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Made it through this lonnnng Monday in 1 piece #hallelujah
On days when I just don't feel like it (i.e. today) I'm just extra AF with my hair, makeup, outfit, etc. etc. to make me look how I want to feel. Try it, it works. 😘 #EverTheMonday
Homecoming was everything from start to finish! Old friends, memories, laughter, food, partying, dranks,round-table discussions😭, specials guests, itineraries😂😂😂... the best ❤ #MSUHC2K17 #TrippinTrippinSis 🐻🔸🔹
Brunch with friends, we threw down! Toasting to good times, memories and how we getting old and don't relate to these "new" college kids 😅😂😂😂😎 #MSUHC2K17 #MSU150 #Friends
It's been 5 long years, but I'm coming back to where it all started Morgan State. This weekend will go down in history 😎. #MSUHC2K17 #MorganAt150 🐻🔶🔷
When you're single, people ask about a boyfriend . When you have a fiancée, they ask about a wedding. When you get married, they ask when will you have a baby? When you have one, they ask when is the little brother or sister coming? When you have another one they ask, why you having all these children? When you get divorced, they ask why? If you moved on, they ask why so quickly? People will NEVER STOP ASKING & TALKING... So if you're proud of who you are & you don't care about what people think about you & your LIFE, copy & paste this on your wall with a picture of yourself because it's your life & you get to decide how to LIVE IT!!!!💯 P.s. you can also tell people to mind their business and stop asking you questions 🙃😘
Don't hate them, thank them. 😊 Happy Wednesday 🤗