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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 4:05 AM
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Missed #tbt by a few minutes. It'll be ok. Feeling some feels. Regrets. Things unsaid. Not showing up. @littleirishcat @jennyburpee
Honestly thought I didn't like Indian food until last night. Omg.
Posted: Sep 9, 2017 8:16 PM
8 Clarendon
It's about to be 100mph flying avocados. Guacamole party in my backyard Monday. Bring chips. #irma #florida #guacamole #avocados #irma2017
Posted: Aug 18, 2017 2:47 AM
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She looks sweet but she's got more attitude than anyone you know. #sassy #monster #pomeranian #dogsofinstagram
🤤🤤🤤 TB one week ago and the truffle oil roasted brussel sprout leaves & capers straight from heaven #drool
Saw my dear friend today @erikathehermanator and she rode with me to run an errand, had a coffee, got soup in Santa Monica then sat on the beach and talked. I got emotional on my drive alone back to Hollywood. I took sunset from Brentwood through bel air and Beverly Hills and I said goodbye to my city. Where I lived for just under a decade and I thought for a while I'd never leave. This place that accepted me just as I was and taught me so many things and gave me so many beautiful (and a few ugly) memories and some of my greatest friendships. Where I found comfort in the chaos. Felt like I was part of something really big. It was so bittersweet and this goodbye felt like a breakup. And then I hit a huge chunk of traffic in West Hollywood and my bittersweet moment came to a screeching halt. Then a car honked at me for not flooring the gas the minute the light turned green. The universe has a sense of humor. This trip "home" - one of my many homes- has been so beautifully eye opening. I know I'm going to wake up in a cold sweat later for being so vulnerable on social media but I really want to share this in this moment for my friends I've seen on this trip and the ones I really just couldn't squeeze in. And my little @joz3phine who hates crowds and chaos, had a fractured foot and had to drag a knee scooter everywhere we went who was such a trooper and kept me laughing hysterically the entire time and in good spirits even when we were stuck in traffic, getting honked at literally 12 times a day for not moving fast enough at a green light in our white trash rental car "Krystal-misty" getting called "fucking sluts" by a car full of douchbags when we ignored them, almost killing pedestrians, etc. We will have stories to tell forever about this trip and it's mishaps and all its beauty. Tomorrow I'm going back to my more recent home, where I've gotten to reconnect and bond with my family and start a new life with a new career surrounded by people who love me. I needed this trip to know it's exactly where I belong. I have had one foot there and the other here. This town will always have a great chunk of my heart but my roots are now elsewhere. So thankful for my life.