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Part two Saturday jaunts around Williamsburg with the bushburgers crew @matt47 @happynownancy (I have tigers on my hat, I copped a dope NASA jumpsuit, we found a giant free plant and now I'm off to dance my lil butt off at Katerblau in BK)
Finally fall in New york which means just another eight months of cold weather to go bye forever
Continuing with the excuse of "being sick" to stuff myself with as much ice cream as possible in the span of a week.
I'm well aware my pants are too tight but this is what happens when you pursue a life of gains y'all. #gainsyall p.s im aliveeeeee!! It was the first time I've been sick and didn't go to the gym, didn't try to exercise, just lay in bed and allowed myself to rest. It's always been a struggle to find balance and avoid overexercise so I'm uber proud of myself. 🙆
No added sugars, no dairy matcha #noyofroyo, I could eat this shit all damn day. Also there's a Korean macro bowl literally called "Beoul, South Korea" which is pretty amazing. #dagneontour
Bye Berlin, I didn't get to eat no spaetzle but I did satisfy my one a day holiday ice cream habit 👋
How do you think they get all the mismatched furniture? How do I apply this aesthetic to my NY apartment w/o looking like the crazy dog lady I am????
Still alive n THRIVING in Berlin. I had to buy a new suitcase to accommodate alllll the dope thrifting the city offered me. 🛍️
Over here being hella tempted to purchase things I 100% cannot fit into my suitcase, like this dope 80s down jacket 🤔
Hanging out with my buddy Fiodor during my first solo day in Berlin
Matrix glass moustache to go with an A+ day / thanks for the 📸 @realjoshmoses
No company? No problem, take a lonely art selfie. 🙄
Guess how happy I am on a scale of 1 to 10 in my dope 5 euro sweater
The most Instagram friendly restaurant to ever exist. Sake was great, the unassuming corn was great, the basketball hoops for your waste paper in the toilet were the greatest.