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urbanic 262w ago
The @abbotkinneyfest is happening THIS Sunday! We'll have a booth out front. Hope to see you.
  • Only Sunday...? Is it normally 2 days?? Shoot! I planned to go tmr. :(

  • urbanic 262w ago

    @jtaormino21 yeah it's just on Sunday and only once a year. : |

  • We'll be there, too! Did you set up last year as well, or were you just out enjoying the event?

  • urbanic 262w ago

    @sassandperil last year we were just working the shop but no booth. Hope to see you there!

  • Darn it. I've gone other years - it's great - totally blanked on this one.

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urbanic 18h ago
Walking into work yesterday morning to find a banner, cards, cupcakes and sweet notes from my team for National Boss Day meant the world to me. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel completely grateful for the talent and hard work of the #urbanicgirls both past and present. Urbanic is made up of many different creative parts which has everything to do with these amazing women who work together to make it happen every single day. (Swipe right to see a few of their beautiful faces).
b•day•brunch•!!✨•💥• 💯•
We all need this reminder sometimes right?! Haha. | Urbanic card of the week. #ucotw. Oh & ps. If you have a friend that might want to hear this then tag that gem!
Some caffeine, some almond bites & some deep talks with a very dear friend.
Early morning window install for HALLOWEEN!! 🎃. @melodyhansen & I spun a rose gold spider web. ✨. (A few pics up on the ig story today).
It was mind blowing on so many levels. ✨---@colorfactoryco ----✨. (Posted some of the experience on my ig story today )
In NYC ordering lots of new goods for the shop. ... & I'll be posting some inspiration along the way. ✨#nynow2017 #nynow
A lot of people think that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. And it probably is ...second to Urbanic. :]. 11 years!! xo
urbanic 10w ago
Real talk for a sec. As I was tidying up my office today, I had an overwhelming appreciation for the thoughtfulness of this industry we're in. We believe a handwritten note can make something feel more personal and even better yet - make a person's day. With all the mail I get (whether it be a submission, a bill or invoice for an order, a line announcement or whatever), there is almost always a little note included. I realize that this is special to the stationery industry -which I feel so happy and proud to be part of. ...And just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write something. I read each and every one of them and they easily add a burst of sunshine to my days. xo *A
urbanic 13w ago
This. Cake. ✨.✨ Celebrations were definitely in order over the weekend to celebrate my dear friend & momma to be @amanda100lc
urbanic 13w ago
Always love finding posts on IG of what treasures people pick out at Urbanic. This one here is by @lin_marty. (Thanks lady for the #urbaniclove !)
urbanic 15w ago
HBD ☆ America!
Last year's pic, ...but the cake stays the same! (It's an every year tradition)
urbanic 15w ago
Pink pencil gradients - ✨🎀 ✏️ -