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  Posted: Oct 4, 2012 12:30 PM FEED
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Good morning, Philly! Please show up at the hearing this morning at 10am and help stop skate harassment.
  • Damn if only i didnt live in Italy i would so be there, that's bullshit..

  • We're there in spirit, good luck!

  • That's some bull shit

  • Fuck the Police! Skate and Destroy!

  • dquiyu 5y ago

    Support skateboarding! My support goes out to philly skateboarders!

  • ^^

  • you REALLY need to do this in l.a. it's bad here.. it's bad EVERYWHERE! @theskateboardmag

  • They don't give a fuck in south florida

  • I'm on my way

  • so not true we don't prove this passing we support dollars skaters in this is cool we do need to stop skater harassment down here by Nmb is where we have to see if the most

  • The day I go back to work 😔

  • Ugh...ill be at work. Where can we find out what happens?

  • I live in California 😩

  • I live in AZ :'((

  • I live in Cali :(

  • I live in australia! Hahah

  • Yo @breakawayink pass this around!!!

  • on my way from trenton now.

  • I wish Philly the best of luck. This law trying to be passed is completely ridiculous.

  • 1111 likes, "wish" all of Philly lucky

  • We send our support !!!!!!!

  • Guys do you mind taking a minute to sign a petition to build an indoor plaza in singapore? The state of the parks here is shitty and it rains often. I know this is irrelevant to what's going on in Philly but we all have gone through stupid laws and terrible skateparks so help out please? Link's in my profile

  • surg13 5y ago

    This is some bull shit! Good luck to all the Skateboarders in Philly!!!!!

  • This has nothing to do with harassment. Retarded skaters need to realize that they're destroying private property. What the fuck do you expect when you take your skating to a government or religious building?

  • Do work guys

  • @xavier_edoh fuck off with your religion and your #bullshit opinion

  • @xavier_edoh is it your property that is being destroyed? If not then you shouldn't have anything to say about it becuz it's not happening to you.

  • @thedfc43 I do skate. @tylerwesta I didn't bring up my religion dumbass. Go jump off a fucking cliff. @butterytoast808 first of all, following your logic, you shouldn't have even responded since it's not your property either. It's pricks like y'all that give every skater a bad name. Would any of you be willing to unconditionally let a group of people destroy and deface your property?

  • Please tell me why you think you know what I support.

  • You obviously support a ban on skateboarding. That is what you are saying right? @xavier_edoh so by that logic you dont support skateboarding.

  • @xavier_edoh io responded becuz I support skating in the streets. And how is defending what I love giving skaters a bad name? Youre the one getting all hostile.

  • Why are you people hating so much on @xavier_edoh he made a good point actually haha an he said he skates... Nowhere did he bring in his religious views @tylerwesta your obviously a douche...

  • No offense @butterytoast808, but you're an idiot. Your logic says that we should only care about something if it is happening to ourselves. Which as @xavier_edoh said, totally contradicts you giving a shit in the first place. More to the point though, and I know this as all skaters do, if you skate somewhere you shouldn't be skating, shit might go down. It's just a part what happens

  • @baylissb1987 I don't support it dumbass. It's not a ban on skateboarding itself. It's a ban on skating on private property. @butterytoast808 you're not defending what you love. You're defending your impunity to deface property. (unless destroying others property is what you love to do, you may have a point. But I know that's on the contrary.) Hostile? You have to actually try to make the internet a hostile environment. Usually by direct threats. Grow some fucking balls. You fucking idiots should really get your facts straight.

  • Do you support this bill? Yes or no? @xavier_edoh

  • @xavier_edoh fucking faggot never speak of skateboarding again.. You obviously don't know shit. Skateboarding is all about destroying private property that's what it started out from and it'll never stop you pussy go ride a scooter douche

  • @xavier_edoh I don't think you support skating at all. My guess is that you're one of those kids that just goes to a skatepark all day and never skates the street. If you were for skating then you would know skating street is the essence of our art form.

  • @mstasoff it will end up effecting me becuz the way I see it Philly is just the start of this shit, if they pass it it's gonna have a ripple effect and eventually come to where I live. So it will be happening to me. And no offense taken x) ahahahaha

  • @xavier_edoh I do love breaking shit it's fun

  • @rbucktheduck yeahhhhh thats funny ahahahaha whooooo hoooo

  • Exactly! @hektorader We don't go street skating just to go bust shit up. It is an art form. We go out there to learn, get tricks, or if you want to go all cheesy we do what we love! It sucks when things get broken or fucked up because then I can't skate it anymore LOL And @butterytoast808 has a point. SF is fucked up as it is and it's pretty much illegal here, people getting tickets just skating down the street and pretty much everything here has a billion skate stoppers on it. If this passes I'm pretty a lot of cities are going to take action as well. @xavier_edoh

  • @shaunmilla good note lolz

  • @rbucktheduck ha fag! People like u are the reason for the bill! Just calm down and skate....respect others and maybe they would respect the skate culture! Skating is an escape, not a reason to fuck shit up!

  • @baylissb1987 my first sentence to you was, "I don't support it dumbass." What are you? 12? @rbucktheduck skateboarding started from Californians that wanted to be able to surf when there were no waves. If you wanna fuck shit up then fuck shit up. You don't need a skateboard for that. You don't even deserve a skateboard. I hope someone turns you into a paraplegic. @hektorader if I didn't support if at all, that would mean I would have never purchased a single piece of skate merchandise, even though I've been skating for almost half of my life. And it's pretty obvious that you need the streets to do street skating. But you still need to realize that there are consequences to your actions. I sincerely hope that most of you guys make it as professional skaters because obviously your education system is letting you down. Pay attention to context and learn to form a decent fucking argument with valid points.

  • @shaunmilla fuck your mom, bitch.

  • I've just proveb you don't support skateboarding as much as you think you do. You've onky dug yourself deeper into this. If you support this bill it's obvious you don't support skateboarding. Keep arguing. It's really working for you. @xavier_edoh

  • I havent insulted you once but you are so insecure with your argument you resort to insults and put downs. You arent anybody kid. @xavier_edoh

  • @xavier_edoh @baylissb1987 and the rest of you all need to realize one thing...but first if all they were doin was skating a ledge an destroying it and it was a part of my house YES I would let them continue to do so. But honestly we all skate we all realize there's consequences, but it's the fact that they're making these consequences more severe than drug possession or DUI and such. And their reason for doing so being they want more money from people. Not for anyone else's sake. So if you are in Philly you definitely should have been down there fighting this bill.

  • @baylissb1987 you are one dumbass mother-fucker. You didn't prove shit. You don't even deserve acknowledgment beyond this point. fyi, my insults are by default and not for distraction. If you can't handle it, get off the fucking internet.

  • @xavier_edoh so in other words what you're trying to say here is that you're a pussy

  • @xavier_edoh also I think you're overdue for a good fat neck

  • @rabbitdrmr respect others? How can you respect others when your grinding the shit out of their ledges or rails? It gets destroyed no matter what.. How can a skater even say something so fucking stupid?? Bc your not obviously if your picture is a tail grab on a 5 fucking loser go learn how to skate then come talk. Skating destroys stuff that's why there putting this bill down and were gonna continue to disrespect and destroy stuff bc it's our way and @xavier_edoh kill yourself your no skater, it's easy to tell

  • @rbucktheduck ha once again.....fag!

  • @rbucktheduck and again.....fag!

  • Sucks !!!!!

  • @rbucktheduck wait wait thts more time...fag!

  • I hope it gets passed just for you and your gay Fuck shit friends. Can u say..."they destroyed my ass in jail cuz I'm a skater" cuz ass rape like skating destroys;) @rbucktheduck

  • O and one more thing......fag! @rbucktheduck


  • Ok your mad I get it @rabbitdrmr you suck at skateboarding but stop blowing up @theskateboardmag's feed

  • How the fuck do you know I'm not a skater @rbucktheduck? Go ahead and tell me if it's so easy. @hektorader shut the fuck up. You already made it obvious that you're just another dumbass that has no argumentative skills. You're just a fucking child that's had it's toy takin away and all you can do is cry like a little bitch.

  • @xavier_edoh ok we get your argument is that you're a pussy and too scared to skate the streets so you "respect" the property by not skating it sticking to the same boring ass skatepark all day and you're gonna grow up to be one of those stupid ass Good Samaritans that try and kick actual skaters out of spots. All I have to say is KYS.

  • @hektorader if you get that from what I've been saying then stay in school bro. You need it.... A lot. fyi, street skating is all I have.

  • @xavier_edoh stop lying to yourself just go down to a sporting goods store and buy a set of rollerblades and a scooter, we don't need people like you in skating suck a dick.

  • @hektorader what the hell is your problem skating is not a crime.

  • @mborg99 I never said it was that other idiot is the one saying it

  • @hektorader no I'm not dumb shit. I said that there are consequences for your actions.

  • @xavier_edoh KYS you fucking juggalo

  • @hektorader sorry I thought you were against skating.

  • I luh skateboarding...if every person in america rode a board...they're would be no global warming

  • @visualdistress did you see this?

  • @hektorader lol @xavier_edoh is actually one of my homies and I know for a fact he puts work in on a skateboard. The truth is that if you skate somewhere that it's not allowed (everywhere in the streets) then you are taking a risk of being convicted of a crime. Not because your BS Smith is illegal (general statement) but because it's simply against the law to destroy public property. Whether you agree or disagree is beside the point, the facts are still facts and you are an idiot if you are literally oblivious to what's going on every time the cops show up at your local spots. Of course it's more artistic in the streets, and of course it's more fun. Beside the point. The fact is you should know you're taking a risk with the law. It's kind of common sense. The same way you'll be spending the night in jail when they catch you with a joint. You might not agree with it being wrong but it's still the law and you it's pretty much common sense. That's all Xavier is saying. You CAN ride a skateboard and still have respect, I hope you all know. That doesn't mean stop skating in the streets, but simply stop acting like an oblivious retarted ape when the law comes down on you. It happens. You should be well aware by now.

  • This sucks for me cus I am about to move there.

  • Why don't you shove it up your ass, you longboarding poser ass bitch hahah @xavier_edoh

  • @tylerwesta eat a dick you fuckin pussy.

  • @rbucktheduck @hektorader Good god you guys are fucking stupid.

  • @darklordskates go to the mall and grab some fucking Starbucks with your girlfriends you kook

  • @hektorader Oh, somehow me having common sense makes me a kook? Damn, you're a kook yourself when someone point out your retardation, faggot.

  • @hektorader you're so dumb, faggots like you shouldn't deserve to skate at all.

  • @darklordskates you're a lil bitch KYS you don't even know what the fuck is going on here now go take some more cute selfies and eat a dick

  • @hektorader Lolol, I do know what's going on and all I know is that you're a retard acting tough behind the net. The law is stupid, but you're even more retarded if you act like a self entitled bitch

  • @hektorader and wtf is KYS? You're acting like a kook, fag.

  • think it means KILL YO SELF :/

  • @aldrink2that fuck yeah aldrin hahaha

  • @darklordskates do u even know what the fuck you're talking about? Just stop man end of conversation it's over.

  • @hektorader lol okay butt hurt fag

  • @xavier_edoh @hektorader @rabbitdrmr @butterytoast808 Your all fuckin stupid. It doesn't matter what laws are in place, it's all still gonna happen.. People are gonna skate private shit and get in trouble and cops are gonna be assholes.. So this is all a big waste of time.. Doesn't matter who's a Faggot or whose more committed.. If the Feds legalize skating, YIPPEE!!! If not, whose gonna quit skating cause it's illegal??? Not me that's for fuckin sure.. So again, big waste of time...

  • Agreed @cameronbonholzer still no reason to go out and intentionally reek havoc! Ooo and again one more time @rbucktheduck

  • So trying to convince skaters to stop being a bunch of disrespectful assholes so that every skater isn't looked down upon is a waste of time @cameronbonholzer?

  • @cameronbonholzer honestly I'm probably a bonifide problem child.

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