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@maggieisdabest has the cutest puppy EVER! What I do at work :)

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The older I get, the more I fall in love with myself. Self love is the best love of all.
Y’all don’t understand how lazy I am to do these shots but I try 😂
I just got back from Mexico & this beauty was waiting for me at home. Thank you @hasandpiker for making such a statement piece! #resist #wokebae ✊🏽 Racism. Bigotry. Patriarchy. White Supremacy. Inequality. Oppression. Intolerance. Injustice.
Aquí en el estado Tapatio que tanto quiero y para acabarla soy de la zona de la Tequila y la cuna del Mariachi. Que suertuda soy.
I never wanted to be a girl, I always longed to be a woman. A woman with the power to move even the toughest of obstacles & a voice that would be heard by thousands. A confident woman is really the most beautiful thing in this world.
Finally got to go into Vallarta & explore a bit. I also finally got my ice cream..if you know me, you know I love ice cream.
I shall annoy you all with vacation posts. No apologies.
People like you are so hard to come across. My LA bae @thundercup came out last night to begin her birthday celebrations & we ended up goin dumb on the dance floor.
The proper way to get the Elotero's attention..
Tap for details on the outfit & shop.
Let's all just be thankful she wasn't yelling at me 😂 shooting some stuff for @losmayores_la with @rociorivera here in The Bay.
Con ojos Tapatios y toda la cosa. .
You can get my Tshirt at
Got excited that it was gloomy this morning & put a sweater on. 🍂