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  Posted: Oct 4, 2012 4:43 AM FEED
220 Hudson
Go on iTunes and get this right now! #dreamsandnightmares
  • @johngriffith that not the point. Its a respect factor

  • @yesitsstan I feel u bruh...this nigga was better before he made it, now he just average...

  • @rjm314 wrd I dead started following her @blondies_world1

  • Noooo Nigga @meekmill I mean you can spit and all but ima still burn dat album #realtalk

  • I'm waiting on tht fb @blondies_world1 😉

  • Yesssssssssss finally... U Dnt Kno how pissed I was u pushed it back to oct 30th but I'm happy now!!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄

  • Thank youuu @twotonebruhman and I'm not even hating just stating facts

  • @clonecompany where u at?

  • @ionlywhip_cadillacs that was crazy head get off your knees

  • @yesitsstan whats funny is the fact that today if you dont like somethin you hatin....smh..definitly facts tho, cuz honestly whats the difference between him and soulja boy?..Meek jus make wat soulja boy rappin bout sound better

  • Lmfaoooo and how am I hating @4thehustle ? Cause he got money jewelry dumb hoes cars and other materialistic bs? Nigga please I got an education, I'm making $50,000 a year and get a $20,000+ raise a YEAR legally got almost every girl I wanted and I travel to places u can't afford and to events you can't get into so what am I hating on?

  • @boobie_morebucks its crazy head tht you not only read my comment but took time out yo nite to actually write me smh! Aint got no betta else to do??? Find u a chick, go get ya bread up fuckboi and not tlk shyt to ppl u dnt knw


  • Thank you @twotonebruhman people just blindly following the ignorance, wish there was more educated rappers like stack bundles and j cole instead of these wiz khalifa and basic niggas but I'm done talking 😊

  • You're right @cvfin3st but now that he made it lets see something different and @4thehustle I listened to a lot of his music but its just that a huge majority of it is basic, I call it as I see it which is basic heard it before

  • next tatt I do. hopefully on a fat chick wit bread I got u boi.I got u boi, I chick ka de ,chick ka de,microphone check got u, in da name of Jesus, inshallallah if u Muslim type time boi,no disrespect to no religion type rotation , I'm on parole, I dont what no troubles.


  • @yesitsstan how u gonna bring up stack bundles? he was rapping about the same thing meek is just stack was just better and didnt get a chance to really make it #ripstacks


  • @ionlywhip_cadillacs talk about me you got time to write back & I can sit and argue about "getting my bread up" but that's a waste of time .. You should be hitting them book getting your grammar and spelling up

  • or buy Cruel Summer bc ain't nobody fuckin with G.O.O.D. Music

  • These hoes be actin up & these niggas be lettin em lol @meekmill

  • "You should be hitting them book getting your grammar and spelling up"......smh that made sense to you? @boobie_morebucks Leave me alone lil still got similac throw up on sum of ya shirts

  • Little* some* your* buy a fucking dictionary @ionlywhip_cadillacs

  • I got it my nigga

  • @meekmill I thought it came out the 30th??

  • Dreams and night mares

  • Lmfao this nigga bullshitting,shit dont come out till the 30th he want you to preorder it to make sure u locked in on making him money cause he tired of stunting wit ross money hahaha,bet the album promoting cars,ciroc,rolexs,strippers,houses and violence...woooohoo just what this fucked up world need...more ignorance!!!

  • @reallyreal201 stop being a fuckin hater damn dawg lol

  • 👆👌

  • @lbgotit if calling me hater make u feel better go ahead...its real shit,these niggas promote dumb shit in they music and u a dumb nigga for respecting it...u make them rich and they throw it in ur face like u aint making them money...typa real nigga shit is that?if u disagree u retarded and need to get ur knowledge up,no dignity having motherfuckers

  • U just typed a whole paragraph cuz ya retarted ass can't relate to the music he be doing.. So why the fuck would you comment if ppl promote him it's cuz they relate or maybe his music is motivational to some ppl you fuckin clown @reallyreal201

  • Aye @reallyreal201!!! Lol do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP if you don't like this nigga why the fuck are you following his moves? What type of "real nigga shit" is that?

  • Don't listen to it then. They having an election in November Become the president n ban rap n tv.

  • wow ya dudes is serious. clowns mother fuckers

  • @reallyreal201 is just speaking the truth. Most rappers talk down to there listeners. Just pirate the album if he got so much money already he dont need that $11.99 download

  • This prolly the only cd I buy this year

  • So wait wait u telling me u relate to his music @lbgotit ?u telling me u sell coke?throw stacks at strippers?drives rolls royces?and kill niggas?oh but this music is motivational too?how so please explain?he setting his own people up for failure by promoting dumb shit that only gon lead you to death or jail...he get paid millions to do that and u call this a role model?cause he got expensive clothes and jewels?that mean he a real nigga?instead of promoting the ignorance he should speak against it and how it fucked up his life and he dont wanna see others go thru it...instead he glorifies that life style,as if its a great life to live...

  • @image423 u look gay,thats all i gotta say,cause i aint hating just speaking the truth to his followers,i aint on tv or the radio to speak truth to the world so why not use their promotional tool as mine and speak truth those who listen,u just a dickriding ass nigga who dont live the life he speak of and he intimidates you so you wanna be a fan,in my hood we call that a pussy,dique mad rapper syndrome,u got dick munching syndrome

  • @lbgotit lmfao u aint ganna read the whole thing but obviously u did to know i asked u a question for u to answer to it...see u so brainwashed and stupid u dont even realize it hahahahaha i love getting at sheeps of america,america dont love nobody hope ya ready for war,cause mothers and babies getting touched when these niggas come to street sweep for real...tell meek to rap about that,warn his people how the military coming to end all that gang violence and drug selling and killing....he just helping them by promoting ignorance...wake up lil nigga

  • To each his own... But I'm def gunna buy da album #PhillyStandUp

  • The man came from the dirt....tryna better his life. Let that man get his paper. Why when a nigga make it somebody always got have an opinion or sayin some negative shit? That shit look like hatin shit where I'm from if you alive thiis long you gold. Niggas is gonna be gutta whether he. Rap bout what he been thru or not. He's not the problem. The fuckin government is because its the way they have things program. It makes no sense on somebody hatin on another tryna feed they kids. While you hatin on him come up with ways to improve the black community other than hatin on other black folk.

  • Hahaha all y'all niggas funny...


  • U made a few good points but guess what if u was n his shoes would make ur family money by makin music that everybody is RAPPIN about including ur life story or would u make some shit that's gon flop if u was him you would want any and everybody to promote and buy your music also keep in mind crackers like for us to go against our own kind @reallyreal201 support ur own don't tear it down

  • _zylo 5y ago

    And to everybody about to @ me with ur ignorant curse filled responses, i wont be replying, i have work to do

  • @mrsbuddylee09 u right about that tell that nigga @reallyreal201 to preach cuz his hattin ass need to be a pastor long ass fuckin paragraphs

  • @cashoutent thats the thing i aint him,my base and morals as a person wont allow me to throw my kind under the bus im tryna ride on...thats wrong,see i rap,i aint tryna be famous i just want my message to be heard, and it does cause theres those who listen and those who just hear you,i work for mine,my priorities straight,my financial status is great,i aint starving,homeless or walkin wit crusty shoes...i just dont need more,i want people to learn from that,cause not everyone has the proper guidance and many learn it from others and many learn it fron famous people cause they in the light and what they teach aint wont be cool if u had a daughter and these niggas teaching these lil boys that women aint shit,that they just here for pleasure,but like i said i aint meek or these other rappers who made it cause they willing to be in the spotlight portraying ignorance for a living,i would rather push mixtapes wit truth for free while being middle class then to be in ah mansion because the white man pays me to help destroy what i came from...fuck that,thats the meaning of a sell out

  • emaffn 5y ago

    Wtf dude wrote a bible ??? Lmaoooo

  • @meekmill If everyone can get it like you getting trust they would be on the same shit. I ain't dick riding or none of that, this is all you know then get like you live it. I have an artist that I manage as well, he doesn't rap about about drugs, guns, and all that he tells stories about his own life. But it is what is and feed your family because we're on the same mission.

  • ^^ wtf haha!!

  • @stallionsworld so u encourage others to be fake to feed their family?lmfao how do u sleep at night?

  • How bout this guy get wit or get lost, one less follower ain't makin no difference on this niggaz page real talk! A young black man makin money instead instead of runnin in some bodies crib or still sellin drugs is a positive situation period. Fuck boys hate it and real niggaz live it!

  • Niggas really like to hate and hate seeing other black men succeed. Then turn around and talk about how they care about the black community. Fuck outta here with that! Music is entertainment. You don't see Italians cursing Scorsese because of his portrayal of Italians in film. So here's an idea, if you don't like the music or the artist stop following their every move just to hate on them. It makes you look like a petty bitch and whatever message you're trying to get across won't be heard.

  • Hey my brother u make great points and u speak the truth in a lot of what ur saying I just want u to know I love music so it doesn't matter what level u rap on I just try to support our own kind because the info u know everybody don't so we got to do better by our kind u got to understand that some people gon see it as hate cause they don't know them and everybody story Is not like yours so we all got make away to get out cause meek ain't the first or the last that's doin what he does ....I salute you doe cause u far from sleep on what's goin on around us as whole @reallyreal201

  • @cashoutent good looks bro i feel where u coming from,i respect that

  • @reallyreal201 I'm not encouraging anyone to do a thing, people are living in situations that you and I may never relate too. You don't know people's stories nor do you know their day to day life. We aren't promoting anything that we aren't about otherwise we will be fake. I stated we do not make music about that life because we do not live it. Meek probably lived that street life and that's all he knows besides the music, but the music is his way of telling his stories.

  • All y'all gay as hell especially this fag ass nigga name @reallyreal201 if I seen u somewhere I'd dropp ya bitch ass if u don't like what the man say unfollow him cause to me it looks like your the only one with the dick munching syndrome u dick riding faggot u probably b at his nex concert on da

  • Now that's real talk @cashoutent

  • Yooo mad respect to the homie @reallyreal201 , I've been trying to tell niggas the same thing for idk how long now. Niggas just too brainwashed to listen.

  • @_datnicca_t76 ooooo shit im shook man dont threaten me over instagram....fuck outta here you pussy,i aint here for meek im here to gun bitch niggas like u and speak to those who wanna listen,if u dont wanna listen go praise Meek MIlly your idol u bottyboy,easy to say ull drop somebody over instagram when ur safe on the other side,niggas like u eat ur teeth in my hood

  • ya dont understand...meek got alot of followers...he dont talk to none of ya'll so why not use his wall as a promotional tool...some promote music others clothes...i promote knowledge for ur motherfucking soul,uvcould learn from this open minded young nigga,im what mobsters call a wise guy

  • @callmedevo_ see i write shit cause theres always someone like you who reads and understand this meek mill dick munchers dont understand it,cause like u said they brain wash,probably sipping some lean while throwing their 300 dollar checks at strippers

  • @reallyreal201 I'm not going against what you're saying because there are a lot of bullshit ass rappers who are all about negative energy attacking and brainwashing the youths minds. But you also have those mainstream rappers like Meek who can talk about that street life but also send a positive message of getting out of it and chasing dreams. Just saying not every artist deserves to be in the same melting pot. Example the homie @lupefiasco

  • @stallionsworld true true i feel u,but meek should at least say once a while that he tells these stories because he dont want others to go thru it...cause not everyone going thru what he went thru can be a famous rapper,he should at least explain the fact there are paths and that living ur life a certain way can destroy you,but Lupe is the truth,thats a man who deserves respect cause he straight up wit the truth,the thing thats fucked up is the rappers who mislead wont ever misguide their why mislead others?

  • @reallyreal201 you can't put meek down for what he do he makin a livin ... And he way better off than any of us... If you wanna blame something then blame the environment that ppl have to grow up in .. Regardless of meek or not the drugs and guns ain't goin no where .. How you gonna blame him for having a god given talent ... If you wanna do something about all of it b a cop or some shit or a damn preacher... You sayin ppl brainwashed .. U is too then cuz weather you like it or not just off the fact you got his name in ya mouth he gonna make bread cuz ppl gonna listen... The same nigga you puttin down gotta feed his family and he give stacks to school in Philly and to help his niggas get out the hood .. How can you not respect that

  • @lbgotit how do u speak about a man and his drugs and guns then say its a god given gift?what god u know likes guns,violence and drugs?

  • @lbgotit so u telling me souljaboy got a gift too?and lil b?cause they making lots of money too and they feeding thier families...u speaj about the why not speak to fix it instead of making it worst?my dude dont speak to contridict urself

  • @reallyreal201 real shit man. Fuck what any of these dudes are trying to say, they just don't understand how fucked up the world really is. Niggas need to read a book or somethin.

  • Meek lucky...he better make the most of this shit. He need to grow the fuck up and make make great decisions with this money. Real fuckin talk! @meekmill

  • @reallyreal201 it's a god given talent that he can rap what he raps about is open to Interpretation.. He raps about where he comes from and where a lotta niggas come from...if he got the bread for the finer things in life then why not promote it cuz at one point he didn't ... The same way other musicians base there music off they environment and they life he does the same why hate em for that .. Y not encourage him to keep doin what he doin , cuz he talking bout drugs and violence? That's been there for years and it ain't goin no where

  • @lbgotit see i never said i hate him...ya did...yea the problem always been here...but how long we gob wait to fix it...its easy to blame the past cause we in their future now...if u peep the world we aint got much a future to fix,the white man hate us,the succeeded and make us hate each other...what else can we lose?thats why i dpeak against what they do,cause the gift god really gave them was the ability to have a following,theres rappers who are 1 billion times better then meek...they nobodies though...thats why i speak,im from the hood myself,i had friends,friends parents and random people die around me,i been thru the dumb shit and god blessed me by opening my eyes to the real world,thats why i speak,why do u speak?

  • @reallyreal201 keep on hating hater go to one of his concerts u bitch ass fagot

  • @ibgotit Preach to that Hating Nigg, @richforever already said to a nigga like @reallyreal201 that "Even the Black Folks Hate to see another Nigga Made It"

  • @ibgotit Preach to that Hating Nigg, @richforever already said to a nigga like @reallyreal201 that "Even the Black Folks Hate to see another Nigga Made It"

  • @ibgotit Preach to that Hating Nigg, @richforever already said to a nigga like @reallyreal201 that "Even the Black Folks Hate to see another Nigga Made It"

  • I canNot wait

  • @reallyreal201 why do I speak .. Idk yet why I speak but I know if you gotta get it how you livin then that's what it is ... And if you from the hood then you should know not everyone gonna make it out but when someone does commend them.. If the white man as you say hate us and won't give us the chance we deserve then why wouldn't we take it... And god may have gave them the gift to have many followers but they gottem because of what they do.. Meek and other rappers wouldn't have the followers they have if they wasn't rappin about something they don't know nothing about.. Meek has followers for what he raps about because ppl enjoy his music but if him and other rappers rapped about things that ppl didn't understand they would b irrelevant .. The reality of the world is that regardless of music if ppl come from a certain area then they taught different lessons on how to survive and you can't blame music for that... I see what you sayin but what you sayin would go way better off if you was following someone in politics who have that power to change certain areas

  • Lmfao @_datnicca_t76 i can tell u soft just by how u speak @olamiplusone only hater here is ya'll cause ya hate life and ya admire these rappers,enough aint enough type niggas,hahaha u aint shit nigga,u the type who care what people think of you so you try and portray and image ur not,fuck outta here wit that shit my dude,success is what u make it to be,ya just taking their words and accepting them to be the truth,non critical thinking motheefuckers,success is understanding what you are,what we are,what life really is,u was born in a country that used ur ancestors as slaves to build it and still dont get the respect u deserve and u accept it and stand next to ur REAL HATERS stupid motherfucker....get ya knowlege up and realize popping bottles and throwing the white mans printed money at strippers aint life...shit get played out like everything else,thats why they stay tryna find new trends and things for u dickriders to dick ride....u aint shit

  • @olamiplusone you a dumb nigga,caught up in the hype till u lose ur life and u in the other side like where that nigga christ...

  • @lbgotit i got nothing else to say to u...if u making it out by helping destroy where u came from their aint shit to commend,simple as that,i wont accept whats wrong just so u can feel right,people swear theres no right or wrong...if their aint let me shoot u in ur face and u tell me if it feel good...let me stab u in the back and u tell me if it feel good...niggas know the difference and many act blind to others wrong just so others can accept their wrongs...fuck that i rebuke whats wrong like a fucking pastor...hahaha

  • Give a fuck what a nigga or bitch think ya niggas scared to hear "oh you lame" "oh you whack" so ya just go wit the flow of the fuckery...wanna be cool ass niggas...ya aint shit,thats why these rappers make a living off you fools

  • One more time meek

  • Only dumb niggas type long ass unnecessary paragraphs beefin wit eachother on the next man's pic like #smh i thought only females did this shit

  • @reallyreal201 tell me this if the drugs ain't goin no where , if the guns and violence ain't goin no where then what is there to destroy, he tells ppl what's goes on in his hood that can't see it.. And the ppl who have the power to change it hear the music but don't change anything .. With or without what he says the areas gonna get worst .. Sometimes you gotta accept what's wrong to know the right thing to do.. There is a right and wrong but how is he wrong for tellin what goes down to the world... Shots gonna get worst tomorrow when coke first hit the blocks won't nobody rappin bout that but overtime things got worst that's the reality of the world we live in

  • @reallyreal201 hol up hol up hol up @reallyreal201 the Bottom Line is "Go get your own Money, Do what ever you like wif it and stop playing Mr Mitt on here" wif the whole shit you said to me on here, you should have convert that to a verse, go put sum work on it in studio and let see if you can make sum money with it....Stop being Dumb !

  • Mane @reallyreal201 is dumb as fuck cause meek making money weather he buy the album or not!

  • @lbgotit only the hood can fix the hood...noggas need to wake up,u dont see Malcom X niggas making it far in the hood or MLK type niggas,rappers make them niggas seem weak,like "oh that nigga preeching he soft" when the real soft niggas is them,scared to speak cause theu scared of what others think,so instead they go wit the flow...its like the hood votong for romney...u cant expect a nigga who came from money to understand where u coming from...he never been there,now obama...he worked for his,he made it out the gitter and u dont see him on tv talkin bout guns,drugs and ignorant shit,not allowing shit to go keeps that shit there,like racism,how else u think lil whote kids now days know to call a black person a nigger?cause history class bashes that shit in ur brain every year in school...go to africa they dont teach em that shit...see u aint up to par to think on this level,i aint on here hating im on here talking to ya'll cause meek mill dont give a fuck,look at all the we wrote he still aint comment he chillin playing 2k13,so am i but i still come here to respond to what makes him better theb me and you that he cant speak wit us,we suppose to come here and praise his pictures like some kinda godly statue?typa shit is that,the white mans world got nigga believing money is respect when reapect is the only thing

  • It's a white world.....When you figure that out it clears up a lot #RNS (Real Nigga Shit)

  • @da_kidd_turntup_256 u just stupid...u wouldnt know real talk if it was posted on a meek mill promotion picture on his instagram...go suck some dick fagboy

  • Only pussy niggas argue on instagram! And you on meek comments like a spokesperson! Get the fuck on wit that bullShit you internet thug

  • How can the hood fix the hood if the hood ain't got the resources to fix itself .. U right Obama aint talkn bout all that on tv and he did come from the gutter but not everyone was blessed with his brains .. And I'm not up to par on that thinking level?? See you tripping cuz if u was thinking then you would know that money is respect in this world ... Who you know that's broke that's gonna get respect outside of they environment if they even get it there... When you broke ain't nobody gonna take you serious . Cuz in this world if you broke you a joke .. When you broke and you gotta take care of business who gonna respect you... Racism ain't goin no where because that's a persons mind set ... Money rules the world if you got money you can b heard if you broke ain't no one listening .. Meek ain't no better than us u right but when it the economy crashes he won't b hurt we will cuz he got money... And you talkin bout praising him that's over doing it.. But you can't judge someone and call em brainwashed cuz they relate to what they sayin... Nigas like malcom x won't make it far in the hood cuz shit like that ain't payin no body ... U gotta take ya head out the cloud and understand certain hoods ain't gonna get better because for one like I said no resources and two because its been this way so long just like racist ppl that's they mind set and you can't change that ... It's survival of the fittest ... Either you roll or get rolled on ... So tell me how rappers like meek is destroying where they come from again ? .. If I gotta go to the trap and and start flippin weight to feed ma fam then that's what it is other wise who is??

  • Only pussy nigga wear light blue sneakers and post it as their instagram picture.... @da_kidd_turntup_256

  • @reallyreal201 stand ur ground love... I like his music, but u right we get so consumed wit the sick beats that when the verse come on it really don't matter wats being said, we already hooked and the brainwash begins... U gotta be strong in this world to make it and very observant.... If our ppl don't realize that music is one of the tools that the devil uses to swipe our souls under our feet.... I don't knock music, but I don't let it take control..... I kno Uve heard of allegory of the cave, one of Platos philosophies, the majority of these cats are still in the cave they're meek.... Keep spreading the word.... One day they will look back and remember, u told em..... Like I said I love meek, but I don't let the music control my mind body nor soul

  • @loladamone #truth i like his music to,these guys accused me of saying i hate it just for speaking truth and i will never stop you know how it feels,once your mind and eyes are open to the truth,thats all u want to speak,its a whole new world and i feel everyone should see it,but once one of these fools toss a stone they others wanna toss to like this is the lottery lol at least u understand like a few others

  • @paris_da_aris dude act like he gettin paid to voice his opinion! Lol I almost fell asleep on his wack ass! #zzzzz

  • @reallyreal201 I been seen the problem .. The problem is clear as day but what you don't see is that if a nigga try to stand up and unite and Conquer and all that shit then most likely he gonna get popped or lose the respect then who gonna listen .. If you feel this strongly you shouldn't b on Instagram trying to promote ya thoughts in niggas head .. You need to b in the hood trying to and you let us know how far you gonna get, and then at the end of the day you look at the stats... Rappers do speak on the same shit u right but that's they story and there lifestyle ... U say you from the hood then go and rap about that unity shit and see who listens ... You can't blame the rappers once again blame the ppl who buy it but then you can't blame them cuz they relate more to the struggle and drugs and violence than they do that other shit so then why don't you blame the ppl like Obama who come from the gutter but ain't changed shit..niggas won't hear something that ain't relevant to them.. Ignorance gonna spread Regardless ... The news spreads ignorance and violence movies spread ignorance and violence but that's how they make money ... And like I said money rules everything ... You can't tell someone put down the trapping life to go get a bs job just so they can keep watching they family starve .. Would you watch yours....the big picture is that money rules the world ... Before Obama ran from president majority of the country ain't know who the fuck he was .. Cuz his bread wasn't right ... You can't fix things like that at least not Permanently... If the ppl with power won't help and that whole stand up for something different shit ain't payin the bills what you gonna do if you struggling

  • @lbgotit you outa pocket b

  • It's only ig chill the fk out

  • @dariusthegawd how I'm outta pocket

  • Same as me @onasanya_rach like come I have time too write all of this

  • Ain't none of y'all gotta read shit that don't like it we was Discussing something so you stfu

  • @meekmill pre ordered cant wait for this shit

  • Already did..

  • did dat. #repost my shit lol 😘

  • Nah if it dont touch my soul then i cant listen to it @meekmill

  • I'm waiting to pick it up on the 30th!!! I want an actual copy!

  • Preordered that shit can't wait and I'm getting the actual cd! @meekmill

  • @sparkdla big krit all day

  • It's here! It's finally here!!! @ceriousjones @mikey_86 @blairyondecks @looneye10

  • Done.

  • @kevymcmb its pre order fam! Calm down lol

  • What's poppin @birdie_up I was getting this chicken out in Pa

  • @unclegucci heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Already grabbed mine

  • I already did yesturday

  • @reallyreal201 u fake ass Malcolm x ass nigga u bitch nigga u from da subs my nigga

  • Get this shit on droid pleasee

  • No thx, I will get the bootleg.

  • Welcome sweetheart @blondies_world1

  • Just ore ordered it @meekmill

  • @rackedup_bihhh bitch shut ya dumb ass up ain't no one talkn to you!

  • Can't wait...

  • Alreadyy preorderedd it booo !

  • who would have known you can make so much just commenting on pictures

  • wen u comin to the central coast

  • I think we should be txtn...<3

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Posted: Oct 18, 2017 4:47 AM
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First weddingI attended from tv tho lol #iminspired 💪🏾 #thewopsters congrats
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 3:58 AM
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Only hope 2 🔥🔥🔥 out now!!! @ybs_skola let’s get these M’s Go grab dat!
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 4:53 AM
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I don’t want it if he hit it Cuz that n#%ga trifling
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 9:10 PM
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Bury ya in money & make it rain at ya funeral! 💥 Stay balling 💥
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 8:31 PM
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You know how I’m rocking ....