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We #escaped with #kasperchurchill to #Laketahoe for a few nights to avoid the fire pollution. That stuff is bad for adults, but it's REALLY bad for #infants... plus, it's so serene here. It's helping us deal with the stress of this week's events. My parents' House has been spared so far, but the fires still rage nearby and we can't quite relax just yet... #sonomafire
This weekend my #mother and #sister are turning 60 and 30, respectively. Hussah! Now we have another #September #birthday to add to the #family mix. #sanfrancisco #Kasperchurchill
#moster @anja.sofia flew down to #SanFrancisco from Portland to spend her 25th birthday and surrounding weeks taking care of me in the neediest part of my pregnancy. She made amazing chicken soup, rubbed my back when I was feeling overwhelmed, and shared welcome insights belying her fresh age. Thank you dearly, Anja. #familjen #aunt
This is Kasper Mattias Churchill. He was born at home mid-morning yesterday, September 13 after a 2.5 day-long (unmedicated) labor. He clocked in at 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches – a big boy! He is a total sweetheart, with eyes that stretch back through at least a few past lives. Our cup runs over!