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I cannot conceive of any beauty in which there is no melancholy
Two more demo paintings from the weekend. I’ll be back @studiocrescendoh October 2019.
One of the demos from today’s class. I’ll probably paint over it tomorrow. ;)
Completely filled with pure happiness from the past two days!
Teaching @studiocrescendoh is always amazing thanks to @jennydoh and all the beautiful people that show up, I love you all! ...all while getting to spend sacred time with @byondthe_see, my twin sister from a past life. #saulsteinberginspired
Sometimes the only thing left to say is nothing #opaquesilence
In my next life I wanna be a cat or a photographer...maybe both
calming the mind, one painting at a time. .
I’ll be listing these soon... dm if you’re interested. 💛
passion, desire, longing, and despair ❤️#marinaabramovic
you were once wild here. don't let them tame you. #isadoraduncan
dancing on my favorite mountain to one of my favorite musicians/bands #pgwreath @perfumegenius