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  Posted: Oct 1, 2012 4:03 PM
523 X-Pro II
Im back at #grangrandollys for the first time without her going through her stuff
  • She's proud of you like noone else is!

  • I miss my grandmother everyday :'(

  • Gran Gran Is Our Diamond :')) and Navy knows that!

  • Love you ! You're my Best forever !

  • @badgalriri love you girl grandmothers are our beautiful diamonds in the sky I miss my Grandmother everyday I feel your pain.

  • It will be alright she is watching over you and listening to you every minute

  • ♥♥♥

  • God bless her sweet soul and yours for making her very proud 😊

  • You truly love her! She is very proud of you Rih! ❤👆

  • She was very honored to be ur granny seems without the career but more than proud of you because of ur accomplishments and u turning out to be a beautiful young lady! Blessings

  • She is proud of you Robyn!❤

  • <3<3

  • Gotta do the same in BK this sat. my gma got her wings last week..miss her like crazy 😘🙏

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  • My mom passed on this same month and her bday is this month I HATE this time of the year

  • Back to your life

  • Take back your life

  • Return god. come on

  • @labella_boricua u shud try to celebrate her moving on to a better life

  • Beautiful!

  • One thing I have learned in this life: nomatter what happens, life goes on.

  • So sad 😔

  • Stay strong ri

  • You're grand is in a better place now, shes watching and taking care of u from heaven. Stay strong because life goes on and theres still people in your family that needs u.

  • fav rih tattoo.

  • Sorry for ya loss @badgalriri. Stay strong & keep making hits.

  • thats real boo

  • Much love

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  • @badgalriri So sorry for ur loss. I lost my Gran in May no one will love u like she will but u have so much of her with u. Cherish all the good times n smile when u say or hear something that sounds like her. Luv u lady

  • Rest in peace Gran Gran Dolly ❤ you'll be in my prayers🙏 she's a diamond in the sky now 💎 chillin with god!

  • RIP Dolly @badgalriri

  • I love you ri! Believe me when I say, you will see your beautiful gran gran dolly again on paradise earth.

  • I love the tattoo

  • Trust, she is still here with u!!!! ❤🙏

  • God Bless.

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  • My grandfather died last Thursday. I love to see the love you have for gran gran #rip

  • ❤❤❤

  • RIP #grangrandolly ❤❤😥

  • Loosing someone you love is never something we can understand...

  • What would Jesus say about that hand OMG

  • 💝

  • Love uuu!!!

  • U are very strong..god bless u riri.

  • I'm sooooooooo sorry baby

  • Reflect on the good , learn from the past , and treasure your memories .

  • love uuuuuuuuuu Robynnnnnnnnnn

  • Robynn <3<3<3

  • Lost my Dad last year Boo..

  • I can only imagine how hard it has to be on you!! Hang tough & look at the bright side; you're surrounded by all the things that helped define her!! Xoxo

  • brean 5y ago


  • Awn...

  • Those are such great things albums it just takes you back of rather house such treasures.

  • :(

  • R.I.P Gran Gran Dolly

  • Rest in peace Gran Gran Dolly:(

  • She left a great impression on you and her memory will never perish.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • May she rest in paradise @badgalriri

  • Grandmas are the best

  • @marooby it's a real tattoo of New Zealand's Maori culture

  • Ahhh I like it @georgieleigh

  • Ahhh I like it @georgieleigh

  • All I've got.. is these photographs.. nothing without you.. Love that song @badgalriri

  • Rip 🙏

  • I been there alone for my Mother (RiP Marian MoM) it's a HARD place to be especially before age 30 @badgalriri

  • I never did this before but I prayed for you & Chris to get back together. You guys were so cute together & happy & everyone around was happy like it was true love & yes y'all had y'all ups & downs but that's love no ones perfect & we all make mistakes that's life but I wish y'all the best:) I look up to you @badgalriri since day 1 :) your beautiful & Chris or whoever ends up with you will be the luckiest & I hope that they cherish you <3

  • @dancingondamoon she didn't look very cute after he beat her face in that night. Every time I look at her all I can think of is what he did to her face. Why would she think so low of herself that she would take back someone who beat her to a pulp. Shame on her, bad example to set for the youth who listen to their crappy music.

  • @jamiefari suck a big one @badgalriri you're beautiful 💋

  • @jamiefari don't worry about her she's human nd grown u focus on her happiness why??..focus on yourself

  • dont worry about another bill again, easy money for using instagram

  • Lol blah blah blah

  • If she want to embarrass herself by getting back with a man who destroyed her face for all the world to see, then by all means she is more than welcome to do so, she has the right. That being said, myself and all other self respecting females who would never let a man physically assault us... We will have a good time laughing at her for her poor relationship choice and next time he does it none of us will be surprised at all. That's all I'm saying lol @_hippietendencies @naaila_raeesa @maggiieeexo I also wasn't saying she wasn't beautiful, she's extremely beautiful.. that is why I don't understand why she doesn't mind being brutalized at he hands of a man. Call me crazy lol

  • Are those Chris Browns feet in the back there??? You go gal. Show them Caribbean women don't play for we man. Lix or no Lix we love that BBD!!!! Hold the strength @badgalriri

  • I don't need a man to make me understand that domestic abuse is acceptable. It is not. Real men and women know this and don't let themselves be treated like trash. I don't have to be in their relationship to have know that physical abuse is unacceptable. Anyone and everyone should know that. @_hippietendencies

  • "love" doesn't make you assault someone. That's not love that is violence, plain and simple. She has a very young fan base, and by re-entering a violent relationship she is leading by example for her young fan base to do the same whether she wants/means to or not. I can have an opinion on whatever I choose. By your logic in saying that, you should have no opinion about MY opinion, because you don't have the same feelings on it as me. I think every person should have an opinion about domestic abuse. Men who beat women are pussies, weak, insecure, poor excuses for human beings and should be treated as such.

  • FINALLY! @rehab4candy lol everyone tells me to fuck myself and that I need to get a man just because I say those things. Sssssorry, I thought most ppl felt the same but I guess you and I are the minority in that respect

  • @jamiefari if you put your self in a mans place expect to be treated like a man.

  • Lol yeah he dropped that other broad right on her ass. What a greeeat guuuuy, she's should totes get back with him he's obviously a changed man @rehab4candy lol

  • @aldenblack what do you mean lol

  • First nobody was talking to you. Second what the fuck does "swagg da fuq up!" Even mean get off your ghetto high horse and learn some english. And third if anyones "mad" its you defending a celebrity like your going to get recognized. @trinity724 .

  • First nobody was talking to you. Second what the fuck does "swagg da fuq up!" Even mean get off your ghetto high horse and learn some english. And third if anyones "mad" its you defending a celebrity like your going to get recognized. @trinity724 .

  • And by the way I wasnt even talking about her I was making a simple comment. Ill post it on what ever comment all I said is "if you put your self in a mans place expect to be treated like a man" it doesnt matter to me if it was this picture or anyother it wasnt directed to her it was a simple statement so before you get all ignorant and talking trash learn what and who your talking about @trinity724

  • Looooool oh man its gettin gully on this picture now lol can't believe me asserting the fact that domestic abuse is a problem, would cause the ghetto police to come "tell me about myself" hahaha how's she going to be white talking that way? Yuck. I can't even address anything she said because I don't speak ebonics. As for this being an inappropriate place to make a comment that she should have more respect for herself.... Since this is in fact a pic for her granny I think it is the perfect place. What would her granny think of her allowing herself to be a punching back for some little blond haired short tempered little punk? I doubt that is the life she envisioned for her granddaughter... Also mine is NOT the most offensive comment on this pic, and there are certainly worse comments on other pics.. so if you wanna go all ghettohoodcheckyoselfbeforeyawreckyaself... Please go troll on them now. @trinity724

  • Punching bag*

  • If you know english then why do you talk that way? Also can't figure out why me saying that she should care about herself enough to not be beaten, is so offensive to you? You think its ok for men to put hands on women? What if some kid beats your daughter one day? You gonna say "gurl get bakk wid em do wut da fuq yu want yo" haha c'mon. Why should I go fuq myself because I was taught the very basic idea that men should not physically assault women. Remember the pic of what he did to her face? Why would anyone go back to a man capable of such violence?

  • Just because you weren't taught to have enough respect for yourself to now allow men to treat you like a punching bag... Doesnt make me trash. I cannot believe you would even say such a thing to a complete stranger. Another woman no less! Makes no sense and its pretty offensive, far more so than anything any of us have said.

  • Damn ...ppl talking all of this mess...on a picture taken from her grandmas place ..the one who passed away smh.. #norespect .. Rihanna stay up girl...ur career is what should be public. Your personal life is no 1s business..just like the release of those pictures of the incident were no ones business #shinebrightlikeadiamond. God bless u and may your grandma dolly r.i.p

  • Blah blah its not a private matter or she wouldn't be posting it on ig.

  • Yo! CHILL.

  • dang.

  • RIP to your grandmother, time heals all wounds...cherish your memories of her

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  • Dopest tatt😍

  • @badgalriri it's hard, almost seems impossible doesn't it?? Lost my best friend and guardian my grandma Loke last yea and it will forever be that way... Especially with her bday coming on oct 10

  • ❤❤❤

  • That must have been hard babygirl! Stay strong with that beautiful spirit! #allSmilez!

  • I feel you....I just lost my gma September 25 buried her October 5th the day before her bday and it hurts @badgalriri

  • Love your hand

  • Aww =( @badgalriri you know she's in a better place; she's right there with you baby girl <3

  • Te amoooooo my queen <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 @badgalriri

  • Just lost my Grandma on monday. Its never the same but you'll get by.

  • Te amo mi abulta @badgalriri, Lola Mae my granny may she rest in peace...

  • My tatoo @badgalriri

  • awww : ( & we know which nail yu use to break down da blunt lol

  • 🙏🙏🙏rip Grandolly

  • 🙏👼👵

  • Rest in paradise 🙏

  • You were sooo brave doing that. Mine passed in february and i still haven't dared to do it... Hugsss

  • Dolly shares the same last name with my mom, before she got married. Rest In Paradise to her  She must have been from Christ Church because she had the same last name and that's where my grandfather was from.

  • 👼🙏 R.I.P grandmother

  • Sorry for your loss babe. I definitely know the feeling. Continue to stay strong. I know she's very proud of your many accomplishments =)

  • I have a hand tat in the same place :) such a weird feeling to get ink there compared to all other spots

  • Rihanna, you have those moments that you can keep close to your heart forever!

  • I love looking at the memories in pics too they say a million words to your heart @badgalriri ❤💛💚

  • Gran gran!!!!!!!!! Love you Robyn!!!!!!!

  • Did da same whn i lost my grndma ...

  • #@jo

  • Stay steong rhi rhi ur gran gran would be proud

  • Strong lol

  • Honestly, I admire you so much for how much you love her. She seems so beautiful and amazing, this makes me a little teary eyed. I cant even imagine how hard it was you going through the stuff she had done for you. One thing I do know, she's definitely watching over you, and At least she left in peace knowing how far you've made it. Congrats on your new clothing line btw. #RiverIslandByRihanna #Number1Fan one love.

  • 😔

  • I love you Robyn

  • ♥..

  • I also lost my Grandma

  • 🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧

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