
Got home from my first day at my new job to find flowers, wine, dinner and cheesecake waiting for me ❤️😘🐻
Rainy Sundays are for baking! Someone needs to come and stop me from eating this entire banana, vanilla and chocolate loaf in one go #chocolateheaven #moremarble 😂🤤
There's a bit of a copper/marble theme going on in our bedroom at the moment and I'm totally in love with it #allmarbleeverything