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ijustine 263w ago
Played so much Mario on my #3DS I have imprinted buttons on my thumb #nintendoproblems

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Which one is the T-REX?
You don’t even have to try to take amazing photos in Hawaii.. everywhere you look is an incredible photo op 🌴🌊👀☺️
“Hey take my pictuohhhhhhhnoooooooooo” 💦
Travel accessories — what can you not leave home without? 😂
Unboxed the new GoPro hero 6 in today’s vid — link in bio! Spoiler alert: it looks the same as the 5 😂
Kitchen portrait — new cooking videos coming (sorta) soon 👻🎂
Sometimes I forget this is a TV and not a poster on my wall 😂  #LGOLEDTV #WallpaperTV #ad
Awww @starbucks sent these cute little custom cups for me and @djminimatt — we are little late for #nationalcoffeeday but I celebrate everyday anyways 😂🐶 ☕️
Unboxed the new SNES Classic in today’s vid! Link in bio to watch! I forgot how to play old school MARIO KART 😂😰🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks to Nintendo for sending me one to check out!
Posted a new vid showing the new slow-mo on the iPhone 8 — link in bio — 📸 by @jennaezarik