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  Posted: Oct 5, 2012 10:53 PM FEED
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So many people give up right before the moment they reach safety. Or in our case, right before they’re handed a couple of full mugs and a plate of appetizers from @walasiyi_jp. Thank GAWD we lived to tell about it!! #hikenh #wmnfhikers #whitemountains
Best hut, best hut host, best surprise visitors over a morning cup o’ mountain joe this morning! 🍁🍂 Happy birthday weekend to @gwthedman!
He wanted to see the sun rise on his birthday, but what he didn’t know was that I’d already orchestrated a meteor shower to close the day. 💫
Me and my backpack sharing a lovely farewell-to-Paris croissant this morning. #solotravel
A day alone in an iconic city. My goal was to walk around, sip espresso/wine and do "nothing." Although logging 15 miles of mostly running isn't one's typical idea of nothing, I feel I accomplished equal parts espresso, meditation and wine! Fun fact: last time I was here I was 13 and Paula Abdul autographed my French translation book (in a mall).
Weekending in Paris 🇫🇷 It sounds so frivolous until it's simply on the way to l'aéroport. 15-mile run (and sometimes walk) around the city today!
Reims for the week, full of inspiration and wonderful connections with colleagues. 🇫🇷 Dinner takes four hours, even for pad Thai, but I assume I'm losing weight because it's France... riiight??
So many trains to so many places! Mine - after a delay on my luggage, an enormous customs line and having to repurchase a new train ticket - is heading for Reims, France! Somewhere between here and there I plan to develop a taste for champagne 🥂
Whale watch. Not pictured: whales we watched.
Mixed weekend of celebration (birthdays) and sadness (for my parents and their dog). The 2 hours of playing cards with family last night, and the 5 miles of running (read: breathing) today have given me moments of peace - emptying the mind and relaxing the shoulders. I'm now ready to roll the suitcase back out and start packing again!
Beauty of a day out there on the Barnstable #WhaleWatcher - first time since I was a kid. Happy 33 to @ladyhoule! With @horseshoes_handgrenades @gwthedman @khoule413 & @gemmmss too.
Friday night at home... before boarding another plane on Monday. Even since studying abroad for a year at age 15-16 (in Austria), the going away has always enhanced the things I love most about where I live.
Oyster farming off First Encounter Beach in Eastham tonight (other people, not me) #capecodlife #capecod #eastham #oysterfarm
Closest I've been to home and yet it felt like the longest trip ever. Gonna savor this time up before I'm international again in a week. #jacksonhole17
Time to leave this magical scenery and get back to my favorite views back home. Thanks for the excellent intro to #JacksonHole, @jacksonholewild film fest! 🎥#jacksonhole17
Hung with some pretty cool gals this week, these two included. #jacksonhole17
Presenting at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Monday! 📌 Creating Smart, Strategic & Irresistible Social Media Content: 12:30pm (how can anyone even SEE me through this view?!?!) #jacksonholewild #jacksonhole17
Waiting for your luggage at Jackson Hole Airport has its perks. Touched down for the week! #reflection #jacksonhole #wyoming #jacksonhole17 #jacksonholewild