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Monday motivation: can be a walk, a sunrise, a fun run.. or all of the above! It was so worth running the @melbmara yesterday, good to have something to aim for... special thanks to my family for their love & support 😘💙💙💙 @tomtomglobal #sharetowin
@melbmara 10k done on a stunning Sunday morning✔️ What a memorable moment running into the G towards the finish line! 🏅 @tomtomglobal #sharetowin #sundayrunday #melbourne #melbmara #mcg
Bottoms up! 🔥Feeling the burn with TRX knee tucks.. TRX turns every exercise into a challenge for the core by using two very accessible resources: gravity & our own bodyweight. So awesome! 👍🏼👍🏼 @newbalanceaustralia @rebelsport #fuelcore #trxworkout #trx
@newbalanceaustralia #fuelcore - such a smooth, cushiony ride. So impressed with the toe room, how light they feel when I'm on the move. I've run in these on sand, gravel track, hard surfaces, they've always felt comfy! 💗👟👟💗 @rebelsport #runningshoes #comfort