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Gone on a date 😍

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Earlier this year I read this book by @kittensmithers and it pretty much changed my life. I’ve written my thoughts about it on the blog today. Big high five to @hardiegrantbooks too for the review copy, without which inspiration for the #vmdreambook may never have struck! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Been dreaming about these shells all week 🙈
#vmlunchbox 🍱 pb & j pinwheels | apple | @fiveamorganics yogurt | banana | apple tea cake | strawberries | blueberries | wish I’d made one for myself now 😂
🕹There is a Stranger Things game! Look how 80s arcade it is! Day made 👊🏼AND I’m giving away TWO 3-month Netflix subscriptions just in time for Stranger Things 2 on October 27! 📲 Tag a friend who doesn’t have Netflix, but who you think would be a perfect bingeing buddy 📺 (PS the game is available for download on iOS and Google Play.) RULES OF ENTRY:
🔺Only one (1) Netflix Subscription code can be won by each entrant per calendar year
🔺Giveaway ends on 24/10/17 at 11:59pm PST, all entries must be cast by then to qualify
🔺If selected, winners must provide their email as well as the email of their tagged friend upon request to receive the complimentary code

#streamteamanz #sp
#vmlunchbox 🍱 banana | grapes | toasted cheese sandwich | @carmanskitchen muesli bar | @thomaschipmanorganic carrot and flax corn chips | babybel cheese | that banana isn’t getting eaten. Nor probs the cheese 😬
Sneaky laneway nightclub nightcap with bae. Party on, Wayne 👯
Sneaking out on a school night for a preview of the new Reese Witherspoon movie, Melb really turning it ON 🙌🏼 #homeagainmelb
Iceblock time! 🎉 apple-berry and orange + pineapple today. Hope it will be a nice treat for the Smalls this afternoon who hasn’t been able to keep anything down all morning 😟
#vmlunchbox 🍱 cheese and carrot on a multigrain wrap | dark choc biscuit | vanilla yogurt with pearl sprinkles | seaweed crackers | pumpkin seeds | mandarine | having it at home as Smalls woke up not feeling well. I couldn’t take her in the car so everyone’s chilling here for the day 👍🏼
All the time. So many questions. Some I know, the most I Google. Once after watching The Magic Schoolbus where they go inside the kid’s stomach I had to tell my girls the process of digestion every night for a week like a bedtime story 😂 (I also have to Google a lot of information about pegasuses 🤔) #streamteamamz #myamazingtriviaknowledgeoblygetsmesofar
Victoria still blows my mind every spring. Every spring.
#vmlunchbox 🍱 apple tea cake 🍎(recipe on the blog) | mandarine | blueberry | peas | Vegemite + cheese sandwich | banana | @thomaschipmanorganic carrot and flax corn chips | Monday again, eh?
Teeny tiny little tea set score from the church fete for my little ladies. $2 barrrrrrrgain 💰 💰 💰
Happy Friday Pimm’s Cup to you!
💽The internet was some radical shit in the 90s 🤣 @smaggle and I discuss the tech tsunami that changed all our lives forever on @sweetteenclub Season 2 finale today! Come get net nerd with us 📟 #sweetteenclub
Gloomy but beautiful there’s a metaphor in that yeah who knows just look at the very nice blooms. Bye.
#vmlunchbox 🍱 Friday is Tiny Teddy day for both girls 👯 | banana | @tamarvalleydairy strawberry yogurt | vegemite on sourdough | blueberries | seaweed crackers | grapes | had to retire my reusable pouches for yogurt and stuff, recommendations welcome for new ones!