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  Posted: Oct 1, 2012 4:57 PM
397 Valencia
Halloween costume: option 3

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Loves that in Colorado you can wake up with friends, have coffee and talk, then before the sunsets for the night be at 13,000ft to watch it all. Special land around here ✨
Crossed paths out on the road with my dear friends Max & Bonnie Kate of @beadventureus yesterday 🙃 I love sitting in their lovely airstream with no where better to be.
Their home reminds me that we need a beautiful space to recharge if we want to create and thrive, not just somewhere to exist in and sleep in. That’s exactly what’s so warm about being in their 30 foot home on wheels.
Their adventures are worthy and their love is impressive, worth a follow
Yesterday was a real adventure but the sweet thing is that it ended right here way up in the mountains @ 12,000ft ✨
Classic story of a dog on a rock and a guy with a camera to take a picture of it
A place of peace I’ve always found is sitting under a tree or out in an open field. A place to go and recenter. And that’s what I love most about being a photographer, I can live my life in that sort of place. I love assembling ideas, dreams really, of places and people and memories and feelings.
So this is my dream, a reality too, a feeling of a story I lived. Sitting in a field with my buddy @gregoryalanisakov, drinking wine, listening to songs, being here.
Everything belongs ✨
Daily reminder to love ‘em while you got ‘em, swallow your pride and share your heart, and learn to wait ✨
Winter is bound to teach a man patience
words: the language of letting go: daily meditations on codependency
Exploring Denver today for @LaQuintaHotels, hitting some good spots around town. Our little 24 hour highlight video is coming out soon. If you’re into videos of a guy walking with a dog talking to a camera you’re really gonna love it ✨
#LQLocal #ad
I’m not always the best about capturing the exact way I feel in a moment but this one hits me right. Good dog, good truck, good mountains, good friends. That’s some warmth I can feel right in the middle of me
I gotta let my guard down, I gotta loosen my grip
It’s like a Dixie Chicks song out here y’all
Learning to drop the wall in front of my heart, the protector who saved a boy from an angry father, has been so difficult. But letting the warmth of love flow inside me allowed me to write her and say she’s always on my mind. But it also wrecks me when news from Las Vegas hits.
Some days it still feels like a dog in the weeds. But then if i can let go it’s the truest love song I can sing
Soaking in being home before we head out West for a month ✨ Colorado bound for two photo shoots and then Montana for fly fishing with friends. Feeling recharged to make new work 🙃
We’ll prob be stomping around Denver for a few days of it so come out and have a brew, prob will drop a line on our stories