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  Posted: Oct 7, 2012 6:06 AM FEED
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Let's play: spot the bananas in the crowd

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Still stunned by the magnitude of this week. My parents enjoyed a relaxed Sunday evening watching Netflix and then within hours, our entire block was gone. I can't stand to see any more photos of the ashes of my hometown, so here are some favorites of the beautiful home I cherished nearly all my life. Surrounded by trees, teeming with books, always calm and full of jazz, wine, and garden fresh tomatoes. Hours spent doing homework or reading huddled over the heater in the "warm room" as we called it, my dad practicing Alto sax down the hall. Sunday dinners on the deck. My mom's French toast in the kitchen. Evenings watching TV all together on the couch where like clockwork I'd fall asleep within the first three minutes. It's how we Slaters do. My heart will forever yearn for home.
Great class this morning with Gary the Rockstar Yoga Goat!
"The miracle, of course, was the trail itself, which held us together in space like so many beads on a string." [Robert Moor] •
A year ago to the day I finished the Tour du Mont Blanc, and I made the most wonderful friends along the trail. This weekend a few of us met up from all over the world for a reunion hike in Yosemite. What a fun treat to hit the trail with them again. •
1+2) 9/9/17: Reunion hike to North Dome, Yosemite // 3) 9/10/16: Celebrating the completion of the TMB with burgers and beers in Chamonix, France. #tourdumontblanc #oneyearlater
Seven years ago these two goofballs fell in love in the cubicle across from me and yesterday they married each other. Love you both for the way you do you, your tenacious commitment to doing right by others, your hilarious and inappropriate wit, and your unconditional friendship (to each other and selfishly, to me, your friend who once ate a burrito and forgot it happened.) Here's to Freddy and Meggo! #freddybirdboda #TFAmily #loveBIRDs #marriedAF
Capping off another year around the sun with a trek down the heart-wrenchingly gorgeous Nā Pali Coast. This year I hiked 193 miles across three continents, 128 of which I hiked solo. I walked through the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps, the Sierras, a rainforest, up an active volcano in the Congo, across desert, through canyons, and down coastlines. Thankful for the opportunity to see so many majestic parts of this great Earth. // Kalalau trail, Nā Pali Coast, Kauai
The path is made in the walking of it. [Zhuangzi] // Hanakāpī‘ai Falls, Kauai
You see me I be yurt yurt yurt yurt yurt.
I can't recall the last time I saw the California coastline such a bright, clear turquoise blue. It was outREGIS. @regismary
Earth and sky
Heat of fire
Sound of water
I can feel it in my body
In my spirit, in my soul
This babe is 384 months old today! What a treat to celebrate your birthday with you, Meggles Megamuffin Stewart Richardson! 💚#sipsiphooray #justonestrawberry
Act local. Josh Harder for California's 10th Congressional district. #workharder #harderforcongress #flipthe10th
Posted: May 19, 2017 6:15 AM
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So proud of what we've accomplished at Camp Phoenix in the last 5 years, the team who has worked so hard to impact our campers' lives, and the community that helped make it happen. Humbled by this evening and the $30k we raised! 🙌🏽 // 1) Mulan, Rose, Llama and Firefly share their camp journeys // 2) So thrilled to be joined by one of my dearest role models, the one and only Ken Kramarz, Camp Tawonga's ED of 35 years // 3) Campers, staff, board and co-founders, not not dabbing. #campphoenix5 #joyloveopportunity @campphoenix