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One of my favorite moments of Sunday’s show was when Courtney Barnett covered Gillian Welch. Beautiful. #courtneybarnett #kurtvile #sealice #gillianwelch #elvispresleyblues #rocktober
I did the math yesterday and realized I’ve seen @thenational 15 times over the last ten years. They stopped performing live my favorite song Secret Meeting a few years ago. Last night, they played it after all this time. It was amazing. Worth the wait. #thenational #secretmeeting #hollywoodbowl #mattberninger #rocktober
Where should we go for lunch before you fly back home, brother? 🇬🇧🍔🍟 @brivera1984
@fleetfoxes I missed you. Please don't make me wait 6 years again for another album. #fleetfoxes #hollywoodbowl #foolserrand
After two years of asking, finally agreed to take @abbeygreenspan to the Astro diner
Brunch had several guests of honor starting with @agmacaroon and @thadmatic and of course Freida and Bodhi!