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  • He's great! New album, The Lone Descent, is more sixties, but still haunted and ghostly. Go see him i he ever tours! I'm lucky as he plays in Copenhgen from time to time.

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This ombré fade fork installation at Woodstock Cyclery was done by artist Paul Edmunds.
"Size matters, at least when it comes to shops like this. One of my absolute favorite parts about traveling with a bicycle is visiting the local bike shop for whatever location is on my itinerary. During my recent trip to South Africa, I was delighted by their local shop, Woodstock Cycleworks. The first thing I noticed was the scale of this shop. It is massive, taking up half a city block, with giant, vaulted ceilings, exposed brick and wood trusses, with natural light so beautiful, any photographer would take great pleasure in shooting the interior." See more at #theradavist
Events like the @karoobaix are as much about community involvement as they are the race itself. Here, a local sandwich cart owner, Poppie, runs out to greet racers as they arrive to the lunch stop on course. Poppie is known for her bread and tourists from all over queue up at her sandwich stand just outside the Tankwa Karoo.
Immerse yourself in the complete South African experience of the @karoobaix this morning at #theradavist
I love seeing strange and unique bikes that shops have hanging around... this one is at Woodstock Cycleworks in Cape Town. It was found in a dumpster!
I had the absolute pleasure of documenting one of the coolest, most sincere bikes shops I've been to: Woodstock Cycleworks in Cape Town, 🇿🇦 Expect a full Shop Visit next week on #theradavist
Thanks for letting me poke around, @nils_wscycleworks!
This is the sickest @opencycle UP I've ever seen. @raouldejongh wasn't pleased with the stock color options so he created the OD UP! See more at #theradavist today!
A knee injury has me ending this trip early but alas, not all is lost. I was able to ride amazing roads, meet amazing people and eat amazing food. Oh yeah and photos! Expect some reportage next week on #theradavist from the @karoobaix
When the dawn breaks in the desert, time stands still. During the @karoobaix, you've got no time to waste.
Today on #theradavist, we continue to cover a few select bikes from the @karoobaix, a 400km dirt road race in South Africa. This is Matthew from @saffronframeworks' personal bike, painted by @jackkkingston, built with a mix of @columbus_official tubing and @rideshimano Ultegra Di2... as for the performance on course, not even 11 thorn punctures could keep Matthew down. Yes, his bike was set up tubeless... have you ever seen South African thorns? Check out more images at #theradavist
@stanengelbrecht's @mercerbikes the day before the @karoobaix depart. Check out the details from this bike, including a sick custom rack at #theradavist
@stanengelbrecht and his @mercerbikes from the @karoobaix are up at #theradavist - be sure to check this one out, the rack design is killer!
That was the hardest day on the bike for me. Period. 30mph head wind all day, 90% washboard (corrugated) roads and the grand finale was a horrid hike a bike. My knee is out of commission - will be off it for weeks - but luckily I had Bregan to walk with me up this road. I bailed at mile 115 since I couldn't pedal my bike anymore after eating 10 Advil for my knee throughout the day. All in all, I'm leaving this @karoobaix experience with a new found humility.
The locals in South Africa thought Bregan was Lance Armstrong. Then they had a foot race. Guess who won? @karoobaix