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  Posted: Oct 5, 2012 4:26 AM FEED
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avose 2d ago
Dr. Farr reported that the tumor she removed from Dia’s back leg was “not totally begnin.” The low-grade soft tissue sarcoma can either be treated by a specialist/radiologist or monitor to see if it ever regrows. We will monitor Dia daily. Thanks for all the ❤️and 🙏🏼. She feels the love for sure. #diaartdog
avose 4d ago
Proof. Mystic. Marfa, Texas. 40x40 1/3. ✔️ #hasselblad #marfa #allisonvsmith
avose 5d ago
Today the letter writing family wrote 76 letters. Follow @letterwritingfamily to find out more. #resist #staywoke
avose 1w ago
Yesterday Dia had a mass removed from her back left leg. Thanks to Dr. Farr at City Vet for taking such good care of her. We will wait for the results and keep Love in our hearts for our dear Dia. #diaartdog
avose 1w ago
Check it out: 5 of my 40x40 photographs of Texas featured in the current exhibition "Photography in Place" at the Gaddis Geeslin Gallery in Huntsville, Texas. Thank you @shsuart for including my photographs in this cool show. #Repost @shsuart ・・・
"Photography in Place" is open through Friday 10/13 in the Gaddis Geeslin Gallery. Come see this beautiful work by Allison V. Smith in person! @avose
#art #shsuart #shsu #photography #artgallery #houston #huntsville #huntsvilleart #houstonart #allisonvsmith
avose 2w ago
Opening tonight at The Grace Museum in Abilene, Texas, "Plain View" photographs I've made of Texas between 2009-2016. Thanks to the dynamic curator Judy Tedford Deaton for making this a great experience. See you tonight Abilene, prettiest town I've ever seen. #abilenetx #hasselblad #marfa #allisonvsmith
avose 2w ago
Taco night with these two. ❤️🌮🌵
avose 2w ago
Signed copies of my photograph of the Alice Cooper band performing in 2015 at Good Records for an upcoming collectors item available only @goodrecords #AliceCooper #dennisdunaway #rockandroll #allisonvsmith #imeighteen #alicecooperband
avose 2w ago
Published: Paul Schneider for Garden & Gun Magazine. It's always a rush to get to work for this beautiful magazine. Thanks @gardenandgun @paulschneiderceramics #printrules #paulschneiderceramics #assignmentwork