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One of my favorite #Halloween signs. #playonwords

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Happy Friday from these peanut butter and jelly flight ready adventurers. #adventureisoutthere #identicaltwins #goshilovethem
When one baby has a blow out right after you get them dressed and now it's a little bit killing you that they don't match. Hashtag twin mom problems. Also, @carters onesies are our favorite 😍🎃🦇
#buttheyarestillsocute #cartersbabies #identicaltwins #realtwinmomlife #whydotheylooksobig
Our living room is a little batty right now nearly 25 feet up! Do you see our tiny twin bats? 😍🎃🦇🦇#fairlyfabhalloween
We live way out of town, have 2 kids that start school at 2 different times, and 2 new babies. I get asked almost daily why my kids don't just ride the bus to school so we don't have to fool with all that loading and unloading. While the reasons are numerous, my insta-story today shows the biggest one. One on one time isn't easy to come by these days and belting out Journey with my girl, practicing spelling words, quizzing last minute test questions, PRAYING over our day, encouraging them when they are discouraged…it won't always work for us to drive our kids to school and pick them up, but as long as we can find a way, we will savor these moments with our kids. We learn so much in those first 15 minutes before and after school. The days are long, but the years are short, plus the boys usually fall asleep in the car and that's a mama win! #momwin #momlifeinthemaking .
But for real. My insta-story is a gem today. .
Edited to add: I am in no way implying riding the bus is bad, it's just not our preference for our situation. Please don't start sending me bus rider hate mail. 😜
Spell books and potions and spiders, oh my! 🎃👻💀🕷🕸The girls love it when we transform our living room bookshelves for holidays. Some of this spooky low shelf decor will need to find a new home next Halloween with 2 growing monsters grabbing at everything. #fairlyfabhalloween
"Hey, I've noticed we hang out in all the same spots and you're pretty cute and you let me chew on your fingers and I let you chew on mine. Wanna be friends?" -Zachary to Benjamin 3 1/2 months old 💙💙👶🏼👶🏼
#identicaltwins #twinboys #theyfinallyfoundeachother #letthetroublemakingbegin #brothersnugglesarethebest
Kennedy made me promise she could have first hug. In other words: MADISON IS HOME FROM CAMP! We aren't excited at all. #wetotallyare #wemissedherbigtime #campKEEPalumni
Is it just me or is this the cutest little tummy timer on the planet?! Oh Zachary you look so grown up!! 💙👶🏼 #tummytimetimesone #beforethetearscame
We heard it was #nationaltacoday. Last minute gringo tacos for the win. 😍🍹🌮🌮
Kennedy does NOT love reading. 📚But she DOES love her baby brothers 👶🏼👶🏼and is happy to read to them. Yeah for extra practice that doesn't feel like homework to her and doesn't make me want to drink 😳🤣🍷🍹#realtwinmomlife #twinbabiesplusbigkidsishard
Today Benjamin is in red. On July 29th he was in orange. They've changed so much in 2 months! .
#identicaltwins #twinboys #becomingaboymom
"Hey mama, can I take a nap with one of the boys today?" Done. Look at that smile on Benjamin's face. Gosh they love their big sisters. 😍💗💙
Who needs fancy sit me up toys when you have a TwinZ pillow and 2 Boppys? Twin mom hack for the win. @twinzpillow_onezpillow
@boppycompany .
#twinzpillow #twinmomhack #identicaltwinboys #twinning
Zachary slept sooo much better today at our friend's house. Guess he just needed tummy sleeping and spookier company. 🖤🎃👻💀
Baby gang. Birth order besties. 7months, 3.5months, 2 months. Size isn't everything 🤣💙💙💙💙 #tinytwinproblems #helloboys
When I first found out we were having 2 boys I asked every boy mom I knew how the heck I was going to do this! I'm a girl mom. What am I going to do with boys?!
The past 3 months I've discovered boys are pretty great. And so are boy toys, and clothes, and sounds. Turns out this boy mom thing might not be so bad after all. And two at the same time is kind of a fun adventure. #newboymom #identicaltwinbrothers 💙💙👶🏼👶🏼
Dear whoever realized you can make cake in a mug in a microwave, I want to kiss your face. Love, This sleep deprived mama who really wanted something sweet tonight. ❤️🍫🍰
#givemeallthemugcakes #chocolatefuelsthistwinmom
Just kicked back in the 3rd row of the van in the Target parking lot nursing 2 boys who decided they were starving. What are you doing this Monday morning? #growthspurt #lifewithtwins #realtwinmomlife
"I should be sleeping, but I can't stop staring at this baby I just found" -Benjamin 💙💙👶🏼👶🏼 They are finally, slowly discovering each other. #twinswhodontknowtheyaretwins