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Signed Dashboard Confessional poster.

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@we_set_sail is playing our first show in ages this Saturday at @crowbarbris . It is @hobbledehoyrecords special day!! And it's Arrows last show...EVER. Jamie Hay is CERES. See you on the 5th Brisbane!!!
Cleaning the garage and I find one of these bad boys. Not sure how many were made but stoked I still had it. I also had the idea of doing a "punk rock garage sale" if anyone else is keen let me know?
New album by The Republic Of Wolves...anyone else got theirs yet??
All the @kill_the_music posters have a new home with @boytrady at the new studio where they are tracking the new The Amity Affliction record. If you need an amazing studio to record an album check it out soon. I have wall paper glue all over me.
See you later 161-163 Elizabeth St. 😔. Thanks to everyone that ever walked up our stairs...😘
So many awesome people I know will be so stoked on this awesome line up. @hitsandpitsfestival have done it again.
This may seem like the most boring photo ever. But this photo is of 6 keys. These 6 keys have been with me every single day for the last 7 years. Today I handed then back and I no longer have more keys than everyone I know. I now keep thinking I have lost me keys haha. Welcome to 2014.
Bunch of videos found cleaning up. Some we bought, some of shows I filmed almost 13 years ago. VHS party!!!
The last day at the shop on Jan 5th was full on, but awesome!!!
Our mate @ladylana taking @kill_the_music global. Had a few mates get photos on this bridge repping @kill_the_music stuff...might even be a few sneaky stickers there. Thanks travelers.
That time in 2007 that we put on a Moneen sideshow in Brisbane!!! Such a rad night. I still remember seeing the floors move at The Troubadour.
Found so many things/memories while demolishing the store.
For anyone that didn't know, this is my other job...well now this is my only job. If you know anyone getting married spread the word. Thanks
Selling 7"s to raise cash for the shop. Anyone keen on these bad boys?? Gonna be in the shop from 2nd to the 5th.
Benson is 6 tomorrow. These days he just gets tormented by a 3 year old girl who puts stickers on his head all the time. Well played dog...
The amount of awesome photographers in Brisbane is nuts these days.So stoked wasting hours looking at their work. I'm probably late to the party but @ryansmithphoto is pretty damn awesome.
The first guy I ever employed to work in the shop played at our recent benefit gig with @violentsoho4122 and The Gifthorse. Wish we could work together again and talk shit all day... @ashmcintyretattoo
Another @thirdeyevisualsau shot from the Hi-Fi bar gig from last Sunday. Head over to @thirdeyevisualsau to grab a print if you're keen.