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Couple barber themed gap fillers for @stuartbaldry 👍🏻 ...Barber's pole healed.
Stone Spartan helmet taken from a statue reference. Fun to do!
Tiger x Feather combo. Something a little different. Fun to do!
Got the colours out for this Hummingbird gap filler. Sleeve is coming together now.
When life gives you lemons; squeeze them in your eyes and punch yourself in the dick. #edition38prep
Scarab beetle piece I had done by @truegenttattoos at @norwichbodyartfestival over the weekend. Top bloke, thanks again Danny! Well happy 👍🏻
Sea turtle for seb. Cheers bro 👍🏻
Swipe for a badly done video 🌚
-Cool until death- ...wraps loads.
Inspired by customers reference.
Cheers @verityjayne_ ✌🏻