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ochocinco 263w ago
Check out my homeboy @matthewmillions and his dope spiked iphone cases he just hooked me up with. Go to for yours!"

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Working out w/ my partner Baby Kennedi ❤️
After numerous talks with my financial advisor (myself) I've come to terms that I can build another Donk, after building 6 Donks & a 12 year hiatus I think it's imperative that my cheap, non-spending, paying bills late purposely because money looks better coming in than going out ass should be able to be a part of the festivities w/ @donkplanet & all the other Donk riders, please do not ask to race me unless it's on foot cause I will beat all you fuckers racing, I'm building her strictly for looks, any further questions about this ongoing project please talk to my management team (also me) or talk to the inspiration behind me coming out of retirement @2_fly4_ig ® All creativity & credit once she's finished goes to @thirkeld
Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "semi frozen yellow" 🎾
Floating w/ @rjacobfitness in round 7, i still don't understand how professional boxers go 12 rounds, I can barely throw in round 7 😢
#Repost @eighty5cigars (@get_repost)
It is generally agreed upon that handmade cigars are better than machine made cigars, but ask why, and most people would not be able to tell you. ⠀

Most cigars are created when the wrapper is applied by hand to a bunch (combined, blended filler leaves) with a manual or motor-driven machine. Often these cigars are referred to as “machine bunched; handmade”. Machine made cigars are made entirely by machine using short filler or scrap filler tobacco. The wrapper is natural, but the binder is created from homogenized tobacco.⠀

Pure, 100% handmade cigars are produced without the use of any machines, and are created by a premium cigar roller.⠀

Learn more by clicking the link in our bio and checking out the "Learn" section. ⠀

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