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I've washed away all of New York and I'm entering Los Angeles life.
"Oh how I love you dear National Theater. Your graphically expressive facade, fortress like yet open to the comings and goings of people's flow.
Rich in detail, concrete in your ruggedness. Brutal in your lack of concern to look comfortable or easy in the landscape.
You stand exposed in your Brutalist glory, oh how I love you dear National Theatre." Manage to catch up with my buddy @wrbdesign Great seeing you Mr! Here's to me sending you to the right meeting spot next time.
My feet were killing this morning from standing all day in heels @100percentdesign back to the trainers! Hope you're all enjoying Design Week.
It's London Design Week! I'm spending the day tomo on stand EB295 @100percentdesign supporting my buddy @astermuro Please come and say hi if you're in the area! lucky I am this gentleman, perfectly dressed, came to rest in my shot. I love this combo of blue and orange. Secondly...I love that the Serpentine gallery every year create a different pavilion. Particularly fabulous blue this year. Hx
Ahoy, me Hearties! No word of a lie, I am in Whitby and there is a full on pirate festival going down. I've counted at least 100 people dress as pirates. Don't you just love an English eccentric??? I do!
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
Mock Tudor ugh, legitimate Tudor architecture now we're talking.
Market House lies in the heart of Ledbury, it's built on stilts! It's presumed to be the work of John Abel, known as the “Kings Carpenter” though unproven. The dates of construction are blurred, ranging from 1617 to 1668. They've been unable to pin it down! All I know is it's amazing that a wooden framed building from 1600s stands proud!!!
Super fun weekend! Hung with family in Malvern and tripped up to Tamworth for a fabulous wedding of friends. This is a shot of the @astermuro studio floor. Got to love the texture and colour. The work is beautiful but you'll have to wait for the big unveil. On show at 100% Design in a few weeks. Hx
With the weekend in sight it's fun times ahead. This weekend brings my second wedding of the month! Two weeks ago I hit Dreamland in Margate. Totally love all the old school pinball machines. Game on people!
I want colour! I want pattern! Who's got it you ya? @camillewalala that's who! Another shot from the NOW Gallery. Have a great day people. Hx
'People like' Rachel because she is genuinely one of the most special humans you will ever meet. She is one talented, warm, creative buddy everyone needs in their life! We took a days road trip to Margate and made our way to Dreamland. Hx
Thinking of all my buddies down in Houston. Keep safe my loves. Hxx
Religion is just an argument about whose imaginary friend is cooler. I hope you're all having a fabulous Sunday! Hx someone who has never seen a showing of The Three Stooges what makes them such an important part of American culture? Is this something I should be exposed to?
Before leaving New York I had a list of things I wanted to see before I left. I got most of them but still lots to tick off.
This was a sculpture by Katharina Grosse down at Fort Tilden in the Rockaways. How fun an abandoned building turned into art!