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  Posted: Oct 1, 2012 2:02 PM FEED
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Monday = laundry day

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You've gone to all that work pulling those costumes together, don't ruin your pics with a boring background! Over #ontheblog I show you a super easy way to swap the background of a photo 🙌 #AdobePartner #familyhalloweencostumes #handmadecostume --- Have you planned your costumes for this year yet?? We're still debating!!
Costumes are funner in pairs🙌 #lemonlime --- better tag that friend that you want to be costume buddies with ;) #handmadecostume #makersgonnamake (using @aleenesdiy fabric glue, this is an easy no sew project, wahoo!!)
I heard it was #bossday, so I gave myself the gift of a morning craft break and whipped up this mug 😍😍😍, take that #Monday! 👊
#craftallthethings #craftsofinstagram #vinylallthethings
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 4:13 AM
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Standard answer for homework woes 🤣 But really, ask Google Home, my kids are obsessed with finding out everything she knows. That and playing trivia ;) #giftfromgoogle #idkgoogleit --- have you tried out Google Home yet???
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 1:20 PM
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Hexagon tiles + B&W color pop = dreamiest diy coasters ever 😍😍😍 All the details on how to make these coasters (great gift idea!) AND a super quick way to achieve color pop with #photoshopelements, over on the blog 👊 ( including a link to a FREE trial of Photoshop Elements 😱) --- what is your go-to handmade gift idea??
#handmadegift #craftallthethings #makersgonnamake
Weekends filled with chocolates and crafting are pretty much perfection 🙌 Treat yourself this weekend by fitting in a little bit of both. What do you plan on making??
#TreatYourselfWonderful #craftallthethings #creativityfound
Posted: Sep 18, 2017 4:18 PM
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Are your vacation pictures still just sitting on your phone?? It's time to get them out and on display 🙌 Loved making this printable collage - super easy using Photoshop Elements, details are on the blog 👊 #summervacation #ad #familyphotos #vacationpics
My kiddos start bouncing around costume ideas as soon as fall hits - if yours are the same way, I've got several no-sew ideas over #ontheblog, like this fun donut 🙌🍩 --- #handmadecostume #handmadehalloween #makersgonnamake #craftallthethings
Posted: Sep 11, 2017 5:45 PM
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As you guys know, the past few years we've built our own home - along with that comes things like building a driveway and putting in a yard. We've found our favorite sprinkler of all time, it's Gilmour brand and it's everything 😍😍😍#sponsored #BuildingBeyelerHollow #diyyard
We are pretty much clipboard addicts at our house #cantgetenough 🙌 -- these monogram ones from @craftingchicks are about the cutest ever, be sure to follow them for cute and simple craft ideas!
Posted: Sep 7, 2017 1:24 PM
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Is it starting to feel like fall where you are? Blankets, books, and hot chocolate are calling our name! Our sponsor @disneybooks sent us an exciting new spooky and spectacular new #middleschool read, The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding. Perfect for fall and to get into the Halloween spirit #ProsperRedding, From NYT bestselling author @alexbracken is out now! #familyreading #halloweenreads
Let me introduce you to the perfect dorm-warming gifts 🙌 Send those college kiddos off into the world with some positive, undying, vibes AND plants --- super cool new glitter fuschia vinyl for the win #vinylallthethings #CraftersGonnaCraft.
#collegebound #dormlife #housewarminggift #craftsofinstagram
It seems like back-to-school just happened, but already we're in the thick of things around here - clubs, cross country (times 2!), volleyball, you name it! I try to be ready with plenty of snacks on hand at all times (my kiddos are ALWAYS needing snacks!), so I love that I can get these @DoleSunshine snacks in bulk from @BoxedWholesale delivered right to my door super fast with no membership fees (and I get to choose free samples with my order!). It doesn't get easier - and yummier! - than that! I dread going to big box bulk stores, and you know I love to do all my shopping online, so Boxed has definitely won me over! You can get 20% off Dole snacks & drinks at for 1 week with code SUGARBEE20 - link in my bio! #sponsored #shopboxed
I might just have to take up running just for the cool headbands 🤣 --> if you haven't voted for this fun project over on the @expressionsvinyl blog, what are you waiting for?! By voting you're entered to win free vinyl 🙌 Since free vinyl basically equals happiness, you won't want to miss that ;) #vinylallthethings #craftallthethings #runnersgonnarun .
#craftsofinstagram #diyheadbands #crosscountryrunning
Do you love the idea of picnics but dread the idea of prepping for one?? That was me, but I've got a solution for you! Grabbing to-go meals from @BobEvansFarms made for the #perfectpicnic ever, yum!! And let me tell you, their Strawberry Pie was what dreams are made of!! And lucky you, you can win a fun picnic kit and $25 gift card to Bob Evans so you too can have the #perfectpicnic - simply follow @BobEvansFarms on Instagram and then leave a comment about what your perfect picnic would be (and be sure to use the hashtag #perfectpicnic) - that's it!! Good luck!"
As you know, I love crafting with photos! This photo mobile turned out ah-mazing, with super easy edits using Photoshop Elements #sponsored. Swipe right to see the step-by-step how-to images! Photo Mobile Tutorial:

1. Open photo in Photoshop Elements

2. Using the Perfect Portrait Guided Edit, make quick and easy edits to portrait images (I was even able to erase the chocolate cereal face smudges on my kiddo in one click!) 3. Crop photos into square images and print.

4. Cut square paper a bit larger than your photos and glue photos onto paper to create frame.

5. Hang photos from rod using yarn. You can add tassels on the ends for a fun final touch!
This year's back to school clothes shopping was done online and it was 🙌 - everyone loves happy mail, especially when it was filed with all the cute clothes they had picked out. Check out @kohls right now for awesome back-to-school sales 👊 #ad #backtoschoolshopping
Posted: Aug 21, 2017 7:15 PM
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The Eclipse was ah-mazing 😍 🌑 #pathoftotality --- did you see it from where you were at??
When crafting and photography collide - I snapped a picture of a pile of buttons, and using the Photoshop Elements (#sponsored) Photo Text Guided Edit, I created the word "buttons" using the image of the buttons in three easy steps:

Go to Guided mode in Photoshop Elements and select Fun Edits
Import a photo and begin typing using the Type Tool
Format your text and voila!
Love how these labels turned out! Such fun that the labels are an image of what's actually in the jar! #photoshopelements #craftroom #organization
Need a weekend project?? Ombre Shoes for the win 🙌 --grab some Color Shot spray fabric paint and some canvas shoes, and have creating - my daughter is LOVING how these turned out!! This is the kind of back-to-school prep that I like 😜 #craftallthethings #MakeItWithMichaels #colorshot ad