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Happy Birthday shout out to señor @wwindsor! You're an inspiration to many. Hope you have a good one🤘
Home is wherever these babies are. Happy Anniversary to my girls❤️ #FiveYearsSteady #YouAndMe #Staycation #LBC
Skateboarding has been my passion for over half my life. There's nothing like striving for perfection (however you choose to define that) and getting anywhere close to it and having fun at the same time. It's shit like this that keeps the soul fed and healthy. If it weren't for skateboarding, I would've never discovered my love for some coffee(among a bunch of other gifts). This is a thanks to the people that've helped me do these things and a message to those pursuing a career via a passion. Happiness isn't a destination and it's easy to forget that on our journeys. It's too easy to lose sight of the moon counting stars. Enjoy the ride because A) it doesn't last forever and B) your destination might be a lot different when and if you get there... #NowLetMeTakeMyOwnAdvice #KaldiRoaster #HomeRoasting #SweetMariasCoffee