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What a fawwkin week so far! Great deadlift day on Sunday and a great squat day today. Probably one of the better Squat sessions I’ve had this prep. Wraps are coming together, oly shoes are back in play and everything clicked. Not to mention the 420lbs on my back felt light as heck. How far will I go with wraps...who knows! Max with sleeves is 434. @squat2depth_apparel . Thanks for the cues and the wrap job @the_latless_wonder 👍🏽👍🏽 @micah_marino let’s move that weight coach 💪🏾💪🏾
Looking good!

#Repost @squat2depth_apparel (@get_repost)
Snap backs are done and loaded. Get ready to Rep the Depth!
475 2x2...sum it up in one word....”Woooooooooooo!!!!” Didn’t expect it to go up this well. Tied my 2 rep PR but beat it in speed. Shout out to @tankstrainingfacility for having some of the STL Barbell crew out there @the_latless_wonder @its_ashleyv_ @cupcake_arii Great facility and will definitely be back. Always good to see my boy @simpson_54 too! Been too long man! @micah_marino
So this took me 8 months to get off the ground. Not because it was difficult to do, but because I wanted it done right. I also had my fears of failing but as @micah_marino says “Fight or Quit”. ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️
Finally happy to announce I’m in the last phase of getting @squat2depth_apparel launched. Be sure to check out and subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates on releases and offers. Stay tuned, Squat 2 Depth will be out before you know it.
Making 250 look like 135. 4x2 and everything felt good. First set was off to a slow start but 2-4 were dead on. Look at the characters I train with 😂😂 thanks @djscratchinfish and @the_latless_wonder for the handoffs. @the_latless_wonder sporting that fresh @squat2depth_apparel shirt!
410 4x2 yesterday. Wrapped myself and really just felt like I was in sleeves. They were somewhat tight but just couldn’t get enough pop out of them. All good though, still did the work and ready to put more weight on the bar. Elbows still flaring up, and not sitting back far enough.
The kids having a blast with their Uncle Mikey this weekend! Great having my brothers visit when they can. #family
462 2x2 work this Friday morning. Although not a rep PR I’m pleased with this. Body was feeling tight from squats on Wednesday. Week 3 of prep in the books.
Hump Day Skwats! 395 4x2. The weight is not an issue...still working on finding my groove with these wraps. 2nd and 3rd set shown here were the best of the night. My main man @the_latless_wonder helping me with the wraps. Lets put more weight in that bar. Average BW this week 197.5.
Did some easy bench work today 240 6x2. Coach keeps putting them up and I keep knocking them down. Lets go! December 9th here we come! @rdbradford @its_ashleyv_ @djscratchinfish @jordanmiesnerlifts STL Barbell is ready. Shout out to @the_latless_wonder for the primo handies
Rep PR 452 2x3 felt pretty damn good. Still holding strong with BW between 197-198, increasing calories every week and just can’t gain. Well over the 3k/day mark. Strength is there though.
Hit some squats today. 370 4x2. It was an early workout so wrapped myself today which was pretty interesting. Depth was good, weight was easy. Not bad for Week 2.
420 2x4 for Friday night Deadlifts. Life gets busy but you just gotta make the time to train.
Well here we go. 12 week meet prep begins and first session of squats is with wraps. Did 5x2 with 350 mainly to help me get used to the wraps. Soooo different but I like it. First rep the descent was fast but as I go on the descent slowed a bit. Still trying to find the right rhythm and depth in these things. Big thanks to @the_latless_wonder for wrapping me each set. It actually takes a lot more to wrap someones knees than having to squat the weight. Thanks man!
Easy work to start off week 1 of my 12 week meet prep. 7x2 200lbs. Current weight 198. Been upping my calories every week for the last 3 weeks and still continuing to lose weight slightly. I think this will be my first actual week of weight gain and that's barely 1/2 lb. Hell that just means more food for me👍🏽
Yes, yes, and yes!!! Couldn't agree more with this post below. **Must Read** #Repost @nickcheadlefitness (@get_repost)
This is brilliant. First saw @soheefit share this after @physiqonomics created it. Original post is hilarious & couldn't be more spot on. We live in a world where we can pay for things by tapping a terminal with our smartphones, unlock said smartphone with our face & drive entirely silent cars that run on nothing but electricity, yet there are still people perpetuating the BS that you can & cannot eat certain foods
If you're craving a certain food, eat that damn food. The more you try to fight the craving & attempt to ward it off with sub-par alternatives the worse it's going to become. There are no good or bad foods, consider all foods within the context of the diet they feature & exercise the ability you have to fit those foods into your daily calorie and macronutrients requirements so you can 'diet' for a long time. Tag a friend, bookmark the post & help put a stop to the perpetuation of bullsh*t.
A late post from Alyssah's Friday night soccer game. Not much footage as I kept forgetting to record. Oops! She was shy for the first 5 mins but then started to get aggressive and go after the ball. They rotated her in as goalie and she had 3 saves. Since this is an instructional league there was no score keeping but her team won 6-0. 😝 #prouddad
After a 2x5 400lbs deadlift workout plus was time to try out the distance I'll be doing in a few weeks for my ride. Not too shabby. Lets go!!!!!!!
Had a very rough squat day. 418 2x2 and just couldn't get it clean. 1.5 on first set, barely 1 on second set. Didn't feel satisfied so threw on some wraps and tried those out for once. 385x3 and 407x5 (swipe to next vid). Considering competing in wraps in December. Thanks @the_latless_wonder for wrapping...hopefully you're free Dec 9th and wanna take a road trip to KC👍🏽🤗 thanks @adfles for not letting me die.