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  Posted: Oct 1, 2012 10:34 PM FEED
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@trrrracey and @mannequinhands and their pretzel bebe.

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Peeking through a Paris shop window at a literal tower of macarons, giant chocolate eggs, and edible cars! Is that a little camera in the corner so they can see how many people press their faces to the glass and drool?
From the lawn of the Sacré-Cœur, where seemingly half of the city of Paris goes to spend their Saturday afternoons.
Jack and I took the stairs to the top of the Sacré-Cœur with only a few other people at our heels. 300 stairs seemed like nothing at the bottom, but it was a constantly winding staircase with teeny little steps, and I was fully out of breath and ready to keel over by the time we got to the top. But the view was totally worth the effort, and I'm glad we did it while we're still young!
Another one from the top of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmatre, Paris.
Jack leaned waaaaaaaaay out of the upper windows of the Sacré-Cœur to try to get a shot of this gargoyle about to eat the Eiffel Tower. It was well worth his almost dying, right?
Inside the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris, where they definitely have signs posted everywhere telling you not to take pictures. But literally everyone else was! So I took this one. I'm sorry.
And then it was time to visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, a Roman Catholic church finished in 1914 with views of the entire city of Paris. The lawn was LITTERED with people, but the line to get inside moved like a flash!
Of course we needed some treats after our pizza lunch, so we stopped in @labossueparis looking for a Paris-Brest pastry, but we had to settle for all of these canelés and financiers. 😄
I'm a really bad tourist and always want to eat pizza wherever I am in the world, so during our day in the neighborhood of Montmartre in Paris, I found a pizzeria called Il Brigante, run by an Italian transplant. We walked in and nicely asked him if he spoke English (in French, of course). He said no. And then he started to tell us in French that he spoke French, Italian, Spanish, German . . . I WISH we would've asked him if he speaks Polish, since Jack does, but we just smiled, because everyone in France had been so nice to us, and we couldn't tell if he was joking or not. In the end, he spoke perfect English, and we got a fantastic pizza.
Something beautiful at the end of every street in Paris.
There's nothing special about this picture, but this view on the way to Montmartre was just so French to me. Whole chickens roasting in a window, little motorcycle, old graffiti-ed door, man leaning out on his balcony . . .
The next day, we took a looooooong walk from where we were staying in the city center to the neighborhood of Montmartre, made famous by "Amelié", where we passed this pretty row of buildings with a peep show tucked inside.
One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, and it's of a fake castle in a fake American town outside of Paris.
Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Paris as the sun was going down. The funny thing about this castle is that I saw it on someone's Instagram feed as I was looking up Paris hashtags before our trip and was like, "THAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CASTLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. PARIS IS PERFECT!" And then I realized it was a fake castle built by an American corporation and was embarrassed. But hey, what can I say? I like pink.
I waited ALL DAY to ride The Haunted Mansion–excuse me, Phantom Manor–but it was having issues and was shut down every time we checked. In another life, I want to be the smiling Disney employee who gets to tell children their favorite ride is closed for the day. FINALLY, just before we left, we ran over in squishy shoes, and it was OPEN! And it was AMAZING!
My favorite panel inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Paris. Who didn't want to grow up to be a Disney villain?
Inside Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, or Sleeping Beauty's Castle, where we spent a LOT of time when the sprinkles we'd been seeing on and off all day became a torrential downpour, and we had to take cover! The rain was coming from every direction, flooding the ground, and lightning was striking all around us. At one point, a bolt hit so close that the speakers pumping sweet music throughout the park abruptly made a huge static sound and then just went off. Creepy!
Jack had never been on It's a Small World! Can you believe it? What have you even been doing with your life? This was shut down for a rain shower, and when it opened back up, we were basically first in line! It seemed cool to me at the time, although typing this out makes me realize I'm a nerd.