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Can’t sleep from two sips of boba tea cus me no caffein ever so here’s an epic pic of us at Machu Pichu 💁🏻 #machupicchu #PeruLove #incatrail
Two weeks ago if you told me I can finish a half marathon without any training I’d think you’re crazy. But we are a couple of stupid kids that signed up to run the #ChicagoHalfMarathon 10 days before the race - so yeah we did it!
We are so proud to finish our first ever Half! Many more to come - with more training next time!
Although we didn’t accomplish the goal we set out for, we now understand and are so in awe of the human strength and power. @dng22 was so sweet to sacrifice his finish time to walk with me when my blood sugar dropped. I didnt have time to test out fuel options and the one I chose didnt give me enough sugar to keep my energy up. #notreccomended
To many more firsts with this guy!
#HalfMarathon #Finisher #ChicagoHalf #NoTraining
Can’t think of a good caption 🙈
Life needs to be colorful. Always.
Kind of obsessed with stationary stores
When Tuesday is the new Monday and your dinner crew reminded you of the many Pisco shots you took that one day in #Cuzco.
PS: #PiscoSour made by moi
#TooMany #Pisco
Throughout the journey, we were mostly heads down tending to our steps, making sure we don't trip and fall.
But I never forget to stop to admire the view. Whenever I look up and back at the path I went, I found my heart skip a beat at the magical surroundings that I stood in.
This incredible view was one of them, and is my favorite. As our group passed a steep uphill, we were glad to start descend again. We would've missed this beautiful arch if we didn't stop to look back at our journey.

#reflection #beautyeverywhere #theboothexperience #boothrw #boothrw2017 #boothrwperu #incatrail #Peru #peruincatrail #trekkinglife #traveltheworld #TrekkingPeru