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pearlsa 262w ago
Tea & Macarons before leaving Paris

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pearlsa 10h ago
At age 4, I convinced my brother to cut my never been cut hair.

I just wanted water from the shower to run through my hair, I also wanted the weekly wash and hot comb pressing to stop. #blackgirlproblems He did, I must have take a 3hr long shower, it was glorious till mum came home.

For the last couple of years he has been cutting my hair and these days he does not get into trouble for it.
Thanks KP 🙏🙏🙏
pearlsa 21h ago
Rose in the morning rain 💕 Happy Monday!!!
Pancakes and Fruits 💕 C’est Dimanche 🍽 I should recreate this soon.
Dreaming 💕 I am currently at VGH getting my quarterly “spa” iron infusion treatment and day dreaming.
I love unpacking just as much as I love to pack #funfact
Gummy Bears and Orange Juice for breakfast. This low is not coming up it’s been an hour and I have a conference call in 30mins. MERDE!!! Pardon my French.
One day I might succeed at coming to Paris and not taking a single picture with Eiffel Tower in it.
Happy Thanksgiving Canada 🇨🇦 We may not be home but we are celebrating with you. 💕
So much creativity and inspiration at every corner in Paris 💕 These two danced as though no one was watching.
There is something so magical about walking through this city at night especially on nuit blanche. It’s almost 2am time to get some sleep 😴
One step at a time, whether you are going up or down 💕
We travel to be inspired - That is exactly what happened this morning meeting and talking to young African - Parisians @maisonchateaurouge @nothingbutthewax
“When in Belgravia, must stop by Peggy’s for cakes” - @elsbro
So, we stopped by and had yummy cake and coffee in this picturesque shop filled with instagrammars 💕
Remember back in the day when you buy a phone card, go into one of these boxes and made a call? I spent countless hours and loads of pounds. #memories 💕