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  Posted: Sep 30, 2012 11:21 PM FEED
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  • @fashion_icon25 OMG last thing ur so fucken Ghetto "lets get down" OMG hahahaha u seriously crack me up hahahaha!!! Only the devil would say those kind of things u evil crack headed idiot ignorant hoe slut devil bitch!!!!

  • Wow! I so thought that was Willow Smith the first time I heard that song. I only heard the chorus. #mistake

  • @fashion_icon25 get over ur self!! Exactly u said it ur self is a free fucking world so let other ppl do n like whatever they want just worry about u n not what other ppl r doing with their lives u ignorant wanna be fashion lmao!!! U hoe!!! Lol

  • @goodgirlgonebad0910 agree with u, just cuz u like Rihanna or u have pic of her on ur IG doesn't mean ur doing something wrong ur doing more wrong on wishing for someone to die or wishing them bad God doesn't like that God said to love ur enemies n to let them offend u!! In the end of the day if know where u came from n who u love God, God will blessed u with many beautiful things

  • Fuuuuuuckkkk yo. How bout we stop bitching n shit. For the crazy ppl who think its devil music Okayyyy thnks for the opinion....... Now lets move on lol for the others sticking up for rhianna or yourselves.... U did a good job 👌 now how about let's stop making this a haters chat room n move on with our lives. The suns up, the moon is somewhere, birds are chipping, the world is turning, we wasting precious time ( except me cuz I'm preaching ) everyone have a very blessed day, now go smoke sum nice 😘

  • @markofthegods agree! Smh

  • I love you rihanna @badgalriri #alwayswill


  • @ms_sammyg ohh stfu cuz ur little ass IG friend left me a lot of tons of comments on my pic and ain't complaining cuz I dont care about her!! N I look what the devil is doing to u girls cuz u guys r the one the started saying negative things about @badgalriri n on her IG so who's dumb now ??? Lol U evil dumb girl

  • Don't get mad cause u sucked my bro dick and he put it on urine slut @goodgirlgonebad0910 this my phone hoe I can go on any page bitch.

  • I am hoe but ur slut ass all in my business u dumb ass bitch, lets meet up so I can beat your wack ass @aye1126 bitch exactly u scary pussy hoe grow u some balls lames

  • Like I said u scary bitch it's whatever don't talk shit if your pushy ass can't back it up bitch. Saw ur utube video u do suck dick good though hoe. @goodgirlgonebad0910

  • If any niggardly want there DICK sucked @aye1126 and @goodgirlgonebad0910 suck the boom dick shit nit go lie there check out there utube page "I suck good dick

  • @fashion_icon25 hahahaha ur such a child that's how ur come backs look like hahahaha u crack me up even talking about ur own bro hahaha only dumb pol would do that hahaha keep talking bitch talk that talk lol n ur brothers was small u should know better he told me last night u sick that little thing n put it in ur sorry ass so u could shut the fuck up already hahahaha!!! LOSER!!!

  • At the end if the day @goodgirlgonebad0910 sucks amazing dick with her scary ass @empireproductions fuck u hue mine ur business no one on this motherfucking instagram pays my damn bills so I will say what the fuck I want good or bad bitches its my opinion hoes not urs

  • U would know slut @goodgirlgonebad0910 keep sucking dick u ho hahahaha lame bitch get ur own swag u ugly hoe find urself bitch cause u lost. U really in love with me, I feel honored

  • U a scary hoe I will fuck u up with my eyes closed @goodgirlgonebad0910 do me a favor and kill urself bitch

  • @fashion_icon25 hahahaha ur so funny u should be a clown hahahhaha! Haters r gonna hate bitches r gonna bitch!!! Do me a favor and go suck ur bro dick again cuz last night u didn't do it good that's why u keep talking non sense hahaha!!

  • Lmaoooooo y'all crack me up

  • Wow that's all u got slut @aye1126 this coming from a sacrum man looking hoe who don't have a picture u and @goodgirlgonebad0910 can kiss my ass what I say mean more to u bitches then Rihanna how sad two lame ass dumb bitches and boo I don't need a wig boo my hairbis real unlike yrs slut and @aye1126 it's best ur wack dirty ass mine ur business. The good about all this is u bitches popped and I know I look good so what u man looking havebto say is not important. Like I said people make celebrities out to be more then what they ate. Now what goes I will keep saying bitches.

  • @fashion_icon25 hahahaha n u know all the names of the sex videos on utube cuz ur all upon them too hahhaa u sex addict!! Stfu n go suck ur dads dick so u could do a better job cuz last night ur bro was complaining that u suck it bad n he didn't like it!! N yea bitch lets met up ill fuck the F out of u n ill take that sorry ass fake ass wig that u have in that little fuck up brain lol bring it bitch!!!! U think ur all big n bad but ur nothing but a slut HOEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Like I said bitches @aye1126. @goodgirlgonebad0910 y'all talking mad shit but since I know I will fuck both of u hoes up with my eyes close? I feel bad for u hoes bitch.

  • Go suck u and ur 84lame ass followers dick bitch u need the money broke hoe @aye1126

  • @fashion_icon25 I'm a hoe n slut n so what deal with it bitch don't worry about me worry about ur sorry ass!! Go grow some natural hair first than we could talk jajaja fake ass wig!'n

  • Exactly don't worry about my comments bitch worry about u and your crackheads ass family bitch, if u died 5seconfs from now the world wouldn't givens fuck hoe so kill urself please.

  • @fashion_icon25 you fuckin weird.. get off rihanna cliteris hairs!! you jelouse as fuck & clearly have no life cuz you still writen novels n shit! stop @ me dumbass! yu really weird as fuck..get all that hate out your heart sweety,its not healthy!

  • I don't wear wigs bitch u talking to me not ur slut ass mama bitch I think u got shit twisted @aye1126 mind ur business don't worry what I put up, if u died 5seconds from now the world would not care so kill urself and if I do wear a wig so what the bitch u look up to wears wigs so ur point dumb hoe. U need a mom bad slut u are a sad sad person who gets mad when people voice there options,, u have no life that's why u stay on on instagram @aye1126 go suck ur daddies dick slut

  • I don't think I am big and bad bitch I Know hoe @aye1126

  • This bitch really need to set down @aye1126 damn hoe don't u got dick to suck? #goofyhoes

  • @fashion_icon25 stfu already ur boring!!!!

  • Superhead don't have shit on @aye1126

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  • Bitch mine business hoe @gisselle_diaz18 damn have shit to do with u hierarchy the more they inbox me the more I will defend myself bitch so mine ur business

  • Lol ^ this is so funny!!

  • Bitch what gap dumb hoe @gisselle_diaz18 mind ur business hoe honestly u a waste bitch

  • Just mind yrs and u might live longer hoe @gisselle_diaz18

  • @fashion_icon25 gurl if you was really worshiping God you wouldn't have been cussing so much at these ppl n getting mad over dumb stuff n tellin them to kill themselves n that you down to beat then up.. true followers of the Lord wouldn't say any of the things you said here because like @aye1126 said, God says to love your enemies and let them offend you, He never said offend all those who have offended you did he?? Our God is one of LOVE not Hate so plz stop all this hating cuz u just making all those who really believe and worship the Lord look bad...

  • Rihoe u a little ass girl I have baby sisters who can Kip ur white cracker ass since u want to be racist hoe @gisselle_diaz18 get a life please

  • U talking about moms ur mom is probably the one that taught u how to suck dick the first person u did it on was ur dad u worth nothing u get money by fucking selling ur self in the streets hoe bag low life

  • No pic? Is it cause u a man lol @gisselle_diaz18

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  • Lol that's all u got bitch. @gisselle_diaz18

  • Little man find u some business hoe

  • @fashion_icon25 i don't know what language there is that you speak, but here we speak English. You should try it sometime

  • Please mind ur business @d_fashiongirl

  • Hating how hoe @gisselle_diaz18 bye saying people make celebritiea out to be more then what they are u are a dumb lame good bye hoe.

  • @fashion_icon25 you made your business quite public. I mean Rihanna has about 2.5million followers

  • omfggggg @fashion_icon25 STFUUU !! you keep writen about suckin dick? like seriously? your grose.go find somthin else to do with your spare time.go suck on a job! or go to the mall or somethin. loser!

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  • U hoes lame @gisselle_diaz18 u a lilttle girl I would go to jail for beating ur wack ass

  • @fashion_icon25 can you at least speak English so we're able to understand what you're saying?

  • Last time I checked there is no such thing as "u hoes lame" in the English language

  • @fashion_icon25 Your language is a little inappropriate for eight year olds who own iPods

  • @fashion_icon25 hahhahahaaha.! I wish u the best.! :-) seems like u need some help with ur language, ,,

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  • @fashion_icon25 damn hoe do u have a job?? Pop off bitch !!!

  • @fashion_icon25 ur a dumb as bitch y u talking about other people's family ohh ya maybe because urs is so bad the only thing u could do is talk about others stfu it's u vr everyone else if u don't like Rihanna why do u comment in the first place

  • @fashion_icon25 I do have a picture and I'm a girl Dumbass when do u here that Gisselle Is a guys name think pendeja

  • @fashion_icon25 OMG ur so dumb fighting with little kids obvi u don't have a life lol

  • I come here when I have time off from med school to kill some time laughing at lame ass people with no lives as like yourself. @ms_sammyg

  • Girl stop wasting ur amazing breath on these hoes @ms_sammyg we spoke are opinions, let these hoes stay mad fuck them

  • Just because u live in the fuckin metal institution, does not mean ur dumb ass goes to Med School dumb slut @nattyrosi. Yeah u came all the way home and thought about me bitch I am touched

  • And in one year ill be making six figurs.. Lmfaoo come clean my floors u dirty cunt @ms_sammyg

  • And @fashion_icon25 youre just pitiful. Go do something with your ghetto life.

  • Exactly my life hoe worry about yours dumb slut @nattyrosi damn hoes just can't leave shit alone, skip ur ass somewhere

  • Life must really suck for u to be such a bitter bitch both you @fashion_icon25 and @ms_sammyg should meet up and each eat others dirty ass pussiea to have something to do. Later lame whores!!

  • U still talking u must be bored @nattyrosi at the end of the day I spoke my mind so whatever ur wack broke dirty ass say don't matter hoe. Now drop it and move around, shit study for school tomorrow its good u go hoe I am proud of u for that.

  • I am bored... No one in the ER right now. @fashion_icon25

  • Lol that was good bitch @nattyrosi. Find a medicine for ur h.I.V hoe good bye. Thanks for being my fan

  • You should come in and get your head checked you ugly skank.. Ill do it for free but we also take medicaid for you poor folks.

  • @fashion_icon25 your ugly ass wishea to have fans ur ass probably shops at wal mart trying to be a 'fashion icon' you mad hoe ??

  • ORMC over here laughing at your sorry comments.. Hah

  • Hows god treating your religious ass?? Bash any heads in today...

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  • Ghetto ass people like yourself with nothing better to do then run up our countries debt poping out ghetto bastard children and expecting us to pick up your slack...lame !!! I bet you're also voting for Obama too?? @fashion_icon25

  • Mad at what? U? U real funny @nattyrosi and yeah I do shop at Walmart they have gain on sale, but since u dirty u wouldn't know shit about that lol. Why u so mad I voiced my opinion child? Like I said thanks fan love u bitch

  • Find u some business hoe @nattyrosi

  • For god sake guys!! How old are you? Grow up.. the pair of you!

  • Now im truly done have fun talking shit on peoples instagrams in hopes for a little attention and to fill that void that your life ia lacking. Youre lame and your weave looks ghetto fab along with that over sized forehead of yours that is probably filled with 98.5% air. @fashion_icon25

  • Oh now I see @nattyrosi u mad cause I am voting for my baby Obama? Enjoy ur life boo cause u only have 3days left

  • Hahahahah im scared @fashion_icon25 come to my job ORMC orlando fl ill show you how a 9mm works. @fashion_icon25 since you are about that life.

  • Sweet heart I don't need weave boo @nattyrosi and I must be doing something right got ur attention hoe. Now just leave shit alone u can't be 25

  • Later ugly stank ass hoe @fashion_icon25

  • Later h.I v infected bitch @nattyrosi still love u, actually I like ur smart ass comebacks lol wish we could of started better

  • @nattyrosi A- freakin -men!

  • Did it hurt a lot when your parents dropped you ?? Or is your face just naturally fucked up ??

  • Lol @ms_sammyg bitch mad cause I am voting for Obama, damn bitch let it go, girl u right she is sad, bitch need to study or something.

  • @ms_sammyg pendeja! Why are you wasting your time writing on this shit!!!! Get a life !lmao!

  • @ms_sammyg why r u even comparing god with Rihanna shame on u little dumb ass!! U shouldn't even be saying that!' God is everything n perfect k get that through ur small brain just cuz we like Rihanna doesn't mean we worship her Shea not god or anything!! Get over ur self if God is letting Rihanna sing is for a reason!!! So don't confused things get ur shit info facts straight k dumb cunt!!! DEUCES

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  • @goodgirlgonebad0910 dont waste your,energy on these ignorant girls . @ms_sammyg is a jew so shes going to hell regardless...lmfao

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  • @ms_sammyg WORD, now stfu! Lol

  • @ms_sammyg OMG yea probably rihanna doesn't care about is but that doesn't bother me at all what bothers me is that ur still hating n talking non sense!!! U probably have Parvo hahahha lol!!! Go find something better to do or u know what I'm just gonna grab a chair n sit down n just read all ur dumb shit!!!

  • @nattyrosi I know lets just leave them @fashion_icon25 and @ms_sammyg talk all they want!' Haters

  • Girl @ms_sammyg just don't pay them any mind, this been going on for the whole day and its about to be another day, lets be the mature women and let them keep talking. Shit we both voiced our opinions, they keep draging it through there whole day.

  • @ms_sammyg Finalllyyy hallelujah!!!! Ur welcome 👌👊✊✌

  • @goodgirlgonebad0910 , ur read' n this right.? Hehehe

  • @empireproductions yes I did I was just being sarcastic with this bitchesss lol

  • @fashion_icon25 stop hating already!!!'

  • What the fuck u talking about, @goodgirlgonebad0910 my ur business, this girl @aye1126 keep inboxing me so mind ur businesses. If anything tell her to stop sending me messages damn

  • Its a whole new day and you goes keep inboxing me damn move on @goodgirlgonebad0910 @aye1126

  • @fashion_icon25 cuz u keep talking shit to me that's why

  • I just lost faith in mankind @fashion_icon25

  • Do you really have to pay for your own songs

  • @kamaridob lol its a screen shot of a fan that bought it hunnie. Rhianna doesn't have to buy what she herself created and owns

  • 💎Shine Bright Like Diamonds💎

  • Buy it again

  • Yassssss>>> music is MAJAH

  • @badgalriri imma buy it soon and tell all my friend to as well XD

  • Yessss x

  • Most retarded song

  • No it ain't its the best how could u say that

  • Lmao!! Funny

  • Rhianna must sit there high as a kite laughing at ALL of the people slating one on other on here because of her lol. Go Girl


  • 😆😆😆

  • 👆😭😭😭

  • Pay the man!!!

  • Lol bitches who say 'mind ur businesses' need to go back to school🙊

  • Why yes, I would like to purchasr it again.... CUZ ITS AWESOME

  • Buy it again!

  • Rihanna I love you!!!❤✔😃

  • 💎

  • Listenig to thug in my life your voice has really change over the years @badgalriri

  • Buy

  • Hahaah

  • Hi Riri 😍

  • @badgalriri I hope this day you enjoy the most, it is a day that will never forget! I remain very impressed when I learned that on your birthday you were working and were a little sick, I hope you recover! God bless you and fill you with many blessings, opportunities and many more successes in your work, personal life, in all, I love you and Latin America also

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