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User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Oct 8, 2012 5:58 PM (UTC)

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A bit of afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream... England is treating me fine;) #latergram

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User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:56 PM (UTC)

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But what’s going to happen, he said looking up at me quite concerned. I came home late as the rain poured down. The train stopped at our small village station and darkness of night had descended after the most glorious sunset. Wet and cold I opened the front door as he came leaping towards me. It had been the most glorious of days, and I’d spent it with great company in London. Our little baby girl is full term now, and can apparently arrive any day, so I’d promised myself to take a whole day to myself. I’d ordered warm tea as I boarded the morning train to London to meet up with great friends, perhaps the last of its kind before I properly become a mother. @ducksoupsoho one of my favorite little hole in the walls in Soho was perfect for a catch up with a friend who’s just moved to the city. A decadently long lunch was enjoyed @10greekstreet with the lovely @jo_rodgers and a leisurely long supper with darling @skyemcalpine at the beautiful @spring_ldn As the train left Waterloo station in the dark, I felt ever so rejuvenated and inspired to embrace this next chapter of my life. As I bent down to give Mr Whiskey a kiss on the forehead upon arriving home that evening, he looked so lost. But what about me, he asked. What will we all do now, he continued. He’d sensed a gradual change in the air, which had left him more and more in need of being close all hours of the day, and resting his head on my growing belly in the evening. We embrace the unknown, I answered, while taking a seat next to him on the floor. We are simply going to have to head into uncharted territory with our heads held high, with an open mind, and be prepared to face come what may. He lowered his head even more as if to communicate that that didn’t sound too exciting at all. So I left him to ponder those last words for a bit. He looked up at me with those big “puppy” eyes of his. We are all entering the unknown, I told him, and leaving our comfortzone is what will help us grow. This new chapter will affect all of us, but I know that when faced with the unknown, courage and laughter will get us through. Will it, he asked softly, it will indeed I reassured him, because in the end, it’s all a choice.
It's a grey and cold winter's day, and I'm all about warming comfort food this afternoon. The beginning of renovations at the cottage has me escaping to local eateries for lunch and dinner. I snuck out while Mr Whiskey had his post afternoon wander snooze, and took a seat at a quiet corner of @beatonstearooms down the street in Tisbury. As much as I adore exciting fresh meals, today I revisited a childhood favorite of mine, the humble jacket potato. Some days just call for comfort and convenience, and this warm lunch down the street from our wee cottage scored on both accounts. While picking a winner of last weeks cookbook giveaway I may or may not have got a bit was just so sweet to read all the comments and pop by to get to know everyone tagged. Thank you all for such heartwarming and encouraging words, I'm beyond thrilled and found it so hard to just pick to winners! But here they are: @ultimate_foodie and @cathypentonatelier Would you two please DM me so I can get your address. As I type this I'm rounding off lunch with afternoon tea and moist chocolate cake, as you do before waddling heavily pregnant up the hill back to the cottage. Just a few more weeks and I get to meet our little girl! Thank you again to all of you who participated and tagged your lovely friends and family for the cookbook giveaway, I might just have to do this again in Spring! #thecottagekitchencookbook Ps: You can now find a copy of my cookbook @beatonstearooms or flick through next time you order a cup of tea. Let me know what you think of it! xx
I’m so very excited to be launching the first workshop of the year! Last week of April when Spring is well on its way, grass is green, trees and flowers are blooming and everything is buzzing with life I’ll be hosting a photography and building your business “boot camp”! Nestled in a beautifully renovated old cottage @thecraftsmanscottage on the boarder between two shires in the English countryside we’ll spend four days together working on making our dream and passion a reality. Through photography, styling, baking, visiting local producers are exploring the stunning landscape around the cottage, we’ll spend our days honing in on building your business and working on strategic ways to both create and promote your brand. I call it a “Boot camp” mainly because I want this workshop to dig deep, and strategically build your business from dream to reality. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of afternoon picnics, food photography and styling sessions, wetting both your appetite and creating plenty of photo opportunities for you to work on that side of things as well. Before dinner each evening, mixologist @theo_maxfield will lead us in creating great Spring cocktails with local botanicals and drinks in front of the cottage fireplace. The loveliest cake baker extraordinaire @hevdawg will bake for us and share her secrets, in addition to a business panel that will join us for dinner one evening where we get to pick their brains on how their local and global businesses went from dream to reality. If you’re ready to take your passion to the next level, reignite your brand or start from scratch in making sure your dream becomes a reality, this workshop is for you! Pop over to my workshop website through the link in my profile to grab your spot and for more information. It’s a small workshop for just a handful of people to ensure plenty of one on one time. I can’t wait for this exciting workshop in just a few months! #mmforsbergworkshop #businessbootcamp
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Jan 8, 2018 6:41 PM (UTC)

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Looking out on the naked threes outside with its barren yet green winter landscape around where I live, knowing we’re just a bit over a month away from it all beginning to reawaken. I must admit I’m a tad overly excited about brighter and warmer days, for Spring to arrive, and for life to return to these trees. The cottage is buzzing with preparations for the arrival our little girl, renovations, and this year’s many adventures. I’ve been trying to organize my year in advance so the bump can join our wee family and get all the attention she needs, and for me to settle into the role as a new mother. There’s so much well meaning advice and so many inspiring mothers to look to. But in the end it’s all so very individual. I can’t wait to get to know her, to introduce her to this marvelous world and for her to join our little team of Mr Whiskey @theo_maxfield and I for adventures ahead. It’s been many hormonal ups and downs, doubting myself, grasping for straws of knowledge of what’s to come, picking myself up, and choosing to lean into the unknown. The mood board above my desk in the office has been less about dreams and more about strong images to help me stay focused on who I am. In all this business of the unknown, I want to wake up each day choosing to be me, and trusting in our individual journey rather than letting sleep deprivation, emotions, and the one eyed monster of comparing, me, my family or our future child, to anyone else get to me. So I’ve put up images that will remind me to stay focused, to listen to wise women around me, and then to trust my own inner voice. This year will change everything and nothing, it will be a new beginning and a continuation, and amidst it all, I want to remember to stand tall, to trust, to leap, to love more than ever before, and to allow time to just be and grow. Zen Shin ones said; A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms.” And I think I’ll let that be the quote guiding me through this year... Let’s make 2018 the year we simply bloomed! #letsjustbloom #adventuresahead #2018goals
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Jan 7, 2018 1:50 PM (UTC)

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After the gloriously indulgent and festive month of December, the feast and the gifting usually stops, which is why I’ve decided to have a January cookbook giveaway! I think my cookbook “The Cottage Kitchen” is as much about the story of change, as it is about the recipes that this journey brought with it. It’s about beginning again, relaunching life and diving in head first into that dream that I had, and the life I envisioned for myself. So I’d love to share this wee journey of mine filled with ups and downs, nostalgic notions to my childhood upbringing on a fjord island in Norway, recipes that came with it all, influenced by my travels around the world and inspired by my new home in the English countryside with you. It’s a very personal tale that I hope many of you can relate to. So if you have a friend or two in mind that you think would love a copy arriving in his/her mail this quiet and cold month of January, tag them in a comment here on Instagram, and I’ll pick two winners on Sunday the 14th of January! If you simply want to purchase a copy of the book, there’s links for the US, U.K, Canada and Australia in my profile. Let’s share the love of change this month, and tag away your friends that you think would like a copy. The giveaway is open worldwide! #thecottagekitchencookbook #newbeginnings
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Jan 4, 2018 3:49 PM (UTC)
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Happy New Year! I love a fresh new page and this year feels like one. To kick off 2018, where I have lots to share with you of upcoming adventures, I’m relaunching my online food photography and visual storytelling classes with @skillshare . Nothing says new beginnings like a brand new year, with endless possibilities and room for learning something new or brushing up on old skills. If you follow the link in my profile you can sign up for free for my two online photography classes. They’re filmed in the first cottage I moved into upon taking the leap of moving to England and starting fresh. It’s in that wee cottage, with a thatched roof and a hobbit entrance, it all began. A small home on the outskirts of a sleepy countryside town that led me to where I am today. I believe in small steps, that become big steps, and little changes that become big changes. My online food photography and visual storytelling classes are just that, an introduction to the art of photography that may just be the start, a refresher course, or an add on if you’re already well on your way with photography. Join me in my old wonky cottage for a fresh start this new year, and do let me know all your questions as you go along. Feel free to tag me in the photos you create for the class, should you share them here on Instagram, as I’d love to see what you’re creating! Let’s seize 2018, and make it the year where dreams come true! #makingithappen #mmforsbergxskillshare ( Photo of my wonderful mother during my workshop @sextantio in Italy last September)
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 30, 2017 3:25 PM (UTC)

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Crisp mornings, and warm afternoons. Winter in our little part of the world is mild with a hint of frost. The sun hang low on the horizon and birds are still singing like they do in Spring. There’s so much beauty around me that it’s hard not to shed a tear if sheer joy. One of my goals for the new year, which I’ve already been practicing in 2017, is to go on walks by myself, sans Englishman, Mr Whiskey or my phone. I’m torn when I see the sun dance with the morning mist on the lake, or snow crystals crunch under the weight of my foot, should I photograph it, or just be and soak it all in? I’ve consciously made an effort to find a balance where I’m able to feed my photography passion without feeling like I only see the world through the narrow angle of whatever lens I use. Call it digital detox or simply being present, the benefits are real. My mind feels so much more clear and I’m bursting with creativity after a wee wander without anyone or any device to check in on. For me this is where I find my work/life balance. Next year I’ll make sure to be even more present, with work, family, friends, and in moments I want to preserve in my mind and heart, rather on my phone in an album I’ll never revisit. I’m not one for big New Years resolutions, but next year I’ll say no to noise, and yes to more adventures. I’ll put dates on each little or big dream, making sure they become achievable goals rather than wishful thinking, and I’ll make sure my phone stays at home more often than not when going for wee walks. #bemorepresent #makingdreamscometrue #visitwiltshire
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 28, 2017 3:19 PM (UTC)

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The first time they met, Mr Whiskey was rather skeptical. As far as he was concerned, he was the man of the house. He’d bark with a warning pitch if this new man got too close, and wasn’t too keen on his many visits. Slowly they became friends, and before I knew it there was a wee bromance going on. These days Mr Whiskey is ever so smitten, and simply cannot contain his excitement when hearing @theo_maxfield walk through the door. As light emerges through the rooftop window in our bedroom each morning, Mr Whiskey makes his way up the stairs and sits by our bed ready for his morning snuggles. With one tap on the duvet, he bounces up and curls up next to @theo_maxfield resting his head on his chest with little white paws wrapped around him. I love watching this unexpected friendship take form, knowing that no matter how close we are, Mr Whiskey and I, every man needs a wingman;) #theoandmrwhiskey #mrwhiskeystories ( Recipe for the depicted “Kidney and Foie Gras bruschetta with parsley” is found on page 22 in my cookbook “The Cottage Kitchen” )
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 27, 2017 1:48 PM (UTC)

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This year I’m still catching up on Christmas correspondence, and hopefully I’ll have it all posted before the beginning of the new year. This morning I woke up to snow covered rooftops and a frosted sprinkling on the surrounding rolling hills. Instead of lighting the fire to stay warm, we popped to the ever charming @thecompasses to stay warm and indulge. Bustling with life, it seemed we were not the only ones with the brilliant idea of lunching in front of their big fireplace. At home we put the kettle on, warmed a few minced pies and with great gusto got back to our correspondence. Early next year we’ll be launching our workshop list for 2018 with three larger workshops in Italy, (Abruzzo, SOLD OUT), Norway, and France, and a few smaller ones in London and Florence, Italy. I’m so looking forward to them all, but the one in my Norway in particular, where we’ll be based at the most rustic and ever so charming traditional log home, make flat bread over open fire, wander the surrounding mountains and in addition to focusing on visual storytelling in food photography, we’ll dive in to the business side of this to. More info on all the above shortly after New Years! If you want to be put on the list email us at or head to Instagram stories and swipe up for a direct link to the workshop list. #mmforsbergworkshop
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 25, 2017 4:44 PM (UTC)

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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from our wee English cottage, to wherever you are in the world! From Mr Whiskey, @theo_maxfield and I. xxx
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 17, 2017 8:22 PM (UTC)

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Thick, glossy and ever so delicious! My mother’s secret chocolate sauce does the trick on almost everything, and is as perfect as a base for hot chocolate, as it it generously spooned over my grandmother’s Norwegian doughnuts. The blog post with this recipe is now finally live on the blog, and with it a peek into the making of my cookbook, The Cottage Kitchen.
Working on my book was a defining moment in my life. Having just moved to the English countryside a couple of years earlier with just a suitcase full of hopes of what I would like my future to be, working on the book gave me direction. As I’m typing this, a whiff of the mulled wine stew that’s simmering on my @lacanche_us stove downstairs makes me think about the first stew I ever made. Trying to recreate one of my grandmother’s very simple and rustic beef stew was a challenge. What once felt foreign, now feels like second nature. And since I haven’t been eagerly cooking may way from childhood, I had much to catch up on when I opened my suitcase in my little English cottage, and took out one of my mother’s pots, an apron, and a wooden tasting spoon. We sometimes look at others and tell ourselves that they have it so much easier than us, because they have that camera we think we need to become a photographer, or talent that we yearn to have, or come from a background with more connections, or have a house with a bigger kitchen, so we think it’s easy for them to do what we dream to do. In this journey through life I’ve learnt that for me, those are just excuses to continue procrastinating with getting on with what we really want to do. When I began both photographing and dabbling in food, I had passed the golden age of thirty, I lived in my parents garage with a broken heart, very little self esteem and only a wee dream. I can assure you that if I can do it, so can you. It all begins with a dream, a bit of gumption and never giving up. The motivation and passion became stronger and stronger as I kept walking. Don’t wait for your true passion to find you, begin walking and you’ll find it! It’s never to late too begin again, and it’s never too late to change.#newblogpost #daretodream #thecottagekitchencookbook
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:11 PM (UTC)
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While I forked into a second helping of these dark purple mulled wine poached pears, I could hear Mr Whiskey quietly make his way upstairs to where I was sitting enjoying my wee afternoon treat. Earlier I had simply put two sachets of mulled wine spice from in a pot with my favorite wine with the pears and turn the hob on low. The afternoon sun was gently glowing through the window, and he curled up by my feet. It was a slow and quiet afternoon after a busy morning, and I was trying to unplug my mind from work to recharge modus, something I find really hard to do these past months. However I know that if I don’t put my phone down, step away from my desk and turn off the part of my mind that can be constantly tuned into work, I will burn out. So I picked up a book about the first three years of motherhood and put a hand on my belly while reading out loud for our little girl. Mr Whiskey began snoring, I sipped warm tea, and our little baby girl began to kick. We don’t always have much time in our busy lives, but switching off is one of the biggest “magic tricks” to staying creative and productive, and thrive! It’s taken me years to learn to stop and to sit down, and to be present. So while the pears were poaching, I recharged. I shared the recipe with you yesterday on the blog, so if you haven’t popped over yet, find the link in my profile. This business of slowing down and switching off is perhaps more important than ever, so maybe next year is when we make an even bigger effort in being present. I know I’m definitely motivated to by the arrival of our little girl, but I also know that habits don’t change overnight. So if I begin now, perhaps I’ll be ready to greet her as a more mentally present mother by the time she arrives. Do you feel it’s challenging to switch off too? What are your ways to disconnect? I’d love to hear all your advice on being more mentally present. #onestepatthetime #ad #beingmorepresent
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:58 PM (UTC)

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Everybody needs an “uncle George”. A distant relative that you receive a letter from one gray and average Thursday. The letter would be from his attorney, expressing his sadness over your loss of this distant relative you never even knew you had, and that this relative has left his vineyard in France or estate in Scotland to you. A girl is allowed to dream, right!? On one of my many visits to a wee antiques shop tucked away at the top of infamous Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, a neighboring town, I spotted this portrait of a man (to the left in the photo) in a beautiful ornate wooden frame. The owner, and her two dogs, eagerly persuaded me to purchase it. So I did, and while she was wrapping him up to safely make the journey back to my cottage, I told her I’d name him George, as in that fictive distant relative mentioned above, in hopes he’d bring good luck. Yesterday, our darling portrait of Mr Whiskey beautifully painted by @d.williamsartist arrived all framed and ready for a spot amongst our paintings in the blue room on the first floor. But before finding a spot for him amongst paintings, antlers and gilded mirrors, I put him next to “uncle George” hoping perhaps that some fairy dust may rub off in him too. But perhaps “Uncle George” already has sent some magic, not in form an inherited estate in Scotland, I’m secretly still crossing my fingers for that one, but in form on a wee cottage, that as of last week is mine in all its tiny glory. This is my very first house purchase abroad, and I couldn’t be happier to be calling this small nook in the world my home. I do believe dreams come true, but maybe not exactly as we first had envisioned it. Next year we’ll be hosting my private workshops and our mini workshops from home again, and I do look forward to opening the doors for you. Have a look at the link in my profile to explore the options of one-three day private and bespoke workshops for next year. #mmforsbergworkshop #portrait #mrwhiskeystories
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 13, 2017 6:59 PM (UTC)
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Mulled wine poached pears. The very name makes my mouth water. Drenched in a thick warm mulled wine syrup with spoonfuls of clotted cream, this seasonal dessert has quickly become a classic at the cottage. I love poaching pears and baking fruit and berries, as quick and easy desserts but oh-so-full-of-flavor. This week I’m sharing this delicious favorite of mine made with mulled wine spice on the blog. The sashes of mulled wine spice makes it even more convenient as all I have to add is my favorite wine, a bit of sugar and a dash time. The aromas wafting through our cottage as the pears gently poach in the above liquid, is utter festive magic. However the true magic lies in the wine you choose, and like the late Keith Floyd, I don’t believe in cooking wine, only use wine you love. That way sneaking in a wee taste in a little glass while the pears poach, becomes so ever so much more enjoyable. Light the fire, uncork a lovely red and pop over to my blog for the recipe. (Link in profile) After all this is the season of treats, and I for one is taking full advantage. #mulledwinepoachedpears #christmasdesserts #ad #newblogpost
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 7, 2017 7:23 PM (UTC)

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Down for the count with a pesky cold, Mr Whiskey and I have been all snuggles, warm ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey tea, and woolen blankets. My Englishman @theo_maxfield has come home straight from work lighting the fire and drawing me a bath with candles and a foot massage. Spoilt and exhausted I've fallen asleep with my big bump dreaming up recipes to test out when I feel better and new afternoon walks to go on. Everything has been on hold, even the promised blog post on my grandmother's delicious Norwegian doughnuts, drenched in my mother's glossy and thick chocolate sauce. To be fair, I haven blogged for over a year, even if many a draft have been written. After publishing my cookbook I limited my written words to @instagram , but then time passed and I felt ready for more. It all started with a small blog years before @instagram during a time when I didn't know where to go or what to do. I called the blog "Le voyage creatif" the creative journey, hoping it would lead me to finding my passion and a home. Little did I know the blog would take me from a mountain home in the USA to a cottage in the English countryside, and from studies in languages and the Middle East, to photography and cooking, and ultimately to publishing my own cookbook with @clarksonpotter It may be a long journey, but I believe dreams do come true, even if they may not look exactly like we envisioned them. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post this weekend, shaking off dust and cobwebs from my current blog "The Cottage Kitchen". #foodstories #thecottagekitchencookbook (Loveliest model @abbie_melle )
A cold spell is coming to our village, and I’ve got all the warm blankets ready. I love sleeping with the rooftop window in our attic bedroom cracked open, so fresh cool air can seep in during the night. Each morning I tiptoe as I push it wide open to take in the morning. Across frosted rooftops the rolling hills are never far away. Some houses have windows with a warm glow and others are still dark, houses that are still asleep. Our village is quite small but it is a host to exactly the right amount of shops needed. Our fishmonger makes sure he stocks what you need, and so does the butcher up the steeet. The deli @tisbury_deli has my favorite Italian crackers, a few seasonal treats and a fresh wheel of Gorgonzola. Outside they have couple of tables where I can pause to enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee, while plotting what wine to bring home from @beckfordbottles We’re spoilt with the most darling of flower shops @tedmartinflowers and recently a very refreshing addition hit town @the_loft_tisbury ,a clothing store that brings a dash of that city flare to the country. In the evening when the sun has gone down and streetlights are lit, we’ll pop by @messumswiltshire to explore their recent art exhibition before ending the day at our favorite pubs for a pint or a bite @thebeckfordarms and @thecompasses Nestled in between two shires this little village called Tisbury has everything I need and more, yet it’s still quaint enough for the world to feel ever so far away... #myenglishcountryside #visitwiltshire #tisbury #mytinyatlas #huffposttravel
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Dec 2, 2017 1:18 PM (UTC)

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Wet, cold and ever so refreshing, winter is here and so is my favorite month of December! In Norway, this month is Christmas. Advent calendars are made, a spicy and sweet drink called “gløgg” is kept warm on the stove, and big celebratory dinners are held each Sunday of advent. This will be our very first Christmas in our own cottage and I couldn’t be more excited. Our cottage is far from presentable and renovations will hopefully be well on the way in time for the arrival of our little girl, but luckily I have one item in the kitchen that will secure our Christmas season with all its dinners, baking sessions and that warming gløgg. In the middle of our less than perfect kitchen shines my @lacanche_us stove in white, steel and brass, making sure I can cook away to my heart’s content. I’m just about to put a tray in with little spicy and sweet winter treats to bring as my Englishman @theo_maxfield and I will head into the woods this afternoon to gather branches and foliage for wreaths and garlands. And hopefully have time for a wee winter picnic with tea and freshly baked treats, as Mr Whiskey happily runs around chasing pheasants... #christmasseason #winterpicnics
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Nov 30, 2017 3:48 PM (UTC)
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There’s still a green view even if winter has arrived. Bone chilling winds and frosty rooftops greet us every morning. Yesterday we tightened our scarfs and buttoned up our coats, and boarded the train city bound. It was just him and I, little agenda and the bustling city of London all dressed up for Christmas. We’d decided not to have lots of things to do on the list, so we mainly weaved in and out of old arcades, bought a box of my favorite licorice macaroons from @ladureeuk , a large handful of delicious crystallized ginger from @fortnums where we also stocked up on teas and cheese. A large slice of truffle cheddar and a big festive box of Irish breakfast tea was wrapped and added to our shopping basket before we went to the ever so charming @thewolseley for cocktails and afternoon tea. It was a day of meandering and sticking up on favorites. As much of a fan as I am if the new and exciting, I adore the familiar, going back to our treasured spots for food and drink and on the way stumbling across a small pub of two for a pint of Guinness. I stead clear if alcohol these days but there’s actually quite a few non alcoholic beers out there that’s worth a go. Before celebrating the incredibly talented duo behind @ochreochre at a darling cocktail party in a new part of town to me, we stumbled across an wonky old pub with steamed up windows. He ordered a ruby red beer and I St Paul’s without, a lovely malty non alcoholic beer that felt ever so refreshing, @morettiuk also have a tasty non alcoholic beer. Walking arm and arm into the night and on full bellies after a quick stop at a ramen place, we bought a couple of books for the train journey back to the shire that we’re currently reading at a charming candle lit corner table @thetalbotinn For peeks into our day and our book choices pop over to my Instagram stories. #midweekadventures #thetalbotinn #winterinthecountryside
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Nov 29, 2017 2:30 PM (UTC)

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In front of the fireplace of our favorite local pub, usually when everyone else had picked up theirs hats and left into the night, he’d make me a ‘White Russian’ with cinnamon and maple syrup. To the sound of the crackling fire and ice cubes swirling around in the heavy crystal glasses, we talked the night away. He would put another log on and move his chair closer. Silence was never awkward with him, and in the warm glow from the fireplace I think I began falling for him a little, even if I was determined not to. I told him we couldn’t date, and he said he’d wait till I felt ready. I said it would never happen, and he just calmly smiled and put another log on the fire. I have to laugh at my stubbornness. He on the other hand chose patience and waited, and persisted, and with calm confidence showed me he was not going anywhere. These days he makes his famous ‘White Russian’ for my workshop participants and him and I have become family. I guess sometimes one simply have to give in to the universe gently nudging us in one direction, when our stubbornness want us to continue on a different path. I’m learning to listen to that friendly nudge, but trust me it’s taken time for me to even feel it, as my strong will usually overpowers something gently nudging and quietly whispering. Since I can’t enjoy his cocktails these days, here’s a recipe for you to enjoy. And since the devil is in the details we source quality spirits and liqueurs mostly from our friends, and choosing a proper coffee liqueur like the one from @conkerspirit made from freshly brewed espresso instead of using coffee flavor, and a quality vodka like our favorite @blackcowvodka does take this cocktail from lovely to fabulous in one swift move. ‘White Russian’ recipe below courtesy of mixologist @theo_maxfield
50ml vodka (I use black cow vodka)
25ml Coffee liqueur (I prefer Conker cold pressed liqueur)
15ml double cream
10ml maple syrup
freshly grated cinnamon
Add all ingredients, apart from the cream, in a mixing jug, add ice and stir. Strain into glass filled with ice, gently float cream on top. Grate cinnamon over the drink and garnish with cinnamon stick. #cocktails #howitallbegan
User Image marte_marie_forsberg Posted: Nov 28, 2017 3:11 PM (UTC)

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Naked trees, green grass and charming cottages. My daily wander through the woods in my neighborhood and across the field feel like pure magic. Watching the seasons change ever so slightly from one day to another. Cold winds leaving trees bare and the ground frosted, before sun and warmth makes the trees sport little green bunny ears again, just a few months from now. This ever changing ebb and flow is like a steady rhythm. It’s all about the little steps, the little things that lead us from one season to the next and one journey to the next. I’m a big believer in little steady steps that over time leave great distances in their wake. Right now the little steps during last year lead to my cookbook, purchasing a cottage, and starting renovations. Very little happen over night, but what’s the fun in that anyway, it’s the excitement and anticipation that time brings that makes it ever so exciting to tick the boxes off one by one. One of my goals next year is to continue this mindfulness in regards to time, and enjoy the slower process of change, even if patience certainly is no natural virtue of mine, but perhaps with time it will be..;) #goals #enjoyingtheprocess #adventuresahead