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  Posted: Oct 1, 2012 7:06 AM FEED
261 Hudson
@leemazin & @louievgutta next up from #philly that's my word! #dreamchasersrecords
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  • They look like sister and brother

  • @tippyfresh if niki was to get serious and get into the boot to specifically aim at somebody head lyrically it's 💥🔫 Over! But niki is about her money so she is trying to grab a wider audience every thing she doing she strategize for her to get more bread she impressed the hood already now it time to convert and get world wide bread alot of ppl don't look at it like that cuz there hood boogers they see nothing else but the hood!!

  • N Wayne don't write her lines lets speak facts here @tippyfresh that's just something you heard n running with it!

  • @mrdevon69 wats that suppose to mean 😂

  • Damm homegirl @leemazin look like @meekmill big ups to her doe & fuck a nicki #deadass

  • @yeashedope I acknowledged that & she is still whack. I fucked with her mix tape but a lot of shit she say is stupid. Especially when she reiterates lines. Majority of music nowadays ain't shit but hot beats and punchlines. Period. I know local rappers that are way better than the people in the industry but the work it's stuck on this garbage truck, not willing to accept real talent.

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  • @yeashedope and plenty of people have green wider audiences with their originality & not switching up for a dollar so your argument is invalid.

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  • @yeashedope wrong again sweety, that ain't something I heard and running with it's something i said. She sounds like a female weezy lets get real!

  • Omg she looks like you @meekmill ... You guys can pass as sister & brother

  • @alicialavon I was thinking the same thing if not sister they related. Peaople should really watch what they say but... My bad its the web #Erybodygotballs

  • @tippyfresh if niki would of stick to her gangsta rap she wouldn't came this far! She has the talent but she knows how to work the music business she like Wayne they know if they say biddy boo on a track is gonna sale 50,000 records of they spit about growing up in the hood it's gonna sell 5,000 records its a business Sweety! But I heard ol girl in the pic music like I just listened to it her punch lines was basic! I can do that! Nothing she said made me say oh shit tha was hot! #MyOpinion just ain't felling her n I don't believe she'll go far but hey it's just an opinion

  • I agree wit yu @yeashedope. Ima old mixtape nicki fan.. those mixtapes are what hooked me. I dont too much like main stream nicki but i know its strategic so i respect it. I have heard ol girl wit meek tho.

  • Okay ur not getting it NEXT 👉👉👉👉 @tippyfresh lol

  • @beeeezbeaut but they don't hear me tho there thought process can't generate so much at one time 😂

  • @yeashedope lmfao @ biddy boop, but thats the point everybody got it all fucked up. People are in the music industry strictly for the money when theres actually unheard real talent out there that deserves the money. I just don't think people should be getting paid millions to say dumb shit on a mic. If thats the case then comedians should get paid the same if not more, at last their punch lines are funny! #MMTWGR

  • Yeeeeea @leemazin !!! Killin it, keep doing what u do <3

  • She look just like meek to or am I trippin like brother n sister

  • @yeashedope it's not rocket science. Your defense is nikki is whack for strategic reasons. Dur who didn't know that. My point is she's not all that. Period. The only reason she's in the game like you said is because she switched up her style. Which brings me back to my point, if she was all that, she wouldn't have had to switch from being a rap artist! Lol kim stayed in the rap businesses without going pop, so did the brat & remy ma, the only thing is all them women had obstacles in their way: jail lmfao

  • @yeashedope YOU don't get it boo boo!

  • Man fuck philly the only reason your so hott is because ur with The Boss and he is from the south!

  • @leemazin 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • She a cutie

  • @tippyfresh What???? smh ok I rather argue with someone with a valid point smh Have a good day Sweety 😂

  • Smh I fuck wit u but wat bout pooh n Mel luv ... u talk that shit but u not living all the way right they should b next up ...rns one philly nigga to another....

  • @yeashedope ditto ! Smfh

  • Look at g.with meek ok I see you.Philly stand up

  • Meek, you look so handsome smiling!

  • @caphk14 why you mad?Like future say"Da truth gone hurt u!" Lmfao!

  • Mekadon98 don't be mad because u wack and ur city . Philly on sum real shit don't get it fuck up

  • Y'all look like kin

  • Pretty smile :)

  • Y'all look like brother n sister

  • that's gotta be his sister

  • Lean bean betta jus my opion she got the swagg n her lyrics betta

  • @meekmill Nice Smile 😃

  • @youngmatthew, sum1s angry😤

  • Lol at ppl hating on Lee Mazin..sad pathetic individuals!

  • Lee Mazin isn't his sister but they from the same hood, grew up around eachother and often get compared because of their facial features and their voices.

  • Lee hott!! Fucks wit her!! @meekmill

  • Leemazing tough on the mic tho and she bad as shyt

  • Get it in my dude

  • ! Peep the music . Thank you

  • .

  • mel215 5y ago

    See this the non sense and I like lee mazin plus support her but my nigga you don't give @1youngpooh @mellove215 @datniggalil215 no love like this and they been with you since start.. This shit amazes me

  • mel215 5y ago

    From homie to homie @meekmill

  • I Love Meek's smile!

  • She's like Ugghhhhh no pictures

  • Meek mill like take the picture bitch

  • Lmfao

  • @mingofbaybe NO thts not a mustache thts the reflection from the light 😜

  • @meekmill that smile million dollors

  • Bad hoes on my team, dick um down like next ?! 😁😜

  • I would look better in tha picture?!!!!!!?

  • My 2year old loves meek too.....she rocks out?

  • It's sad! @mel215 you crazy....I just let young pooh open up on like 6 shows on my tour....ya forgot that fast....I told self 2 spin his records ya forgot that fast....this shit b fucking niggas heads up its a shame....and u just called tryna ride out wit us...this where niggas loose me at...

  • Niggas always kill they self thinking ya gotta do something for them.....niggas amaze me....we been looking at ya tweegrams niggas said meek mill he talking about you..I said no he not....but now this proves it all.....I don't gotta do shit for nobody especially nobody that ain't helping they self .....I'm not even talking on this shit nomore fuxk em and don't call me asking me about doing nothing for nobody....we don't even fuck wit niggas except whoop so why would I b helping em anyway...u on here tripping cause I shouted somebody out on Instagram it's sad.....and homies don't get on Instagram and say dumb shit u situation got niggas in a frenzy out here

  • @meekmill he jus hating nigga that wish he had the talent

  • And lee mazin got her own buzz she good with or without a shout's crazy niggaz do Lil jealous shit like this over a shutout on Instagram....shit amazes me....why would niggas even b worried about what the next man would do for em.....and we naming people I don't even fuck wit some of the people ya naming its clear who I fuxk wit...I was telling nighas I was gone sign young pooh but it always goes like this!

  • mel215 5y ago

    It's not the fact bro that you shouted nobody out.. Im just giving you the how i feel cause nobody else gone say how they feel that's all my nigga.. My instagram has nothing to do with you that's always the problem everybody always assuming but not asking. Whoever saying that feel that way for whatever reason..

  • Do your thing @meekmill. You don't owe anyone anything. Dreams and nightmares.

  • If somebody never does nothing for me I have no right 2 complain bcuz that won't make me feel better or put no money in my pocket...I been doing shit for niggas for years tryna get em in da studio had each one of them on the radio wit verses from me wen I was popping....both of em on dreamchasers 1 ....let whoop open up 4 shows on da self 2 spin niggas in New York.....Forreal Forreal niggas suppose 2 b where I'm at if everybody handled they bizness.....I'm never responsible for another "man" I have a child...niggas was on the tour bus....niggas ain't come .....if u don't grind u don't shine

  • mel215 5y ago

    I'm just letting you know how I feel my nigga and I know you not use to that lately anyway because only thing people do with you is agree or say yeah... Yes you did show whoop love on them shows and the radio connect. And We thanked you for that and we def grinding. Actually I tried calling you this morning. I didn't know it was to the extreme like that with love and Leel. Especially to the point where niggas couldnt talk as men. But I wasn't just talking about whoop I was talking about the hounds because that's what I been on since day one and showed love to all y'all.

  • I agree @meekmill

  • omelly 5y ago

    @mel215 what makes u think u got the right 2 talk 2 niggas on this tip u was good a couple months ago then u slide on niggas in everybody else did the same meek don't owe nobody shit shit we b out here in the jungle 2gether not none of the people u name included u y u acting like u don't know Wassup niggas ain't cool n I don't c how u opening ya mouth like that niggas b confusing me that's y I don't fuck wit niggas y u acting like u don't know what's going on niggas choose sides in it wasn't this side so u no the rules........ A DC at the end of the day meek not my friend that's my blood so I don't know where this going at

  • We been tried all this shit a hundred times the show waits for nobody....if niggas ain't wanna grind then they don't wanna grind now.....then all this shit deeper than helping a nigga out once niggas start running they mouth Bad about it ain't nomore help....if shit ain't da same it ain't da same.....I don't kno what 2 tell niggas....and a grown man can't b speaking up for another man period! A lot of niggas feel certains ways but everybody kno this shit deeper than me giving a nigga a shout out

  • Lol👆

  • This is a somewhat deep convo...I think it best to txt or call <my opinion don't give niggas no more to talk about. Y'all be cool stay friends if possible much love!

  • Preach @meekmill fuck em let em hate just know u always needs haters to keep you motivated...

  • mel215 5y ago

    What @omelly call my phone... I'm talking on here like a homie talk to anybody.. When niggas was younings and was moving around niggas was always there.. U just missed me bro! I'm saying what's supposed to be said

  • @mel215 seem like you trying to diss @omelly because you told @meekmill ain't nobody going tell you how they feel cuz you got yes man around you wow that's a diss if you ask me

  • Niggas in they feeling over a fucking shout out @meekmill shout a lot ppl out

  • mel215 5y ago

    @omelly when did I slide on niggas?? I'm lost.. At the end of the day I'm a real individual.. Stand for something or fall for anything.. This shit ain't about choosing sides this shit is about kids that all had a dream and one of them made it first.. Real niggas don't pick sides in between homies you try to get friends to talk about it to hopefully resolve it as homies.. @omelly I'm in the jungle everyday I wake up.. I'm really lost

  • @meekmill man u don't owe a nigga shit period cuz when u was fuked up out here on ya dick niggas ain't give a fuck about u but now niggas see u getting millions and living life that's when niggas go to talking side ways about u and wanna make the situation bigger then what it is young nigga outta Miami real recognize real str8 up hommie keep doin ya thing self made u don't owe a nigga or bitch shit I'm out that's the way I feel ain't no feeling bad for a nigga who don't wanna eat

  • @omelly @meekmill keep doin yal these people out here hating for nothing

  • @meekmill respect you for what was said in these comments . Dope to see a artist being straight up with problems

  • Ctfu bull mad as shit

  • Oh wow!

  • @mel215 speak your mind bro if u love niggas and u fill left out then u let them no far as I no y'all niggas was a crew 🎱 blood hound what happend to that

  • I'm a veteran in the game I squash niggas whole entire careers playboy I own cash money and if dissin me you dissin yourself I was 18 working with 25 million you ain't gotta do a track with me playboy that's your lost I'm a Self Made Millionare real talk I'm lowkey and yeah you don't owe me nothing except some respect like I gave you I'm the leader of the head bussers ima blokkbleader playboy I wish you the best but don't get shit twisted Im a real nigga too it ain't nothing fake about me playboy I been getting mulah and my money is far from young. I'm quite grown

  • Ask about my crew in Miami they a tell you straight up we get it in

  • I been fly and fresh without a deal I'm a real street nigga down to the bone grissle one of my nicknames is worst nightmare

  • If u guys are truly friends and hv been thru together, this is NOT the way to handle this. Obviously this is deeper than we know or can see, only u guys know wat this is about. Call one another and talk. Fame and money have destroyed a many friendships/ relationships. Don't let it do the same to u if u guys hv love for each other! Work it out! ANd nt on IG! Peace

  • I Agree with @meekmill niggas want free hand outs and act like bitches getting jealous over stupid shit....If you were his real friend you would've stuck by him thru everything and waited your turn like @omelly,never bite the hands that feed you.and yes y'all all were a group BH,but at the end of the day nothing stays the same ,Shit changes and friends becomes Strangers and most time it's due to hate,envy and jealousy ! But keep doing you @meekmill don't let this stuff get to you,bc when niggas are down they will try to bring you down with them!

  • Man stfu @bossman61474

  • I am somebody

  • @makeitrain_tiff all that tough talk you just waisting your breath we are worldwide niggas I been in this game since 1991 and I also make dedications so please be easy my shit is bubbling quietly that people's problem they talk to much I move lowkey I'm a og

  • And that s after the word that is on my chest

  • @meekmill fuck people do you come back to bmore

  • @504_jay real talk playboy

  • First off nobody was talking to your bone thugs n harmony looking ass ,I @ 'Ed the people I was talking to ,now by your dismissed !!! @bossman61474

  • I'm a soldier

  • @504_jay I agree with you,he @bossman61474 needs to STFU and Stick something in his mouth !!

  • You beige ass bitch stick these muthafuckin nizzuts in your mouth and stop dick riding I can make it hurricane

  • You probably can't afford to talk fly to me

  • So don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash

  • Yeah you make it rain tiff

  • Material things don't matter to me I make platinum hits I ain't got nothing to prove

  • And if you never heard of me before now you just did

  • Nigga im marquez Houston's big brother and all I gotta say about that is quit baller blokking

  • walize 5y ago

    True she sexy at dat

  • And Marquez ain't got nothing to do with this I'm a grown ass man and me and my Lil brother have never even met before

  • Fuck you nigga look me up take a picture write a book hang it on the wall and I bet my Lil brother could smash your main bitch on the first night nigga he ain't gay

  • He mentioned a brother he has never even met before?! Confused.......

  • Lmfao 😢😂😓😥😪😰😭😆

  • ky_dom 5y ago

    @sweet_nes 😂😂😂😂

  • Ctfu !! Evbody want their 5 mins of fame this is abt @louievgutta @leemazin wtf iz goin on lolzzz cuz im related forreal to one of them and we dont know none of yall !! To be arguin or debatn.or hatn #bang

  • I need that track rt there, meek, lee, and louie.

  • @meekmill Shout me out! ☺

  • You a hating ass sukka for real and no I'm not gay nigga I'm an American gangster you don't even know me at all you childish as fuck

  • Get your weight up nigga

  • And get off meek mills dick you a creepy ass dude for real

  • And get off meek mills dick you a creepy ass dude for real

  • I made 100 million in a day dude so fuck what you talking about

  • Wsp my nigga I wanna say congrats on da album so proud of u I CNt b mad at dat shit u sayn bout me dats just how u feel its ur opinion but u right I wasn't grindin #facts but DNt let a nigga say some shit 2 u on niggas behalf & u just try 2 air me he speaking how he feel u gotta take dat up wit him..I DNt feel like u owe me anything I DNt ask u 4 shit I made a choice and I go 2 da grave wit it I wld appreciate if u DNt speak on me if we not cool we not cool just leave it like dat just kno dis shit n my blood 🎱 if u Eva need me I'm hear 4 u dats real love dats a real friend dats a real

  • Wsp my nigga I wanna say congrats on da album so proud of u I CNt b mad at dat shit u sayn bout me dats just how u feel its ur opinion but u right I wasn't grindin #facts but DNt let a nigga say some shit 2 u on niggas behalf & u just try 2 air me he speaking how he feel u gotta take dat up wit him..I DNt feel like u owe me anything I DNt ask u 4 shit I made a choice and I go 2 da grave wit it I wld appreciate if u DNt speak on me if we not cool we not cool just leave it like dat just kno dis shit n my blood 🎱 if u Eva need me I'm hear 4 u dats real love dats a real friend dats a real

  • U look so blessed,focused n at peace doin u.proud. And I swear nobody better fk tht up for u.Stay out dat jeezy shit.please dont b another pac.

  • Lmmfao @ these comments

  • Meek come to my video shoot on the 19th much love tryna get it how you gettin it northside

  • @louievgutta soon as you blow im putting out that track we did "can you ha.

  • "can you handle this" I bet you forgot about that I got that in the tuck lol

  • 😢 wtf is going on... I think I'm about to cry... Wasn't Mel and Pooh just opening at the concert? I can't even finish reading these comments ON INSTAGRAM!!!! Nonetheless.... I been a bloodhound fan since day one and meek fan since then but please whatever is going on delete this shit and work it out as men... Even if it's settled DELETE THEM, don't let the world make more of anything they don't need to know anything about. This shit not even cool and I'm speaking as a fan and everybody else on here might enjoy the drama and pointing of the fingers and shit but y'all got real fans and genuine people who DON'T ENJOY this negative shit so debt it please @meekmill @mellove215

  • @mellove215 that was real shit what you just wrote @meekmill @omelly y'all don't hear him tho

  • Keep up the good work you just told it like it is @mellove215 fuck @omelly with his broke ass and @meekmill with his feeling expressing all the time ass

  • Look niggaz im from philly we watch all ya nigga come up @meekmill @mellove215 young pooh and lil yall cant let dat bullshit get yall like dis this why niggaz in out city can succeed man yall betta than this @meekmill i feel wat u say bout a nigga aint on his grind but yall niggaz brothas dog wat yall forgot 🎱 nigga lol yall betta stop lettin dis fuck shit get the best of yall #philly

  • @meekmill @mellove215 @mel215 @omelly 18 Mblock blood hounds that's where it started that's the music I came up to that's the team I know and that's what philly wants to hear just one track from the hounds

  • My boys best luk

  • upt_ka 5y ago

    What ever happen to Dat Nigga Lil?


  • Rip lil snupe 🔱😔

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